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    Written by . Posted at 6:38 am on September 2nd, 2007

    Welcome and read on. As I mentioned you need to evolve, progress has to be made. Either in your personal development or in the value or creation you put into life. If you don’t want to do that you’re making yourself harm because you can’t stay in place in this world. There is no permanence so you must go backwards which leads to pain. First let’s learn about something that might be a bit new to you.

     We’re not human yet.

    You probably think that we as species evolved from ape to man. That is from the little monkeys called Ramapitek to the monkeys that could walk straight called Homo Erectus (that’s the best specie name ever), to the Homo Sapiens Sapiens (which is us). So there were monkeys… and now are we… Well, wrong. There is no us and them.


    The evolution to a different kind of animal, or better to say something else and entirely different than ape is yet to come. We’re not Humans yet. This subject can be tackled from many points of view but for now I want to focus just on your brain and the circuitry that is in there.

    The Ways

    Traditionally there are 3 Ways, schools of thought and training. These are ways invented, practiced and proven succesful for its purpose throughout centuries. Of course as with all great knowledge of our ancestors it has been completely forgotten and/or been made a tool for making money.
    The first three ways are:

    1. The way of the fakir
      The fakir struggles with the physical body and self-mastery through difficult physical exercises and postures.

    2. The way of the monk
      The way of the monk (or nun) represents the way of faith, the cultivation of emotional feelings.

    3. The way of the yogi
      The yogi’s approach is through knowledge and the mind.

    In the beginning of the 20th century Gurdjieff brought his method called the Fourth Way, which involved mainly dancing, listening to music and doing simple work.

    These are entire movements of human thought and ideology. People devoted their lives to one of the Ways. Why was this so important? Why would anyone sit in a temple all day chanting mantras or why would anyone sleep on a bed made of nails?

    The problem is that most people practicing these ways didn’t really know what they were doing. In ancient times knowledge was limited and the only way to get something through was to make it “sacred”, write it down into a “holy” book and store it in a “house of God”. The purpose of that was so that nobody stupid or ignorant would read it, nobody would destroy it and to keep it in a safe place for future generations. This is why all the 3 traditonal Ways are somehow tied to religion and faith, and phantom beings like God are involved. If you get past through the holy bullshit you’ll learn what this was about and you’ll start to see that the guys that came up with this stuff weren’t some ordinary Joe’s. They were one of the smartest mother fuckers that ever lived and they had a big reason to pass on this knowledge and to be devoted to practicing this for years and years.

    I suspect that it was Gurdjieff that first saw this.
    The Ways are methods for controlling the lower level brain circuitry.
    That is the stuff in your brain that makes you an animal. These I call the ancient circuits. If you’re familiar with the triune brain theory you’ll know partly what I’m talking about (the theory states that your brain has 3 parts, the reptillean brain, the old mammalian brain and the new higher brain). I propose you a different model of the brain, because there is far more than those 3 brains. This model is based mainly on R. A. Wilson’s model which was based on T. Leary’s model of consciousness.

    Introduction to the circuits

    In truth, man is a polluted river. One must be a sea to receive a polluted river without becoming defiled. I teach you the Overman! He is that sea; in him your great contempt can go under.

    What is the greatest thing you can experience? It is the hour of your greatest contempt. The hour in which even your happiness becomes loathsome to you, and so also your reason and virtue.

    The hour when you say: What good is my happiness? It is poverty and filth and wretched contentment. But my happiness should justify existence itself!

    The hour when you say: What good is my reason? Does it long for knowledge as the lion for his prey? It is poverty and filth and wretched contentment!

    The hour when you say: What good is my virtue? It has not yet driven me mad! How weary I am of my good and my evil! It is all poverty and filth and wretched contentment!

    The hour when you say: What good is my justice? I do not see that I am filled with fire and burning coals. But the just are filled with fire and burning coals!

    The hour when you say: What good is my pity? Is not pity the cross on which he is nailed who loves man? But my pity is no crucifixion!

    Have you ever spoken like this? Have you ever cried like this? Ah! If only I had heard you cry this way!

    All the prophets or enlightened people claim that they will return or that they are one with you. Jesus said he will return. What he meant was that his FORM would return one day. One day people will transform and become people AS him. This is the same thing Gautama Buddha said. You need just to realize that you are the same as Buddha. Meaning you have the same POTENTIAL as him. You have the same potential of mutation into a higher mode of being.

    In order to evolve and become the Overman or Human you must take control over your ancient circuits. Or to use a better word, INTEGRATE them. Once they are integrated you have control over them because they act  in HARMONY according to your true will. How do you do this?

    To become Human you must throw away what is most precious to you. You must lose your mind, your ideologies, your instincts, your morality, your social status and your intelligence. Now pay attention. This is the part where almost all religions go wrong. Actually every religion and massive movement of human thought wants to achieve this, but none do this all at once and none understand or have forgotten the bigger picture. This is why for example Chrisitanity labels you being an animal as BAD and tries to repress your sexuality. There is nothing bad with it, the thing that is bad is Christianity because it does not understand that you can’t get rid of your animal parts. When I say you lose those things you’re not getting rid of them or repressing them, because getting rid of them for real would mean to take a knife and cut out certain parts of your brain. Those are brain circuits and as a whole they constitute to your entire brain, so they form what YOU are. What we are doing here is accepting these parts by learning about them. If you decide to go down this road you will learn to LIVE with them. That’s the best way of putting it. You can either live and use all these circuits for your purpose or you can be destined to live according to only one of them and/or be ruled by all of them.

    You’re probably wondering why I said you must lose your mind and your intelligence? Doesn’t becoming Human mean more intelligence? Heh well wait for the final part 3.

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    1. That’s wise thinking. But now is it the part where we try to gess what the part 3 will be?

    2. Hell, MM – are u a philosopher? O_O

    3. Does someone here even know what’s philosophy? Because your always saying this on every comment that MM post. If somone as a taught it dosent meen he’s doing philosophy.

    4. Stop saying this on every comment that MM post. If somone as a taught it dosent meen he’s doing philosophy.

    5. SpiltCoffee

      A philosopher is a person devoted to studying and producing results in philosophy. The word, “philosopher,” literally means “lover of wisdom.”

      This all seems pretty wise to me. 😛

      Anyways, MM wouldn’t be able to proclaim himself as a philosopher…

    6. I’m not a philosopher, from what I know philosophers seek some kind of truth about the world. I’m not really concerned if what I’m thinking about is true or not in some absolute sense, I am only concerned whether this helps my well-being, my achievement and if it helps you in the same way.

    7. religion can be interpreted in many ways. i always belive in god not because i was raised to believe in 1. is because of the wisdom i aqauired. i believe dat we were apes and apes we will stay.. we r just a different type.. we will never be higher than “human”. we r predispose to die and go extint. humans will never see the next million year or even the next 500 thousand year. we will eventually destroy ourselves.. we cannot change anything in this univers.. if there was a start there will be the end.. and through science will eventually see how we will end… which in is in their goal.. “to explain everything in this universe”

    8. paradigm holocaust

      Attempts to hijack the ancient circuits may cause severe bodily suffering 😉

      It’s onreasonable to think that ramapitek morphed into homo erectus and further the way pokemons do. Essentially ramapitek, homo erectus, homo habilis and homo sapiens are the same creature approached from different pionts of temporal dimension. Similar to the way we associate a single person to a single human being through their entire life and even after death, regardless of radical physical changes they undergo. It’s the way we like to divide. As we please. The way we are are imposed to divide and exploit.

    9. dash you believe in god and you have such doomed thoughts?:)

      paradigm holocaust: yeah, in the same way if you lose all divisions (which are just created by our minds) you will see that the ramapitek is also the same as the earth worm, and the worm is the same as the amoeba and the aomeba is the same as the plant and the plant is the same as carbon and carbon is the same as atoms and atoms are points of energy and so on… until you see it’s all the same stuff and we aren’t really that important in the grand scheme and certainly not different.

    10. to tell you the truth….. i havent read this yet lol….. i just want the game to come out :'( *crys*

    11. dash, there is a reason you came here on earth – to learn, to evolve (not talking about knowledge you get in school etc.) and maybe to change something here? It’s not just coincidence you exist, if everything was coincidence, we wouldnt be here at all (not even this universe I guess, which follows strict natural rules/laws).
      You might say that you cant change anything here alone, but in fact you can. If you start with yourself, its a good beginning – indeed you cannot change other people, but you might give them some food for thought (like MM) to help them. If people change, this world WILL change too.

      Just my 2 cents.
      Btw, I am not for religion at all. Imo religion just restricts people and tells them what is right and what not (so they feel good and are calm). The only real way of living is trying to find the truth on your own using your own free will. In fact, freedom has to stand above all.

    12. Oh freedom is an excellent topic for a future post, religion probably too. There is a lot to learn from religion, as I said they were started by some really smart people, but through the ages the knowledge gets lost, and all you get is gibberish. It’s up to you to find that hidden meaning. It’s also up to you to find WHY you should pursue this knowledge, I’m justing giving out hints.

    13. I think that religion is to much concervative and dosent let place to evolution in our minds or new idea that could change our understanding of the world. I don’t have problem with people that belive in god or else. But I have something against religion, belive in god if you want but don’t try to blind people with it. You can try to do your own theory religious or not and publish it. But trying to convince people to join your club and learn something wen you don’t even try to prove it or having a explanation for it I really don’t like that.

    14. Michal thats wat im trying to say. we humans are basically made like everything else (made of atoms).. to be more than human or to have the some potential as god.

      “All the prophets or enlightened people claim that they will return or that they are one with you. Jesus said he will return. What he meant was that his FORM would return one day. One day people will transform and become people AS him. This is the same thing Gautama Buddha said. You need just to realize that you are the same as Buddha. Meaning you have the same POTENTIAL as him. You have the same potential of mutation into a higher mode of being.”

      is to surpass the prossess of how we are made to beings.. and dat will eventually turn us to nothing….

      $able ur right if plp would change this world will change too… but the sad part is change plp will not happen.. we are too corrupt for a change.. mistakes will be made old and new ones…

      and religion can me interpreted to alot of things and one is barrier. i hav a religion and that is catholic, but if i could sit with the pope and talk about religion and god. me and him will be in the biggest difference in opinion and ideology… and for 1 if u let religion restrict u, that means ur the one dat is restricting yourself… but there is a good point to it.. rules are restriction and we need that to make sense of chaos..

      1 more thing. imagine the world if it could start.. were u have every freedom there is.. eventually u will make rules and restiction. bcuz we humans are not perfect ( we will never have the same potential as god).. and bcuz eventually when an idiot do something idiotic u tell them they r wrong. and that u just made a rule.. freedom cant stand above all.. restriction or rules govern all…

      1 more thing im happy to say im a very optimistic person but very idealistic

    15. dash, mistakes are ok, they are even needed for evolution. All that shit going on in our world, the endless wars since ages etc. is all required to move on – to learn. And even the corrupt ones will realize one day, that being corrupt simply does not work.

      Regarding god, I have my own view on this. God is not something we are separate from, of course there is some sort of intelligent source, but its not hierarchic. To me god is kinda the sum of everything that exists (not only in 3D). I think, everyone of us is part of god, or rather has god in himself. Now its your task to find it. 😉

    16. $able, some mistake are ireversable and that is why humans cant pass beyond humans. and we keep on adding in those mistakes.. and the corrupt ones know that corruption does not work but they try to make with work.. mankind are capable of doing the greatest good but more capable of making a greater evil.

    17. I disagree.
      If enough people evolved far enough, the evil will no longer have a real chance in this world.
      You seem to be one of those thinking that evolution stopped with us, or rather that we dont evolve anymore. Thats maybe right regarding our physical part (I doubt our looks will change that much :)), but regarding our most imperfect part, the mind/spirit, thats wrong. Like MM, I too think that this is where evolution goes on with us since this is the cool new (but very buggy) feature in evolution that makes us different from other beings on this planet. Now, the nice thing about this new feature is, that we ourselves can actively change/improve it if we want (=learning). Yes, it seems the majority of people refuses to do so (too much work, bugfixing isnt always easy to do), BUT there is also something like nature that can try to force them to at least have a look at it – even though its still their decision to evolve or not.
      In evolution time, we arent here for very long, so its maybe too early to be perfect yet. However, many human souls evolved far enough already, to be able to really change this world – “small” changes were already done in the centuries btw, e.g. human rights, democracy (non-final version tho), etc..
      Now I repeat myself: If people change, this world WILL change too. So its only a matter of time, like always with evolution.

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