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  • Written by . Posted at 12:20 pm on June 29th, 2009

    Working for a couple hours on the new LD netcode. Got it working so its almost done.

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    1. about include in game “cat” (rope) or\and parachute or another special equipment???

    2. u still thinking about the 1000-player matches ?

    3. The idea of a equipment based game sounds nice/bizzare, a parachute…may come handy in some other maps or mods,stealth camo will own!,a gun that can create walls (like the one in cortex command that can create concret) a force shield that can be set up by some unique tipe of player,Etc…i have infinite imagination for this stuff

    4. Cool..

    5. Anonymous

      I think it would be better NOT to include stuff such as parachutes, levelling, ropes, etc, just release a great dm/tdm/ctf and extremely moddable game, and wait for people to come up with great ideas.

    6. Yeah..but for intresting and come up people need include basic stuff. Like bridge on ropes..

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