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  • Written by . Posted at 8:55 am on January 26th, 2010

    My bot mercilessly finds the player and then shoots the pistol 25 times a second. I need to dumb him down to appear more human.

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    1. Also, remember to make the bots find a position where they have a clear line of sight to the player, and not only go towards the player. Otherwise it will be very predictable (won’t try to shoot through windows nearly as much).
      I bet you already thought about that though.

      Oh, and it shouldn’t always know where the enemies is if he’s not on the bot’s screen.

    2. Chaosteil

      I would not necessarily think that the AI is the problem here on firing the pistol so often, but how the reload/firing times are managed. A bit work on that, and the bot won’t necessarily fire it as much. But then yeah, a bit more work on AI to make it human-like is never wrong

    3. if u give the bot the players position that’s not fair. u didnt answer my question about how the bot actually finds his way (decides where to go) without any ‘help’ or direct command.

    4. Silverfish: yup

      Chaosteil: Its just that the bot doesnt have a physical finger that takes a bit of time to click, so it exploits the pistol firing mode. The pistol shoots as fast as you click (max 25 a sec).

      mman: as for now he doesn’t do anything if there is no enemy. Later on he will be either looking for something (an artificat or weapon) or use an algorithm to determine his direction. Haven’t figured it out in detail, he might just choose a random spawn point and go there.

    5. so it’s pretty pointless so far. the key map points come into mind AGAIN 😉 . setting them up on every map should be pretty fast and then after spawning a bot “chooses” where to go and so on, and so on. if he encounters a player – he fights him, if he looses – he respawns and goes in the direction where he dided/closest key point of that place. if he wins he finds another route. with different class/behaviour the key points should be marked (ex. camp spot) so a sniper will go there or a soldier will know where to find other player if he tends to use a sniper rifle. it’s pretty simple imo. actual combat behaviour is a whole different story.

    6. Chaosteil

      Yeah, but maybe you could somehow incorporate that physical finger in the actual pistol handling instead of the bot itself? Of course just throwing ideas around, it mostly depends on the gameplay. But thanks for sharing us interesting tidbits like these!

    7. @Chaosteil
      Or maybe it would be simpler to reduce the pistol’s fire rate.

      Why is it so important for bots to find a goal on their own?
      Isn’t the player the one who tells them their goal?

    8. not in dm, how do u want to control your opponent? also in strategy mode/sp mode (if it ever comes) there should be also some kind of mind behind the enemies so they behave on their own.

    9. This is going to be a strategy game so imo making stuff only for dm is quite pointless.
      It’s one thing that they act accordingly to situations(like finding cover and returning fire when shot at) and another that they run around the map doing objectives which reside in their little heads and the moment you don’t pay attention you find that they have built a bot city where bots go to work to get cash for their bot family otherwise the banker bot comes and takes away their bot house in which they get together with their bot friends to chit-chat about the gossips going on in bot city while drinking bot tea which was manufactured in the bot tea factory where the bots work.

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