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  • Written by . Posted at 6:50 am on June 30th, 2009

    Listen to Arnold! I’ve been doing this for hours daily for years since I started making games.

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    1. […] MM Leave a […]

    2. good advice :)


    4. Hey, what happened to Berserker btw, is it dead forever?

    5. That was the shortest “interview” I have ever seen.

    6. What makjes you think that its an interview?

      MM check this:

      I refer to you post about thinking or not thinking

    7. Its short because there is nothing more to say. That’s all you need to know.

    8. Anonymous

      GEEK: Oh no, another line of code :(
      ARNOLD: Yeah, another line, and another! :)

      BTW: youtube is evil? redtube is evil :)

    9. Why are you posting all this crap, we really don’t care about this . What matters is if you delivers a new version or not. The game is all that matters in the end and never forget about that.

    10. You’re talking to someone whose cultural universe starts in Rambo II: First Blood and ends in Predator. This is his bread and butter ! “Yes , another rep, another rep!” yadda yadda, rubbish.

    11. me, Fuck u :)

      Let Michal take his time to make the most awesome-est game ever.

      Let the blood flow, the 50. cal’s punch holes in the already dead bodies, and let the chainsaws wreak havoc upon those who stand in the way of the Heavies.

      This is gonna be a good game. A godsend game. Just be patient.

    12. I was just referring to his own post:

      Michal, I am never going to buy/register any of your games anymore, you’ve let me down, you just don;t care if you released your games. I am really going to convince as many people as possible to not pay you at all. No offence, but you suck at soldat dev. My registration is not worth it at all, it’s just easy money for you. You ain’t doing shit. You are just doing things like completing quizes like: “which serial murderer are you?” or “What Decade Fits Your Personality Best?”.

      LISTEN TO ARNOLD!! Stop wasting your time on stupid things like these quizes or youtube. Or is finishing your new game at 2030 your goal?

    13. @me: How about you learn to make games and find out how hard it is to get motivated and how long it takes to design and complete a full modular game engine you fucking moron.

    14. @ Monx

      If it’s that hard, why wouldn’t you be proud of the game you made.

      Of course it’s hard, but I think it’s bad if you just don’t care about a game that had thousands of active players.
      It’s not like Linkdead is getting that popular in 2034, when it’s released.

    15. @me

      Just stfu, fact is that linkdead is the game michal is working on right now and which also requires his full attention. The updating en upholding op Soldat was a right given to enesce.
      Michal probably did this, holding in mind that he wanted to create this newer, better, more polished and more in depth game then soldat.
      Face the fact that soldat is just quake in a 2d platformer style.

      Michal told us, and shows us , That linkdead is just alot more then soldat. So stop fucking worrying about the soldat, and let enesce do his fucking job with soldat.

      If you like soldat that much, than ask enesce to be his teammember and go update soldat. This Blog is dedicated to LinkDead By Michal Marcinkowski.

      Ive been following his development ever since day 1.

      So, If u dont have anything positive to say. Then fuck off, and go cry at enesce for not hurrying his job on soldat , OR! go create your own fucking game.

      i thank you for your time.

      conclusion for the ones that are not reading the above: Me: SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE :)

    16. C'o's'm'i'n

      Haha, good conclusion TLD

    17. and he didnt even try to fire sometin back at me. i kinda think i did quite a good job 😛

    18. @ TLD

      I am very sorry mate, but I do have something to say.

      I don’t think that you’ve ever read the soldatforums. (or at least you don’t understand what’s in there)
      Many people, yes, VERY many people have been complaining about the development of soldat for the last year. (and probably even before since MM lost interest)
      I would love love to help EnEsCe with developing soldat, but he won’t give anyone the sourcecode, so it’s impossible to help him coding. The beta team has been useless for years.

      I know that this blog is about MM and linkdead, but we, as soldat community, have been trying to get MM’s attention for quite some time. And he’s just ignoring us. Soldat will die if it’s not going to change in some time.

      You should know that the people that will promote LinkDead will be soldat players. Who else knows about this game? You shouldn’t forget about soldat just cause you got enough money from registrations or cause you are developing another game. You won’t have to code, just give the idea that you care.

    19. SplinterSnake

      @ me

      Just shut the fuck up.

    20. i doubt that only soldat players know the game.

      And btw, yes i did read the soldat forums, and im still fucking sticking with what i said in my last post, If u cant handle the fact that michal “gavE” soldat to enesce, than fuck off!

      its simple, u shouldnt complain at michal. but at enesce.

      And even if michal looses soldat players to go play linkdead? who cares! the game is going to be so fucking awesome, it will attract players, like soldat did.

      It only makes sense that michal lost his interests in soldat.

      Why? LinkDead is being alot more awesome. Graphics wise, gameplay wise, engine wise, code wise and moddable wise.

      If you would have followed this blog throughout day 1, you would think the same fucking way. This game will be great, but at the moment it still needs all the attention michal can give it to finish it.

      So i dont get your point or reason for the complaining.

      It all just makes sense from the perspective of michal.

      1.Soldat was a Beta for LinkDead.
      2.Linkdead will be better then soldat, so why care about soldat?
      3.EnEsCe was given the right to update and code soldat. Why should MM care?
      4.Fuck off, “Me”, And leave the fucking blog if u dont have anything positive to say. ( i told u im sticking with my last conclusion :) )

      Michal i advise an IP ban :)

    21. C'o's'm'i'n

      Oh come on guys, now quit fighting.
      Soldat is in a very good shape, the game is enjoyable as it is, many game developers wouldn’t have come this far with their support anyway.
      It’s still being developed after this much time since release (this is really a miracle), even though financially i’m sure it didn’t, by far, cover the time invested in it.

      And as for link dead: Michal and the team need all the time they get to invest in this, why waste it on something that has had its glory? You don’t see Mercedes still building cars they had 20 years ago, when they can build newer, better ones. That’s just how the world should work.

      Don’t be such a negativist “Me”, when link dead is going to be released i’m sure you will enjoy it too and you will regret having said some of these things. Peace out.

    22. i love u cosmin, in a man-ish way, not gay ….

    23. Haha. Just doing my part 😀

    24. diego lemos

      Pacificator in action.

      i just want to say one thing.


    25. cosmin, im assuming ur male 😛 but ur website is full of pictures with girls :P, btw , your website is kind off failing.

    26. Hehe, yeah, I’m male, and those girls are some friends that I used to play around with… their pictures, I mean… 😉

      Yeah, the site usually failed at traffic numbers, lately its failing at loading too xD . But that’s okay, I never intended to get rich with that, i’ve got other stuff. Low traffic is probably because almost nobody speaks german, romanian and english at the same time…

      Back to the subject: What happened to Berserker?

    27. i think its pretty dead, and im actually glad that it is, since id love to see linkdead finished earlier then berserker

    28. @ TLD well yea, I guess I’ll have to give up on Soldat as well then. Complaining about EnEsCe doesn’t work.

      I’ll speak to you again in 2030. So long

    29. michal, proof the fucker wrong please :) make it like, 2029?

    30. SÃ¥ flott at du lærer elevee dialektord! Her kommer noen eksempler fra Haaeednd:Høvl/høver – passe/passerBentavæg – beinveiJøtt/jøtali – veldigStutt, stuttere, stuttest – kortStuttbokse – kortbukseÃ…ssen – hvordanÃ…kke (hÃ¥kke) – hvemÃ…ffer – hvorforHæ – hvaMÃ¥r(r)kjinn – rotten (halvrask R :)Røti – rottentEter, Ã¥t, eti, eti – spiser osv

    31. That’s a very nice song, Shane, and I mean it. I’m glad to hear you’re having some great times in a wintery South Africa. (Ok, so it’s probably not that cold there.) It’s really nice to read your blog. Keep keeping us posted!

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