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    Written by . Posted at 4:28 pm on June 23rd, 2009

    This video was quite popular so I decided to make another one. This time there is added stairs and platform climbing on a randomly generated tower map. The reason there is all this climbing is because the maps will be partially destructed so there will be places without easy paths (think Terminator Future Shock). Without jetpacks to move around this is the only way. I’m also considering rappeling and other tricks which will make this game amazing and unique.
    (as before in this video there are placeholder animations and graphics made in 10 minutes)

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    1. niko šveikovsky

      I’m glad that you’re going with the ideas of destroyed environments. As an abandoned/destroyed-building-hunter, I can say from experience that getting from point a to point b is never easy.

      I’m planning a trip to an old cement plant in a couple of months. Shall I take some photos for possible link-dead inspiration?

    2. Sure! Photos of a cement plant would be awesome.
      What are you doing parkour?

    3. i still got some pictures of some debris nearby, its pretty highlighted, dont know if you can use it, give me your email and il send it to you…

    4. Ow yea MM, i noticed, in the CoD6 trailer, the guys got snowpicks, would some kind of climbing equipment like that, together with a rappling rope n stuff be a good idea?

      also consider a destroyable rope? making it interesting to plan ahead, trying to climb a tower with a chance of a full squad dying because it gets cut ?

      well, i think you mostly thought up most of that stuff…

    5. FinDude

      Surely the guy will eventually splatter all over the floor after missing a jump bad enough?

    6. Underline

      Nice as always!


    7. Anonymous

      You should add friction so that from such a large fall, the man might not be able to grab on to a ledge successfully, while falling that is, so he slips and keeps falling.

    8. i can already imagine the combat possibilities in this game.

      michal, can you show us some of the mechanical stuff you are working on? or perhaps some of the hackers job ?

      id love to see more in depth gameplay.

      Also, when do we get to see more weapons?

    9. Grapling hook / ninja rope anyone?

    10. 7 angels with 7 plagues

      Awesome material with one of my favorite song from Metallica 😀 What can I say, It’s good to see that you are making such outstanding progress on making Link-Dead. That Climbing brings back some memories from the good old days from gaming. :) I always loved games that envolved climbing, elevators, guns, buttons, traps & stuff like Prince of persia 1-2, Flashback, Another world etc. I don’t know when Link-Dead will be ready, but I’m sure I’ll have some overplayed nights ahead of me 😀 Anyways, congratulations! Peace!

    11. Some dude


    12. You should make the game a bit faster. That’s exactly what I like about soldat. (and soldat players will the the ones that have to promote your new game)

      Making a 2D mirror’s edge won’t work. (did you ever play that game?)

    13. Underline

      morrors edge 2d is great!
      and link dead should be faster indeed! but also you can run in linkdead, like in the movie above.


    14. Underline


    15. _'̈́_lol_'̈́_

      If Link-Dead had “Soldat” mode? All soldat weapons, soldat graphics, soldat stuff but with Link-Dead technology? (normal mapping, lighting, HDR, shaders.. etc)

    16. It’s a quite impressive engine already. I can already see Link-Dead climbing mod been made out of this. 😀

    17. niko šveikovsky

      @MM: I’m a photographer/ filmmaker/ adventurer, but a bunch of parkour tricks are required to get to many places.

      Here’s a sample from a flickr search:

    18. Hey MM, I really think it would add to the game dynamic if the falling-through-stairs (or floor) would be faster.

      For example when you hold the right-click-button (or shift key) pressed and walk forward, you just walk through the stairs, else (shift not pressed) you climb them.
      Same thing with floors: when shift-key is pressed and you press down, you fall through the floor, else you just crouch.

      Or maybe just change the “down key”+”down key” combination to a “shift key”+ “down key” combination, so that experienced players dont waste the same ammount of time by pressing the same key twice, instead are able to prepare for the fall-through-the-floor before they are actually there (by already holding shift).

    19. C’o’s’m’i’n: yeah thats generally a good idea.

    20. Diego_Lemos

      Hey michal, i´m from Argentina, my english sucks to much and i can say that i´m impressed how fast you are codding that fucking game. My only experience in coding games, was in allegro XD.

      I don´t know what to say, just only that.

      I read all the days this development blog and i´m learning english from here, HELL YEAH 😀

      P.D: i hear Heavy Metal Too, fucking good music 😉

      aaahhh, SNOW, that dream that you had under the effects of holy-shit drugs let me thinking… and i learn a few words from that narration.

      I hope that you can understand what i saying, Keep working MM.

    21. Oh, hey, for everybody interested:
      Paxil is the name of that medicine in the USA, in Europe (except for England) it’s called Seroxat.

    22. Fish Fart

      Grappling Hook, Grappling Hook, Grappling Hook

    23. kristhefer

      is it going to be when you grab onto a long vertical wall does he just keep (like in the video) keep playing that climb up onto ledge animation till hes on the top of it? and also did you have to push a button to climb up or did he do it automaticly?

    24. Ragdoll physics look weird

    25. I think the physics look great.

      What would be cool, if at big jumps (example min 0:47) or drops from a big height, the gostek would roll (and not be able to shoot).

    26. ~Cremator}

      MM! I think this morning about your game and idea come to me :)
      What you think about special equipment, for instance “cat”(rope) or parachute?? it make game more intresting and give more “tactical” things..

    27. BinaryPsycho


      Would be nice to stomp on some fingers as it would be nice to
      see someone falling and screaming like in the first Prince of Persias lol.

      Boot people from cliffs would be cool too… =)

    28. i think a grappling hook would be awesome and popular, look at the popularity of Worms, mainly because of the rope

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