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    April 9th 2010

    Build 1643 released

    Open LD.exe from the Deathmatch Test and it should get patched.
    Most importantly this release contains ragdolls! I figured I need to give you guys something nice after the initial troubles with the LDDT release. If you didn’t patch before it might take 2-3 minutes to recompile bot paths after you run it.

    Second important change is aiming through stairs and platforms. This animation I think explains everything:

    Fixes & changes:
    – particles optimization
    – soldier keeps momentum when turning side with cursor while running
    – fixed boots sound
    – ragdolls
    – AI fixes
    – proper grenade damage
    – inventory shop rendering
    – added loading messages

    Last note:
    I forgot to mention this but this test is designed primarily for 1 vs 1 gameplay. The map is small, the bots weren’t designed yet to play against a larger number of players and after adding 2 bots it becomes too chaotic. Play against 1 bot to have most pleasure from it.

    April 8th 2010

    Added ragdoll physics to Link-Dead today.

    April 6th 2010

    Working on LDDT patch. It will contain:
    – inventory disappearing fix
    – inventory color is saving
    – less bouncy grenades
    – some crash fixes
    – particles staying on walls and ceiling
    – bot AI tweaks
    – stairs cast smaller shadow
    – kill points working

    April 3rd 2010

    The LD test works now, it had bad release files by mistake. Stay tuned for updates on @linkdeadbeta twitter after Easter. Happy holidays.

    April 2nd 2010

    Link-Dead Deathmatch Test release

    I decided to release something at least every 3 months just to stretch those releasing muscles. Even though there is a lot of work still to do. This is not April Fools. This is the Link-Dead Deathmatch Test. It is not meant to be perfect in any way. This is just a preview. I know there are countless bugs and I don’t really need to know them from you. So thank you for noticing. What I would like to know is if this is fun or potentially fun, if split-screen works and how it plays, how do you find the bots, what improvements do you want to see in terms of controls, visibility, gameplay (besides the obvious like vehiclze)?


    – deathmatch map
    – bot players
    – split-screen for up to 4 players
    – 3 weapons + grenades
    – slot-based inventory management
    – bot, weapons and game rules mod configs
    – ‘dust processor’ smoke effects
    – dynamic and ambient lighting (try setting to pitch dark (0 0 0) in Maps/breakdown.cfg for a neat gamemode to play with friends)

    This version does not contain a couple things which were in previous releases since this is just a test of these specific features. For example networking and pixel shaders are disabled by default since they are buggy now.

    I recorded a video tutorial entitled “Link-Dead Deathmatch Test Video Tutorial”. It contains explanations of basic & advanced controls, aswell as how to mod scripts.

    BEFORE PLAYING THE GAME OR WHILE DOWNLOADING I encourage you to watch this video.

    Briefly about the new controls:
    I – for inventory menu – you get items after death and respawn
    E – take out grenade – FIRE (left mouse) throw grenade at mouse cursor. The soldier throws the grenade precisely at the cursor, try it.
    F (mount weapon) – enable/disable flashlight/lasersight
    Q – change weapon / if you have more than 2 weapons hold, move mouse over weapon in pie menu and release button

    If you have video card problems or can’t start the game or just want to read additional technical notes on the game read the previous techtest release.

    You can play splitscreen without a joystick or controller. Here is how. I would love to see someone pull this off (I managed to do it with a mouse and touchpad).

    I would also love to see Youtube uploaded movies of you guys playing in split-screen (up to four players please!)

    So try to have fun!

    The download: Deathmatch Test

    (16mb; Windows only; download again if you got crashes the first time on start)

    April 1st 2010

    New indie game announcement

    Michal Marcinkowski creator of the online 2d shooter Soldat is proud to announce his new indie game project.
    After getting tired of games with constant gore, slaughter, blood-fest, brain-smashing, spinal-coord-ripping, arm-twisting-agony, brutal-gut-exploding, bored to death by games where you shoot, mow down with a machinegun, stab with a knife, chop limbs with a chainsaw, blast with a grenade and snipe headshots – Michal Marcinkowski announces that he has started working on a new game entitled:


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