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  • Official announcment: Berserker

    Written by . Posted at 12:38 pm on January 2nd, 2008

    Odin has once again blessed us. He said why make 1 awesome game when you can do 2! Yes! We shall not betray our fans and give them even more ass kicking!! – we shouted as he sent the berseker rage down to us which filled our hearts with anger and pure power capable of destroying worlds and slaying even the toughest enemies!


    It came to me when I was thinking about releasing a tech-demo for Link-dead. I thought then that tech-demos are really boring, why waste peoples time for some pretty graphics. So I decided to do a stand-alone game on the Link-dead engine to test it out. So now Berserker and Link-dead are made simultaneously. The second one will come out shortly, a beta should be available in a couple weeks. It won’t be nearly as complex as Link-dead but it will rock the gaming world nevertheless.

    The game is called Berserker and it is about killing… bare hands and blunt weapon plain raw killing. On the website you can check the main game outline and a video of Sigvatr doing some vocal recordings of the game. I think you can get a feel of the game from there.

    That’s not all the news! Sigvatr and I formed something that can be called a game studio or a scene group. All people that cooperate with us on our upcoming games will be part of the Transhuman Design.

    This is the equivalent of a rock band in the gaming world. This is the model that I stand behind in opposite to a game company or anything corporate like that. We are a bunch of guys making something creative and valuable and we’ll let the game fans support us in doing so.

    All Link-dead and Berserker news will be available on the Transhuman Design site, aswell as on our blogs (I’ll forward development log posts there).

    I’m excited about this project and I hope you too. We’re gonna make the world a better place by making games that humanity wants to play. I know I want to throw bricks at people and rip their heads off (of course in Berserker). See you later.

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    1. underline

      i love you and sigvatar! i enter like 3 times/day here and in sigvatars blog jsut to look for news! very cool! kickass!!!

      keep up the good work!

    2. MM you are grate itd./(po polaku latwiej:P) MM jesteś super zajefajny niema lepszego kodeka szczególnie w polsce 😀 i jestem ciekawy tylko jedno kiedy wyjdzie link-dead ;>

    3. Hopefully this won’t follow the same path Manhunt took where everyone said it was gruesome and stuff, whereas it really wasn’t. Although knowing you and especially Sigvatr are working on this, it will definately hit the mark and disgust everyone =D

    4. LaL cool =]

    5. Well, after entering the and reading the last “feature” of the game, i must ritire what i said over there and say: Not really cool at all

    6. woot! “IM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!” lol 😀

    7. commenter

      awesome news.

    8. lol’

    9. Damn! It’s good to know that you’re the leader of this rocking group.
      But I hope Link-dead will be much less brutal than Berserker seems to be…

    10. Wow, finally some games to wait for in 2008. Hoorays \o/

    11. omg.. these people actually don’t like gore.. what a pussies

    12. stop calling poeple pussies you don’t know what’s appening in there head…

      MM your full of project good job

    13. Sounds sweet.

    14. No one is really in charge. Technically speaking I made the site, own the domain and pay for the bandwidth of both and, but between me and Michal no one is really in charge. Any ideas any of us come up with are inevitably combined with one anothers so in the end, this is a Transhuman Design game, not Sigvatr, not Michal Marcinkowski.

    15. To be blatantly honest, I don’t think anyone really cares how obscene you can make your game; when it comes down to it, it’s pretty much all novelty (is that novelty?) in the end, so who really gives a shit? I think it’s just another gimmick. TRY and prove me wrong.

    16. You’ll eat those words.

    17. A rock band of the gaming world. wow !
      Great job ! Good luck.
      The game will definately catch some attetnion, good idea.

    18. Oh man. MM I tink you are burning your candle at both ends.

    19. long time no comment, mm id like to join in too, but as a concept artist. maybe you guyz can send me some assignments? or stuff that you need? im currently working on a WW3 manga(brutallness :) )

      dont mind sending me an email 😛

    20. Nice !!Blood!!Blood! xD

      /PS.Hmm…może pomyslisz aby dodawać na bloga Newsy i Artykuły w dwóch językach : Polski & Angielski , blog dwujęzyczny

    21. podstawka

      @MrBloody: Z tym polskim to kiepski pomysł. Taka dola Polaka. Że bez angola w dzisiejszych czasach chuja zrobisz.

    22. @mrboody&podstawka
      zgadzam się z jednym i drugim żeby powstał blog dwujęzyczny ale anglik jest bardzo potrzebny…ale bardziej z bloody większość polaków może inaczej odebrać to co napisał MM niż powinno bo znając tylko podstawę anglika za bardzo można tego nie zrozumieć

    23. Richard Dean Anderson

      Lool, very nice idea! Games can’t be brutal enough and well .. with 2D there’s a limit on realism anyways, so yeah go Transhuman Design! It’ll rock hard. I know it.

      Now get back to work asap please. 😉

    24. MM you always say you don’t like adding things which don’t directly influence gameplay. I just don’t see a point in makng game extremely brutal just for a sake of… making it brutal. “Elfen Lied” manga/anime is really brutal, but brutality there has sense because it is justified by the story line. It has some point, there is a reason for it.
      I Just don’t see a reason, nor a gameplay feature in ejaculating, raping and all the other ugly stuff you want to put in this game.

      As for the Transhuman Design, great idea. I’m really interested in what will it become in the future.

    25. If you’re serious about your skills send me an e-mail. It’s in the MM section on the top right of this blog homepage.

      Mpelit: nie ma czasu pisac w dwoch jezykach, musze trafiac do wiekszosci wiec tylko po englishu.

    26. Will this game be modable?

    27. underline

      Oh MY God! Brutal! war is brutal! im brutal! you are brutal! everything is brutal! then lets play a brutal game for fun!

      im not gay, then i dont wanna rape a man.. and if someone rape my ass in game ill became berserker and ill hunt the motherfucker who fucked my ass and will do everything to kill him!!!!!!

      cant you see? that is the point of making this kind of stuff IMO!!

    28. actually, if you made random people spawns at the medical facilty, and that you can MOD and NAME the people it would be cool, even if it’s just a sprite named like your stupid schoolmate and beat the crap out of him, this would be cool, or even some custom sprites of famous peoples to get pwned by you, think about it, if you think the game gonna be the best this way, add customization, and it will rock…
      Yeah, i’m really looking forward to destroy some guys i know

    29. oh, one thing i forgot to mention, if the people is in the medical facility, he has some kind of disease, so, if you add some customization, you could add some diseases to choose as you see fit to that stupid guy, like mental retardment, zombie virus, or even wherever you imagine, then it would act/walk/react/wherever the way the diseage see fit

    30. Espressokuppi

      I just hope that you make Link-dead to something, that homophobic hetero male can play. Please channel all disgusting things through Berserker. Like André said, last feature probably prevents me becoming Berserker-fan. But if you add female character (not she-male!), I might re-consider…

      After berserker is released, most likely I will check it out. However, I keep my fingers near “Alt” and “F4″.

    31. Yeah, the last feature is just too lol, i don’t want to rape the people i hate -.- you should make a way to turn rape off

    32. underline

      andre: you dont need to rape the people you hate in game.. if you dont wanna rape someone.. just kill him.. but, as i saied, if someone rape you, you will become VERY angry! this is the point!!! 😀

    33. Is the rape for dead bodies or for living people?

    34. I’m sure the game will be great coz the ideas sound fun 😀 let’s just say everybody has a bit of brutality in them and berseker will let the player express it through the game 😛 i was waiting for a more brutal version of soldat for a long time x) good work!

    35. jjjj

    36. siema co robicie

    37. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    38. Does your character have telekinesis to move physics based objects and hurl them at people?

    39. Why can’t he just pick them up with his hand?

    40. He won’t have hands when i bit them off.

    41. *bite

    42. What happened to the links? They’re not working anymore…

    43. Are there any screenshots out of beserker? And I don’t mean the dynamic lighting videos or the character physics video posted a while back.

    44. //Michal Says:
      //Why can’t he just pick them up with his hand?

      Well I just figured that because it says on the Berserker site that you play the part of a superhuman psychopath.
      [anything destructible like the ceiling falling on some idiot?]

    45. @Krack: Yeaaaaah, being able to destroy walls and buildings (even really slow) would be THE BLAST!

    46. […] (more…) […]

    47. @Cosmin: Yes it would. It would be avaliable in a map maker and make lines where the wall would crack and split apart. So like if i drew a “Crack” in the middle, if taken enough damage all in one time [like an explosion is required] or continuously [constantly shooting and damage stays] and it would break. Would be a nice system if you don’t want to do Deformation. Can’t what to throw bricks and shit in peoples faces!

      [Will the beta be release in a few weeks? Is is an Open Beta?]

    48. As far as I understood, not only the beta, but the entire Berserker game will be released within a few weeks and will serve as a beta for link-dead at the same time, since they both use the same engine. But Berserker will be fully playable, as a separate game, so that we get to jump over the whole “beta is boring and crap, cuz it ain’t got nothing right” shit. Riiight?

    49. :)MoNkEy(:

      Raping people, ejaculating and pissing on them after i beat them to a pulp and ripped their faces off sounds really nice as a game feature. But… I’m interested in the gameplay and the whole feel to it. If it has a certain kind of atmosphere (without the buttrape-ejaculate-piss-shit-on-them thing) I say its worth checking out. And rape. And piss. And shit on every little punk ass bitch.
      Sorry for my brutality, I’m a Carmageddon and Postal fan 😀

    50. well… lol the video is kinda extrem.. kinda made me feel this is sigvatr is the game char.. haha jk .. hopefully this wont be all talk no real action

    51. @Cosmin: Okay, great. So it’s basically a tech demo right? Sweet.

      Any know when the Character Builder [Animation System?] and Map Maker going to be released?

    52. interesting concept. Just watched the vid over on sigvatr’s site. At least he’s having fun with this.

      Between the guitar riff and the B/W video, was anyone else reminded of Clerks?

      “Would you like for making game – ber – zer – ker.”

    53. “Sorry for my brutality”. HAHAHAHA. Cute.

    54. LOL this sounds freaking FUN+HILARIOUS hahaha I can’t wait to shit on people XD This is will be up there with the great exploitation films like Ilsa: Shewolf of the SS lolololol

    55. Oh my God. I love this.

    56. Someone

      Now thats up this the Odin shit! Hes the god of gods in the old scandinavian religion. not “the god of war” Thats mars! From the greek mytholegy. Or in the Scandinavian version thats thor.
      *Showing Pointer*

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    58. so what happened to this project?

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