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  • Written by . Posted at 6:49 pm on June 15th, 2009

    A couple hours of work and it is done. Climbing, jumping, grabbing ledges in Link-Dead (placeholder gfx & animations)

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    1. Will be Link-Dead full of action like Soldat ?

    2. That’s awesome! Should we expect firing while climbing or something like that?

    3. Underline

      couple of things:
      1- you should be able to jump back while holding an edge!
      2- you should be able to shoot while holding an edge ๐Ÿ˜€

      btW you are getting better on animation! :D:D


    4. Anonymous

      LD is finally becoming reality.

    5. wintercoat

      animations look pretty smooth.

      would be sweet if you could implement shooting whilst hanging from a ledge, obviously much less accurate as you’d be one handed.

      tweaking the controls so they’re intuitive and adding a nice sprint would be awesome, maybe make it so if you crouch whilst sprinting you slide.

      pretty much just try and clone mirror’s edge free-running in 2D :)

      though from memory, link-dead is meant to be fairly slow paced and tactical? so maybe not.

      so everything i said can be shortened to ‘null.’

    6. >You should be able to jump back while holding an edge!
      >you should be able to shoot while holding an edge

      I smell Metroid Fusion

      You should be able to fire small weapons this way, but no weapons that would require 2 hands.

    7. How about some ice picks or ninja ropes or other climbing gear? that would be sw33t.

    8. We’re thinking that you shouldn’t shoot while climbing. It will add a tactical element because the movement will be slow-paced. But the game will have lots of actions of course.

    9. So LD movement will be like in Mirror’s Edge 2D?

    10. danyukhin

      I think it will be something close to the Link-Dead movement.

    11. Id like LinkDead to also have as many different movement kinds and jumps like in soldat. After there will be no jetpack its very important to give enough movement possibillitys (there were so many in soldat <3 ). If there are a lot of movements it would be nice if they would be hard to learn for the player. So the player has to improve his skill to become faster and so on.
      I dont say i want the same jumps, but climbing in soldat was very much fun!

      backflip the other way round
      backflip from standing
      jumping from edges
      jump up
      jump right or left
      late backflip

      and so on and so on…

      i dont want the same jumps, but i want at least as many as in soldat!
      and it should be able to control all of these jumps in height and width somehow!

    12. Clive Jericho

      One thing I would like is rappeling.
      One player could set up a rope and players could rappel down or climb up.

    13. I have a feeling that balancing out gameplay elements might be the toughest part of the game. If the action is anything like Soldat, I could forsee, noobs getting stuck in certain places under heavy fire or constantly trapped and swarmed.

      Anyway, good work. I love that edge detection when you were climbing. The animations are nice and smooth too. I can’t wait till it time for the artwork. I can make some wicked textures and scenery.

    14. Im a fan of your games, but the walking looks like shit..

    15. guyguy001

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YEAH!! =D. Game is everything I hoped it would be. Realistic movement with nice animation. THIS IS GONNA BE HUGE!

    16. guyguy001

      DeQ I agree but I can easily over look that if they add running.

    17. Underline

      Yeah! A ‘rope system’ will add a lot to the gameplay.

    18. Woah, awesome! I’m already imagining this with all the textures and light effects and shooting… orgasmic.

      Ropes would really rock!

    19. Yeah ropes and you could shot them so they would rip and also flying cars and rollerblades and a Portal gun would be really funny too!

    20. I think you should try some other posture for the characters while standing still… is just that for some reason I don’t buy the whole “I’m fighting to dead with some other guys but I stand well erect during the process” thing… maybe you could get up and put yourself in the mood of “maybe someone out there is trying to shot me to dead so I should be careful” and you’ll get what I’m saying.

      That aside, it looks great. In the video you posted earlier, apart from the grabbing to the edges thing, there was an animation while opening/hacking the door… any chances that will get in too? Maybe for a campaign mode or a mod? Just because it looks good… or maybe it could be something like in GTA:Chinatown Wars =O

    21. So far, it looks awesome!

      But i have 2 questions to you

      Will you implent gamemodes like Realistic mode?


      Will be parts like Gosteks or Weapons easily modable like in soldat?


    23. Metallica – Orion is gorgeous #^_^#

      Thanks for vid, btw)
      It’s great

    24. Underline
    25. Fish Fart

      Wow, fucking amazing, can’t wait till this game is done!

    26. Makron666

      Speaking of how this will look when it’s done, can you please post a video of bot’s lighting and everything, so we can all get a feel of how this gane will be when everything is in place.

    27. anon2: the walking animations were done 10 seconds they do not represent the final quality of the game.

      We don’t want to do a Mirrors Edge clone, but we’ll definitely look into more cool movements.

      Ropes is also something we’re considering.

      Yay somebody recognized ORION!

    28. That looks awesome. Having to climb up ledges will give a real advantage to elevated defensive positions.

    29. Damn, I had my speakers turned off, the first time I watched the vid. Orion is so awesome, it was what one of my very first animation projects was based on. I also played it to death in my car when I was younger… to the point I think I may have gotten hearing impairment/damage from cranking all of my Metallica songs.

    30. Man, I could watch this video over and over again. Really nice climbing!

    31. BinaryPsycho

      Grappling Hook ftw!
      Something like that, in 2d… boosting acceleration of the
      gosteks through tight corridors and ledges…!

    32. Wormdundee

      Sometimes I don’t know how MM puts up with the idiots posting here. Multiple people saying the animations suck and blah blah blah. It says fucking ‘placeholder’ in the text right above the video.

      Goddamn internet.

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