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    Written by . Posted at 2:27 pm on September 4th, 2007

    I got the new collision system working for my new game. Here are a few new screenshots and an explanation how it will work.

     I remember when Soldat first came out the polygon map format was something new. No game used it. 2D games used either tiles (like in Mario) or a bitmap (like in Worms). Then came Soldat with my revolutionary idea of making a map out of polygons. The problem with it was that it was harder to create maps. I remember my friend Dolny crying because he couldn’t make a map in Soldat (yes, he has two left hands), so he wanted to make maps in Paint. The idea seemed really stupid to me at the time, but somehow it stayed in my head. Fast forward 5 years and voila!

    Here’s a map made in paint. Note that this is just an example of the collision map painted not the entire map. Click to view larger image.


    This is the collision map. The white space is solid ground. The colored pixels will be different types of ground. Just like in Soldat, they will represent lava, penetrable, non-penetrable walls etc.

    Here’s the collision map in-game. Although it is pixels I’ve got a special algorithm to convert this map into polygons and through various optimizations we’ve got the final effect, which is a nice and smooth map.

    player view

    zoomed out

    entire map

    That’s all. I’ve got to make the complete map working now, so stay tuned for more logs. It will be ready soon.

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    1. you’re a beast at coding. that looks awesome. : )

      can’t wait for more logs.

    2. He’s not a beast at coding he’s a God at coding. :)

    3. Looking amazing as usual, MM. Keep up the good work as I am very excited about your new project.

    4. Reminds me of SAVA, which is a converter from Vector Graphics (SVG) to PMS which is what i used to create my map (ctf_bog_easyroad, if you climb, you’ve probably seen it).

      But anyways, this seems like a way easier (and better, since SAVA had some limitations) to create maps.

      Keep up the good work. :)

    5. mm wrote: “Then came Soldat with my revolutionary idea of making a map out of polygons.”

      1997, baby! Balazs Rozsa did it first! ‘Revolutionary’ I think is inappropriate.

    6. mat: i thought about elastomania as well. Anyway: it looks like you could do the same thing for Soldat since the maps are still made from polygons(exept that they now are 3d). It’s a way of editing that changed, I initialy thought you’re going for something like Cortex Command maps. Still i think it will be much easier to create maps this way. One question thought: will texture be painted manually as another image or mapped automatically basing on what material was used?

    7. the new system is awesome. Please tell me we will have a playable version or a demo in 2008 or sooner 😉

    8. mat: sorry, props to elastomania, although it is not a shooter :p
      Shuger: the maps will be like Cortex Command, but the collision will be entirely different

    9. kool

    10. hey Michal, and how precise is your “special algorithm”? for example if someone want to create perfect square…

    11. It looks like square shouldn’t be a problem i’d rather worry about perfect circles( but who uses circles in maps? 😉 ) . Michal will you write some more about it? I think many people are interested in how this conversion exactly works for example are you using some hull finding algorithms and what are these “various optimizations” are they finding the best ratio for polycount/level of detail ?

    12. 1

    13. The algorithm is perfect, take a look at the screenshots, compare the painted one with the last screenshot.
      I didn’t write any technical details because I plan to write a tutorial on how to do this, I’m not ready to do it yet. First I have to finish making it myself :).

    14. Wow! Not only does it generate the 2D X & Y sideview, it also adds in the z-axis depth. Impressive.
      I assume this algorithm will be able to convert classic Soldat maps into a format readable by this game? It doesn’t seem too hard. It could get the texture information for the front polygons and generate the side polygon coloring based on the outside vertexes.
      The shading shouldn’t be much of an issue, lower polygons in a group = darker, as a basic rule to make the maps not look like plastic crap.

    15. xwd:
      you can’t convert it “out of the box” but you can easily modify an existing map program and do the following:
      – render the background white,
      – render the polygons black
      save that as a bmp, this will be the collision info

      – now, render the background as transparent
      – render the polygons and scenery
      save that as png, this is the map you see

      In that way you’ll have a working Soldat maps, spawnpoints will have to be added manually probably, although why not convert them with some tool.

    16. :)MoNkEy(:

      Im a noob in mapmaking, so this will surely help me a lot. 😀
      Btw, you’re the best!

    17. Gj MM 😉

      я фанат )) в россии тоже есть твои поклонники))

    18. couchdweller

      One thing I think would be awesome is that if you could destroy parts of the map. By coloring some collisions brown or something. Then if a player shoots that part of the map, the actual image would be blown up or disapear… I hope that makes sense. A bit like the way worm’s has destroyable geometry. :)

    19. your friend has two left hands? O.o that’s farxing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      which hand does he write with?

      I have a friend with 11 fingers :)

      Body abnormalities are the coolest thing since frozen water molecules 😛

    20. There are two of us now!?

      >snow Says:

      >September 12th, 2007 at 7:27 am
      >Gj MM

      >я фанат )) в россии тоже есть твои поклонники))

      Hmm. Anyways, very interesting. Keep up the good work.

    21. Hm… I don’t think that’s much but I do know you probably have a very long way to go and you need a development team. I would be glad to help you out with stuff and put together a development team. Maybe you already have a development team… I can still help. I love your idea of the game and I feel I’m committed to support you. Good Luck… You’ll need it…

    22. Err what’s so great about this? Making maps for idiots is now possible but who would want maps from idiots. The next awesome thing is the filesize maps will have. We have DSL/cable, no need to compress, right? Great thing for running custom map servers where each map consists of 2 big images and sum up to like 2MB.

    23. Addition: I found you previous post on this topic and I absolutely can’t stand your “Everything I do is revolutionary” attitude. Have you ever heard of this small Trial Bike series (see for example? You probably haven’t as this game had such image based maps from the first version on. This was no big deal if you weren’t boasting about what cool ideas you have but you did so you failed.
      You obviously are not stupid, so don’t act like you are.

    24. Leetfidle

      CANT WAIT!!!

    25. what does http stand for…

      Online Vedios fresh Contents :)…

    26. […] format preview New map format – collision New mighty lighting […]

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