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    Written by . Posted at 4:33 pm on January 16th, 2010

    Hey, FliesLikeABrick here. LDAP logins on this site should now be fixed. E-mail me at if you still have problems.

    If you were already registered on here and happened to have the same username as your SF(LDAP) account, the accounts will remain separate. However, if you try logging in with your SF username to this site for the first time now, it will work and you’ll then have an account on here which uses your LDAP credentials.

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    1. Laser Guy

      Awsome job FLAB, it works perfectly!

    2. yep, it works

    3. over here, too :)

    4. great job!

    5. Ooo I got a guest blogger :)

    6. Hahaha, remarkable men

    7. Remember this vid:

      I like the way one could easily differentiate between foreground/background because the background was of a different, lighter color.
      At this moment, the test map is okay, but at some points it’s difficult to make out platforms or walls that can/can’t be shot through. While this can be advantageous to give experienced players that know the map that winning edge, it would be cool if you made the difference clearer and if the mapmaker could choose the color/tone of the foreground/background.

    8. Tenshi: this is actually a big problem that I am still seeking a solution. It can be done better than on the video.

    9. Just posting to check out the log-in. Thank you FLAB.

    10. its working!!!


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