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  • Written by . Posted at 8:10 am on April 13th, 2010

    Added punching to Link-Dead

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    1. Megapunch!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Clive Jericho

      will it be possible to punch tunnels through floors?

    3. danyukhin

      Did you use rotoscoping this time? Cause it looks torn and unrealistic(maybe because of small gif fps).

    4. That’s not how people punch! Needs more twist in the torso

    5. danyukhin

      Also, why does the path testing take so long? And what are the reasons of performing it on each and every startup?

    6. The punching is procedural animation, that’s why it looks weird, I’m working on it still.

    7. Underline

      Cool! will we be able to make combos?

    8. Fist fighting is fun so maybe.

    9. how about riflebutt bashing ?

      and while working on melee, why not add the bajonets as well ?

    10. bajonets = Mmmmmmmm

    11. Better add possibiity of dying from stairs. I mean when you jump from the top of a map and hit the lowest edge of those stairs (down-right part of your map)… you will still somehow survive. Gostek should be split into two halves, I think.

    12. Maybe something like ‘critical height’ would be alright? I mean when gostek jumps and the height is too high, it turns on normal ragdoll and you can watch your little dude dying. =)

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