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  • Written by . Posted at 7:02 am on April 6th, 2010

    Working on LDDT patch. It will contain:
    – inventory disappearing fix
    – inventory color is saving
    – less bouncy grenades
    – some crash fixes
    – particles staying on walls and ceiling
    – bot AI tweaks
    – stairs cast smaller shadow
    – kill points working

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    1. great! something to also keep in mind:
      -when u go on the right staircase up and turn right on the top u fall through the wall
      -bots tend to levitate next to the left staircase
      -the crap fps seems to happen when there’s a lot of blood particles, maybe turn it of so we can see if it happens again?
      -bots see through the whole level
      -u can throw grenades waaaaay too far

      would it be possible to crank up the explosion effect a bit by throwing a few invisible particles that throw the dust? it would make em way more random and less gay.

    2. You have those awesome flame-pictures, why not make the explosion look a bit cooler?

    3. how about drawing the grenade shrapnel ?

    4. EDIT: and how about a shotgun that fires more bullets in different directions ? it feels like a luger now…

    5. Makron666

      1) Ever slowly shot at a wall, the dust effects all look the same. Cmon, at least give it random rotation.
      2) Bullet spread, and range. The shotgun shouldn’ reach the other end of the level, with no loss of accuracy.
      3) Make the stairways seethrough, it looks more like a fire-escape than a staircase, so our torch shoult shine all the way through.
      4)[COOL IDEA] What about a foreground image, is that possible, then we can draw railings on those stairs, bits of broken wall.
      It would make the world sooo much more realistic. Because cmon, i have a feeling that thay didn’t strip off the side of the building.

    6. That’s how grenade explosions look like in reality. There are no flames, just a quick burst of sparks and then smoke.

      Shotgun is temporary, I know it is a sniper rifle now.

    7. Fix released. It should download through the auto-update or here:

      Tell me if the performance still drops, it seems gone for me.

    8. 1) I saw something about Patrick Swayze when I quit the game… wtf was that?
      2) At first the game does seem to run well, perhaps the blood on the walls and the bots-AI works better, but after throwing many grenades, performance still drops. I think the dust generator has to be optimized.

    9. Its not the blood for sure.

      You can check if it is smoke. Hold middle mouse button and cover the whole map with smoke. Tell me how much the performance drops.

    10. When I fill the map, the performance almost doesn’t drop at all. But when I start walking through the smoke, it falls to 12 FPS.

      Still I have the feeling this was not the source of the performance drop when I was using the grenades, since this is only a temporary drop, and after using many grenades, the FPS remain low.

    11. Makron666

      The grenade makes little green objects now, so that could be the problem.

    12. how surprising. it’s not working after the update :)

    13. niko šveikovsky

      every single test release has crashed on startup for me, including build 1641. the last thing that worked for me was the test box releases. i’m sure i’m among many who get this problem.

    14. After the fix, game is not starting anymore.

    15. Strange, mine is, and the inventory is working, too. XP SP3

    16. Dude, write something on metal or philosophy.Or on both.

    17. now we have to wait for a patch for the patch

    18. Marc MCMillon

      Hmmm…. not sure if i like the in game inventory.

      I think there you should be able to create classes outside the gameplay and then you can swap through them in game. Creating a class in game could get time consuming to find the perfect set of weapons and attachment you want.

    19. michal how about making it work for everyone? it crashes after update :/

    20. HexanValaris

      How is it crash, the window freeze and nothing happaned?
      Wait a little time, the game is opened a second dos window for me and tested something, then its works!

    21. yeah, mmankt, I also had to wait a while after the update, i think the path-finding had to be done again for every map or sth…

    22. tried that many times, i waited a long time, the screen goes white and hangs. then it quits(win7 “bleble has stopped working”).. i’ll try again then..

    23. It didn’t crash if there is stuff going on in the DOS console. The new patch requires recompilation of the bot paths it might take 2-3 minutes.

      If it really crashes, tell me, and download this with precompiled paths –

    24. i tried again and after few minutes (i just left the pc on it’s own) it finally worked. thx.

      – intense smoke is not causing any fps drop
      – intense shadows are not causing any fps drop

      yet still after a while with characters getting hit close to each other it drops..

      i don’t know what u changed with bots but they seem stupider now. they stand in one place more often and choose really ridiculous routes. also there’s a lot more collision bugs. walking through walls, dropping through walls.

    25. HexanValaris

      The fps didn’t drop for me when im shot someone close, but 5-10 later, when to many bloods on the map its drops to 33 from 400, then when i shot somebody the blood animation drop the fps to 2 from 33.

    26. Don’t you guys have friends? Nobody comments on split-screen :(

    27. Sorry, I’ll be back home at the end of this month… until then I can only test it on two cheap laptops and alone… And I don’t have any extra controller to plug in anyway :(

    28. It might be the particles. I haven’t optimized them yet. I’ll lower their number for now.

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