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  • Written by . Posted at 10:30 am on January 26th, 2010

    First ever LD deathmatch MM (Mieciu) vs. Bot (Unnamed player) scoreboard

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    1. a video would be cool 😀

      Oh, and something that might become a bit bothering: The blood instantly sticks to the wall. It would be awesome if small red lines would slowly start flowing down along the wall. Not many, just a few, enough to have a feeling of the wall being a vertical construct, not just a surface

    2. niko šveikovsky

      so i take it that the game isn’t fun yet?

    3. Underline

      you have the `insane` dificult level ready. 😛

    4. I hate to bother you with other things when you are focusing on one thing, but what about that mouse movement light bug? The one where the screen gets a lot lighter when the mouse is moved versus standing still. Or is that a feature? It gets pretty annoying for me.

    5. HexanValaris


      Im just wanted to ask a question =/
      In the newer games; FPS, Racing Simulator, i searching for splitscreen mode, and this mode in the LD can be created?
      1. The player one controls: Keyboard and Mouse
      2. The player two controls: Gamepad or secondary keyboard
      This is would be cool:) and play online with my bud on one computer:D

    6. HexanValaris: I might try that. I bought an xbox controller a while ago. LD will definitely support it.

      NooMoahk: bug

      so i take it that the game isn’t fun yet?
      The bot is too aggressive. Its hard and kind of addictive, but I wouldnt say its fun.

    7. HexanValaris

      Nice! :) Thanks!

      Just i dont have an Xbox controller, so i hope will support my friends Ligitech Chillstream Xusb controller (Xbox360 design)
      this is not important, but i will have to buy an xbox360 controller =D

    8. <span style="color:red" wow, this game is getting better and better everyday

      You think this computer can run link dead? Nevermind, I guess anything that does not have intergrated graphics can play link dead.

    9. HexanValaris

      this is a good laptop, so this will can run LD
      the laptop integrated cards are more powerfull than the desktop integrated cards… =)

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