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    June 17th 2009

    Important dev tip: if you’re having fun with your own game there is a big chance others will to. This guy is on the right track:

    June 15th 2009

    A couple hours of work and it is done. Climbing, jumping, grabbing ledges in Link-Dead (placeholder gfx & animations)

    June 15th 2009

    I found the first bad thing about Windows 7. There is no Small Fonts! It was the most useful font:(

    June 15th 2009

    Sigvatr just sent me new man graphics for Link-Dead:

    June 13th 2009

    Something I’m working on which might or might not get into the game :

    June 11th 2009

    Arnold motivational video ->

    June 10th 2009

    Convex hull algorithm complete

    Here’s what I needed the convex hull algorithm for. The ragdoll is created automatically from graphic files. The limbs are split into separate files, processed by the algorithm and rigged into a Box2D ragdoll.


    June 9th 2009

    Any tips on programming when tired? I get 5 minutes of work done in 5 hours if its the case so its pointless. What can I do?

    June 2nd 2009

    I need a working approximate 2D convex hull algorithm. Anyone have one?

    June 1st 2009

    I decided to automate the process of creating characters for L-D. So the ragdoll will be created out of graphic files made by the artist.