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  • Written by . Posted at 8:21 am on January 14th, 2010

    LD Terminator bot chase – This was the hardest video I’ve done. It’s really hard to escape this evil bastard.

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    1. hehe, nice. would be awesome if the bots knew how to anticipate players movements so they use shortcuts in order to cut your way off. the general routes would be useful with this. Anyways what’s the next step? making them shoot, etc? fun blood ๐Ÿ˜‰ cheers

    2. Underline


      Congratulations man! i wanna play this right now! update the client! ๐Ÿ˜›


    3. Vectorious

      Here is where you defined awesome.

    4. really impressive man!

    5. mman:
      The next step is make them fight.
      Anticipation of movements is hard even for a human especially in a 2D game like this where you see all the movements. If I implement FOV it will be different.

    6. amazing xddd and funny end xd

    7. That is fuckin awesome. That was actually suspenseful. That bastard was relentless. Just imagine a large automated mech or gun chasing you.

      @mman, even if the bots couldn’t anticipate movements, they move fast, so you have your work cut out for you if you’re running away from them. The bot in the video caught up to MM a few times, and MM’s skill of movement is already pretty good from the looks of it.

      I think this game is going to be awesome on offline play as well as online. Lot of potential here.

    8. great, can’t wait. also did u take into account what i suggested earlier that they should look towards their destination? like they will go up, they look up and aim up etc.

      about anticipation, if u play some game quite well and if you know the surroundings u can easily figure out where the opponnent is going. its because u know some general routes the players are following, it,s much easier in 2d, cuz its 2. if u made some general precaluclated routes on the maps the bot could see if the palyer is following it and then quickly figure out a point in which he could be faster. just something to think about on the toliet;f

    9. If the bot knows the players destination (intention) then he can use his own path finding algorithm to predict the players movement (so he assumes humans also move on the shortest path).

    10. If you got kind of dynamic missions, like you mentioned erlier, (for example: Hack a computer at a certain place on the map) it would be easy to find out the players destination, I think. But would this be realistic?

      Will a fall like the one at 1:55 be deadly in the final game? Will the bots ‘know’ that? Are the bots currently using falls like this as shortcuts?

    11. Yes it will be deadly. Bots will know that. I disabled fall damage cause it was too difficult for me.

    12. If the bot knows the players destination (intention) then he can use his own path finding algorithm to predict the players movement (so he assumes humans also move on the shortest path).

      thats exactly what i said.

    13. Go Arnie!

    14. yea, slowly comes the fruits of your work/engine

    15. Technically speaking the bot ripped your head off already around 1:35

      IMO fov is a must-do.

      Will for example shooting a guy on leg affect his moving ability? What about involuntarily pulling down the trigger if your automatic rifle when dying?

      Anyways, cool bot, and badass blood. Can’t wait for chainsaws :E

    16. @FinDude

      And laws, amirite?

    17. Technically speaking the bot ripped your head off already around 1:35
      I know but I recorded this video like 30 times, ,never could do it to the end without him touching me.

      Will for example shooting a guy on leg affect his moving ability? What about involuntarily pulling down the trigger if your automatic rifle when dying?
      Yeah I want to add injuries. So they’ll prevent the soldiers from jumping and they’ll need medical treatment to move normally again.

    18. Makron666

      That dude was crazy, injuries are a must.. Imagine shooting someones leg while they jump to a platform, then falling to their death. Also, what about, using Inverse Kinematics to grab injuries, so if someone shoots you in the ass, your character will be like, FUCK.

    19. Not to be a Debbie Downer, IK is cool and all, but I think it would actually be cumbersome. Like Soldat, bleeding is a good indicator. If you’re getting shot at, you need to keep moving and survive. If you character reacts and reaches for the injury – though, that would be realistic, it could cost aim, concentration, movement, etc. Besides bleeding, limping or moving slower due to injuries would be good too, because that is realism that is useful and not just something to look at. You can tell if your enemy/ enemyAI is at low health or you may take a risk you wouldn’t before – like running past them. It would also force you to be a lot more careful when in dangerous areas or when attacking. As long as it doesn’t result in campers… just sitting there waiting for you to come in sight.

      I do like Makron’s first suggestion though. That would be very useful.

    20. ZeroGravity

      This game is…awesome…wow, just wow. Better than any indie or arcade game i’ve seen on XBL Arcade.

    21. Makron666

      Yea, after posting i was thinking that although IK Injuries would be realistic, and you could have some fun shooting peoples limbs, it would really fail in terms of playability, and only elite LD players would have any fun.
      Having said that, make sure IK Injuries is a very hardcore option, or at least scriptable, because you could make a ultra realism mod.

    22. HexanValaris

      Guys, check this clip, this man is crazy! =D

    23. I think adding injuries is a great idea, but the effects should not be as strong as in reality (or scalable). For example, when taking one shot to the leg, the soldier should move a bit slower, but not too slow. The no-jumping idea is also great, but I think it should be added at 2 or more shots at the legs. Or decrease the jump height depending on the number of shots taken.

      Another cool idea is to be able to make a soldier unoperable, but not dead. So say, you shoot off his legs and then his gun, then he just lays there bleeding and can only move minimally using his hands, waiting for another teamplayer to come and heal him. This way you could use wounded enemy soldiers as bait to attract other enemy soldiers at your position. And since they’re not stupid, this will result in a nice attempt of the enemy to flank you, thus adding strategy.
      If this is added, however, it should probably be added to game modes where the players only have 1 life per game or round (thus making teamplayers value that one wounded soldier and really trying to save his life)

    24. What about falling when you’re climbing and get shot in the hand? I doubt you’d be able to hold on after that.


      seriously, make some classes and get the RTS part working….

    26. Makron666

      @Tenshi.. If you were playing a 1 life game, what are the chances you would screw around? Personally i would just kill them, not shoot there leg. Although LD might turn out different, then shooting legs and hiding up a wall would require the victim to scream for a medic which you could also kill.. That leads me to an idea: Chat Commands eg. “Come here, im wounded /LOCATE” would display said message, aswell as a little beacon on the mini-map or side of screen, to show the senders location.

    27. Oh yeah, a clear/clean(so without background etc) mini-map would be a great addition.

    28. Well MM you’ve been listening to your fans and made it so when you run you don’t look like a goose, you hold your gun in a running pose, and when you slow down you aim it, I like that. I like that a lot.

      MM; A few things:

      1) I think a little more of a fluid “swing” when you jump onto a ledge would be better.

      2) I like the fact that there are no miniguns or handheld weapons of destruction, I like that, it leaves me with a question; Will we see some dreadnoughts/warjacks/juggernauts/mechs? I mean, clearly there is going to
      be some awesome firefights in the buildings, but the entire reason I am pumped for this game is the street combat. Will we see combat on the streets? Like dashing from a bombed out shell of a building that is only walls and no roof across a street with sniper fire whistleing past and auto guns raking the ground with their auto targeting. Underground in the sewers and cave complexes robots and humans alike try and flank or attack the enemy from the rear.

      On these war torn streets will there be hulking metal battle dreadnoughts, like the ones we see in Warhammer or better yet, Warmachine. Small, humanoid battlemechs that roam the streets, player controlled with rocket pods and heavy concrete busting .50 cal machine guns ripping asphalt to threads. It’d be frickin awesome. Smoke spewing war machines wreaking havoc on wartorn streets. You like bullet slugging and the like MM so I think you’d like this kinda thing.

      I hope it’s not all internal close combat. I want street fighting! Building to building combat.

      3) What game modes will there be? I think a king of the hill type game mode would be sweet with a church or citadel being the hill and teams in either side vying for control, there should be a large bulidung either side for use as an OP and sniper spot. Then assault troopers move in for the kill.

      Just for an idea.

      4) I could write down a nice narrative for link-reads story if you give me the just of it. I’m talking about a two to three page story. It’d be cool and action filled.

      If you want a preview of my writing skills, just email

      5) How many players will this game involve and also how many AI will there be per team?

      I’d prefer it if you had a small team of four to command and there are platoons if AI running around ON THEIR OWN ACCORD fighting around the city whilst you have to complete you’re objectives such as destroy the radio tower, and you have to push through the warring AI and get to the tower whilst your opponents fight through their frontline to prevent you.

      I dunno. Just a concept. I want all out war in a ruined city.

      But this is your game.

      Well I await your reply.

    29. The animation has come along in leaps and bounds since your last demonstration (if you’ll forgive my pun). Just a few pointers:

      – Currently, traversing narrow tracts of extremely uneven terrain (e.g. 1:29; 1:36) doesn’t suggest a commensurate degree of physical effort, or serve to impede your avatar’s forward motion as one would reasonably expect.
      – The transition from running to walking (and vice-versa) ought to be more gradual; characters attempting rapid deceleration should experience momentum proportionately (thus the trade-off between raw speed and finesse, which could yield some interesting gameplay possibilities). Further to this, the character’s torso should tilt appropriately.
      – The gun-stance is much more convincing, but he still aims with his wrists rather than with his arms.

      Otherwise, excellent; I look forward to your next offering.

    30. Incidentally, I appreciate that the featured gun-sound is likely to be a placeholder, but I’ve an extensive library if you require something more authentic.

    31. ZeroGravity

      I’m not trying to speak for MM or anything but I think regardless of your suggestions on what he should add into the game, i’m sure MM is going to follow his own vision or plan………..add a flamethrower!!!!!

    32. An animation would be cool for when he falls off the map, like desperately moving his arms.

    33. Makron666

      Yea, a flame thrower that spews fire across a room and through holes would be sick, you could really go crazy.
      @Gnoblar.. Those writing skill sure are awesome, keep up the good work.

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