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    Written by . Posted at 7:18 am on April 9th, 2010

    Open LD.exe from the Deathmatch Test and it should get patched.
    Most importantly this release contains ragdolls! I figured I need to give you guys something nice after the initial troubles with the LDDT release. If you didn’t patch before it might take 2-3 minutes to recompile bot paths after you run it.

    Second important change is aiming through stairs and platforms. This animation I think explains everything:

    Fixes & changes:
    – particles optimization
    – soldier keeps momentum when turning side with cursor while running
    – fixed boots sound
    – ragdolls
    – AI fixes
    – proper grenade damage
    – inventory shop rendering
    – added loading messages

    Last note:
    I forgot to mention this but this test is designed primarily for 1 vs 1 gameplay. The map is small, the bots weren’t designed yet to play against a larger number of players and after adding 2 bots it becomes too chaotic. Play against 1 bot to have most pleasure from it.

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    1. HexanValaris

      MM, you said nobody comment on split-screen, its very good i like it!!! And you are the best 😉 my friend and me playing to much with the LD test:P Killing the bot guys!
      U have to fix 1 thing to stay cursor in the players screen, i mean,
      my friends cursor with gamepad its go through the screen cell.

    2. HexanValaris: Awesome!
      Does the cursor draw on the other players screen?

    3. MM, was an uzi clip supposed to have 300 ammo? :)

    4. awesome! i was really looking forward to this. Bots seem to be a bit better this time. had some fun with it :)

      -fps drop we said before is still here. it happens a couople of minutes in the game, when 2 guys are close, they’re getting hit and there’s a lot on blood on walls.

      -the stair/cloud platform update is defiantly great, we needed that a lot

      -i see that the menu got some networking stuff, a mistake or a step forward towards what we’re all waiting for?

      – bots see you on the whole map! it’s cheating :[

      – climbing through some walls, can shoot through walls

      -will pads other then xbox’s will get support? i can’t configure it right love to play splitscreen

      -it’s great that u made the ragdolls but they’re pretty not up to the level of the rest stuff in the game.

      it’s pretty bad right now:/ no joint limits, it falls too fast like a pile of crap, gets stuck on walls, freezes in strange positions. u could make it bounce a little bit, bullets should send the bodies fly etc cuz it’s not quite enjoyable right now. Don’t want to be a whiner but i’d like to see your point on that.

    5. ID: nope I was just testing stuff.

    6. HexanValaris

      Nope, mine and friend cursor is hidden because its move through the split cell.

    7. mmankt:

      -i see that the menu got some networking stuff
      Should be removed, it doesn’t work.

      will pads other then xbox’s will get support?
      What pad do you have?

      it’s pretty bad right now:/ no joint limits, it falls too fast like a pile of crap,…
      u could make it bounce a little bit

      Aaaaa, I see you play too much games and not look at real dead bodies in our world.
      1. bodies fall like a piece of crap
      2. there are joint limits but bones break (listen to a little cracking sound when they fall)
      3. bodies don’t bounce, imagine a piece of jello falling.

      I’m aiming for realistic feel of ragdolls. I’m tired of everyone doing it wrong in other games.

    8. I can’t download some map files and ‘test.cfg’. Game crashes but moment after prev deadline.

    9. without ‘but’ xD

    10. to me still not working.

    11. i knew u’d say that. quite the contrary michal , i also like realistic ragdolls and experiment with them a lot.

      your ragdolls fall into themselves with uber speed. i watched them on zoom and it’s just ridiculous. like the gravity is 10 times as it should. just look at it. it’s bad. (however when i turned fraps on the fps was set to 45 and it started to look better – body should fall with a speed no matter what is the fps – strange)also elbows and knees turn 180 degrees – so they brake just from falling on the ground? I’ve been running around and killing my gostek in all situations and i got some nice effects but there’s a lot of bugs with it – getting stuck in all walls is really major issue here. it’s good but it could be much better.

      – my pad is speed link sl6535 (standard dualshock) – it worked in split screen but buttons were missing and really placed in strange places, also right stick worked only vertically so i cant customize anything and in sp the game is broke now cuz i can’t use the mouse after switching to the controller

    12. salavis

      im having a problem, when i start i have no weapon at all and when i kill myself i spawn with no weapon, and the bot will not work, it takes a step then stands their weaponless also(first one posted in wrong place)

    13. salavis: press I for inventory

      Sinpol: what moment does it crash? what is in console?

      mmankt: yes it’s not perfect. I forgot to add a leg constraint so they don’t go above the pelvis. As for collisions: this is a hard problem with verlet integrated ragdolls. Performance will sacrifice if I try to make it more perfect. Anyway I’m still working on it.

    14. i thought that it’s verlet, a pity that you’re not using box2d anymore. usually verlet based ragdolls are poor mans ragdolls but maybe u’ll make something good out of it. good luck.

    15. The performance of box2d ragdolls was horrible. That was one of the main reasons I ditched box2d. Even the box2d author admitted that nothing can be done to make it better. I tried and tried and finally decided to use verlet.

    16. Great job on the test-releaseI really like to play it but I think the grenades explode to slow, never killed a bot with a nade :(

    17. curious

      Edges are still assholes.

    18. HexanValaris

      Weedy, i killed many of them, and killed my friend to!

    19. Grimbad

      Agreeing with Weedy, there needs to be an option to hold the mouse button so that the grenade timer runs down a bit in your hand before you throw it, so that you can get it to explode right after you throw it.

    20. salavis

      i do press I for invetory, nothing their even after i die, and the AI bot is still no moving and weaponless

    21. Still doesnt work. Crashes on startup.

    22. I was crash at the same time Sipar.

    23. yeah grenades defiantly need cooking cuz bastards just run from them 😉

    24. My machine:
      CPU: Celeron E1200 / GC: Radeon x1650 / 1 GB RAM

    25. niko šveikovsky

      i, too, still crash right after the loading. i can see the loading GUI in LD.exe, but once the loading is complete, crashrpt starts up.

    26. MM give a look at this flash game and see how the ragdolls work its not that real that you might you want but can give some ideas and if you can look at the “m79″ of this game its like stick grenades its a lot diferent and fun and gives a futuristc look for what you want for link dead

    27. By the way, I really, really like the dust effect from the grenades. If the final game included smoke bombs that worked similarly, that would be awesome.

      I notice there’s a faint glow around the characters’ legs. Is that what the yellow dots on the gostek are, lights?

    28. I know you don’t wanna do much bugfixing right now, but I think that if they keep adding up it’ll be more difficult to manage them all together later, so I’ll just post my findings, just for info:
      1) If i’m standing on the stairs and hold space+down, he climbs down the platforms but doesn’t stop when he reaches the ground, instead he falls through it.
      2) One time, the light wasn’t where my gun was, instead when I shot, a room far away from me was lighted up. It fixed itself after I moved around a bit.
      3) Many wall bugs, especially where these 45° ground-pieces are. When you crouch and shoot at one of those, you can shoot through them. Also, you can climb between that 45° ground-piece and the normal horizontal ground sometimes.

    29. yeah i got same things tenshi.

    30. HexanValaris

      MM, im working on a mod, how can i disable the auto update, because when im trying to replace the sprites, its auto-re download that files :) thx.

    31. @HexanValaris

      There’s a another file which says ld-nocrashrpt-noupdate.bat I think you can guess what it does 😛

    32. Hey, I just tried LD out on my awesome PC while I’m here in Stuttgart and I posted some bugs (see bugtracker).
      Holding the middle mouse button and the left mouse button produces a light which is a FPS killer, truly. Perhaps the light-engine is causing the slowdowns after playing long enough?
      Also, on higher resolutions (I had 1680 x 1050) the textures of half of the map dissapear (especially when zoomed out).

      Anyway, I didnt experience any other performance drops in time, except for that big light. So I guess CPU or GPU power makes a huge difference.

    33. HexanValaris

      curious, ah thank you so much, i will post some screen from Tiberian Sun mod project 😉

    34. Thanks for the bugs, they are all known to me.
      The crashes are also similar to everyone elses, I can’t seem to fix it yet.

      Tiberian Sun mod?:)

      No more performance issues in this version?

    35. wtf is with the error report sender? It test some connection business, connects to gmail’s server (wut?) and then asks me to use outlook, which i dont even have configured. Seriously, couldn’t you come up with something… that works?

    36. J1MB3AN97

      Yea, my prob is the Base/Game.dll. It just won’t run it.Says this at bottom.

      Using file ‘Base/Game.dll’
      Could not load game module Base/Game.dll

      Any ideas?

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