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    Written by . Posted at 6:21 am on June 22nd, 2009

    I dreamed last night that I was watching Rambo 5. The plot was something like – a military base in a small snowy town in US had rebelled and held hostage civilians, so Rambo had to go in and rescue them. After getting weapons he sneaked into the base discovering that the story isn’t so simple. It happened that there were aliens behind the military guys (they had space ships similar to the Vortigaunt ships from Half-Life). When it became dark it was revealed what the aliens were upto. They were making an alternative electric energy source to lit up the entire city (Las Vegas style). Then Rambo went inside a canteen were there was music playing. Inside there was a waiter looking like Graham Chapman from Monty Python. He started singing and quickly the entire place filled with Chapman heads (including the waiters tray), all of them singing in different voices forming a massive choir. This converted then to a full scale Monty Python sketch including singing and farting vegetables with background DVD commentary by Michael Palin. I thought (while still dreaming) I had to write this down. And I did.

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    1. Are u taking anything? I want it too ;p

    2. C'o's'm'i'n

      Oh wow, I had a dream about aliens a couple of years ago too, a huge black egg-formed spaceship with a ring in the middle (like planet Saturn) and with many small lights landed in front of my house and a neighbour started burning and then hid behind a sofa because he was scared.
      The funny thing is, I also had the feeling I need to write this down, and I did, I still have it, it’s somewhere on a notebook.

      Maybe the aliens are trying to tell us something? xD

    3. How would you like to make $2,000,000 young man?

    4. I had a dream; a black sister , and a white sister, playing wiv each other

    5. EnEsCe's ego

      I had a dream as well. Shoozza came to help the dev team and to port soldat.

      Can’t stand losing Soldat’s power, so I just woke up.

    6. C’o’s’m’i’n: you sure that was a dream? I would check for implants under your skin.

    7. Soldat player

      EnEsCe ego: LOL idk who wrote this but i love you!
      idk why MM still didnt comment about that accident

      we wont see SoldatPorted :( thats very sad

      by the way, MM, will LD run on other systems? Linux for example.

      ps: im using Windows 😛 just out of curiosity

    8. I wish i was alien >.>

    9. While I don’t usually recall what I’ve been dreaming, people told me I was very audibly exclaiming, while sleeping, “Open fire” (pol. “Ognia!”).

      Recently I woke up in the middle of the night with my right hand outstreched tossing away a grenade.


    10. I remember a dream I had about aliums. It was nasty and didn’t turn into a monty python sketch.

      At the time, I was taking powerful medication for (what was later discovered) a wrong-diagnosed condition. Doc thought I was suffering from severe depression. One of the side effects of the drug was long long nights of sleep and extremely vivid dreaming. And, when I say vivid dreaming – these are dreams where I’m either myself of someone else living in this “world” that is so real, I have different family members, different history – including life memories (yeah believe it or not – it is fucking bizarre) and most bizarrely on 2 occasions either spoke a different language or could even read a hieroglyphic style of written language. These were dreams, so real, that after I woke up from my near comas (fucking drug), it took 30 minutes at least, to realize that I woke up to the real world and that there was no need to mourn the loss of “dream world” family members because, they were actually just figments of my imagination.

      So here is what I remember from my alien dream that disturbed me for a good month after:

      In this dream, I’m a different person (diff life, memories, etc. but speak English at least). I’m standing on the edge of a city in a snowy ditch (early winter) with my father (also not real father – dream person’s father). He’s roughly 70, suffers from dementia and has Alzheimer’s. Dunno why I’m standing with him there. In the distance I can see another missile coming down toward the city center. It misses and is closer to us. I throw my poor old man into the ditch and cover him as a shockwave blasts over us and causes a nearby building to crack. I could feel the pressure and then relief on my back. I get up, bring my father somewhere (forgotten).

      I start making my way toward the city center, while the American military is nearby launching small rockets containing nuke warheads into space. I remember thinking about the missiles, and that they were actually bombing the moon with nukes as there was an alien base there – I guess. Also, I remember … remembering that the aliens didn’t have nuke capability, so human firepower was superior. I continue down an ash filled street and find a burned out car where the radio is on and still working (classic type scene there lol). There were some vagrants huddled and trembling on the other side of the car. I listened to the broadcast, which was basically a radio news reporter who was giving second by second account of the carnage in the city core while military broadcasts with special orders for troops would cut in and out.

      It turns out, I was an Lt. of some sort and making my way back to the city core where my unit was holed up. As I get closer, there’s ash, snow and abandoned cars everywhere. The buildings are also more ruined from the continual bombing, which has stopped long enough for me to safely get closer. As I get closer, some of the buildings still standing are reinforced by some sort of strange dark material.

      A group of non-military gunmen come out of an alley and toward me. One recognizes that I’m a lieutenant and addresses me as LT. Just as soon as they arrive, I get the first glimpse of some of the aliens who come out from behind one of the far buildings with the dark material on it. One of the gunmen says to me that that is the “target” building. The aliens look something like the predator with the mask on, but were taller, skinnier and seemed to have some sort of skin like armor. They use burned out cars as cover and fire weapons similar to machine guns at us. The gunmen return fire and I’m handed a german ww2 style SMG. There’s only 4 aliens. We kill them and get into the building as quick as hell. At that point we can hear gunfire and distant explosions.

      Just as the group of us gets inside the building, some members of my unit come from outside somewhere and join us. The non-military gunmen are ordered by one of the officers to stay ground level and guard the building as 5 of us (the unit) advance up the stairs to the top of the building. 2 of us break into a large room at the top and are surprised there are no aliens inside guarding the room. In it and what happens after is what disturbs me most. Remember, it’s so real that at the moment, this is reality to me. I had to make a decision that took the same emotion and thought as it would in real life.

      Inside the room, in the middle is some sort of black box that has large cables extending to the roof (to antennae) and cables that sprawl all over the floor to computer terminals. Turns out the room was once an office, with computer stations ringing around against the wall. The poor office workers are still sitting at the computer terminals, hunched over the keyboards. The cables on the floor are hooked up to the backs of the heads of each worker – parallel to the spin and seemingly shoved up and in. Somehow, the box is keeping them alive as the skin has healed around the entry points of the cables. Some of the computer screens are showing screen after screen of human and human military data blazing by in a blur. It seems like it’s almost 1 screen of data per frame, it’s so fast.

      My subordinate and I discuss the black box and realize that it is using the brains of the workers as processors – using the brain for its computing power. We then discuss 2 choices of what to do. On one hand, we have to stop this data transmission to the aliens. Every second is crucial. On the other hand, if we destroy the black box or try and immediately disconnect the people, most likely they will die. There could be a chance that they could be saved, by slow surgical removal of the cables.

      Here is where I had to make a decision so hard, it caused the dream to end and I finally woke up. I decided that despite their lives were important as anyone else’s lives are, if trying to slowly remove them from this nightmarish slavery caused a chance for extremely crucial data to be uploaded to the aliens such as how a nuke worked, saving them could cost the many more human lives. Also my subordinate pointed out that, even if we destroyed the antennae, we could still not rule out that that would completely disrupt transmission. There could still be a connection some how, because we still knew little about the alien technology. I agreed. I pulled out a handgun and started shooting the poor workers in the backs of their heads. The agony of having to do that, abruptly ended the dream. I woke up. I was miserable for a good month after. It was so real. If that was truly reality, those people would be truly dead. There was no other choice. Sacrifice a few to save many.

      Anyway, there it is. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing your dream with us Michal. I like reading about people’s dreams.

    11. Metsuri Tossavainen

      I dreamed that EnEsCe gave the source code of Soldat to Shoozza.

    12. EnEsCe's ego

      He won’t get it you bitch. I am the best, and will keep it forever.

    13. _'̈́_lol_'̈́_

      Now I started dreaming about Soldat port too.

    14. Holy f***, Snow, what’s the name of the medicine you were taking? I gotta have some!

    15. No. No you don’t. That shit almost killed me. It’s side effects are off the chart, including severe stomach pain… which I got and caused me a month of no work.

      It was a strong Paxil type. AFAIK, there is all kinds of different strengths and types of the Paxil medication.

    16. Snow: Fucking amazing. You made a good choice, no need to feel bad about shooting those workers.

      [writes down… PAXIL]

    17. Seriously Michal. Don’t. Not only is the drug too fucked up. Having dreams like that is not entertainment. I mean, yeah it’s a cool story with a sad ending, however, even for a whole year after taking that crap I had other ultra-realistic dreams.

      When you have a dream like that, where it literally takes 30 minutes or more to adjust to the real reality, for the most part it’s really sad and hurts. In a lot of cases, I was someone that had a family, gf, friends and a whole life’s history and memories. Then to just wake up from that and realize that world was fake. Those people weren’t really. Everything you remember from that life wasn’t real and is gone. It’s like for one instance, someone came to you and said your entire family and all your friends died. There will be a mass funeral on Thursday. You’ll be the only left who knew them, so you’ll be the only one there to mourn them. That is the feeling you get.

      If however, it was an ultra realistic nightmare, then it actually feels great to wake up and realize it’s not real.

    18. Oh, and glad you liked it.

    19. Snow, that’s beautiful man.

    20. i love war dreams.. i have them all the time…i jump around make dream freinds and look for cool weapons to kill the enemy with. the enemy can be anything from robots to monsters to humans but recently its been preschools filled with children. i remember this one time my supper terror squad and i battled our way into an office building to save the workers from these gay terrorists…and we did…so then we found a bunch of kids…rounded them up and told them to stay right in the middle of this cubicle intersection cause its dangerous out there.. then we blew ourselves up…so much fun!!! seriously..

    21. someone

      Holy shit! Awesome dream! I believe dreams show the full power of the human mind. I mean, it can generate a whole world, memories, experiences, etc., from basically nothing. IMO, they are great sources of inspiration. This makes me remember, too, that there were artists that, for example, took drugs or deprived themselves from sleeping for at least 3 days so as to hallucinate. I don’t know who they are, but surely those hallucinations were a source of inspiration. Not that I recommend it, though.

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