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  • The tightrope walker ringmaster part 3

    Written by . Posted at 5:53 am on September 7th, 2007

    Nowadays I feel inspired all the time. Would you like that? It’s a truly magnificent state of being. This is not because I was born like this or I have some magical character trait, I wasn’t like this before, I have actually made myself to be this way and because I know how I did it I really want to share it with you. There is so much to it and we have to start somewhere.

    To recap part 2 – the three traditional Ways are ways of gaining control and integrating the ancient circuits inside of your brain (I’ll discuss these circuits in this article). It’s like bugfixing old software. This is probably why consciousness itself evolved, to gain control and bugfix. This is the only way nature could improve this species. The problem is it doesn’t happen by itself, it is actually YOU that must do this!

    So if you’re ready to see the world through my lense, let go of your skepticism, there is no place for that in my bandwagon. All I ask of you is to think about this and most importantly observe this stuff in action!

    Your life has been governed by brain neurology evolved millions of years ago and by imprints created when you weren’t yet fully conscious. These imprints are what you consist of, your personality, your desires, your skills, your motivations, your thoughts and your actions. At certain stages of life you were operating on single neural networks which later grew like a fractal and formed just about anything that you think of as YOU now. These determine everything, from the external of what you have to the internal of what state of mind you’re currently in.
    So… here are the brain circuits, which whether you like it or not, have been controlling your life as you know it today. 

    The brain circuits actually represent evolution itself. Our lives are like mini-versions of the evolution of life. We all start as a single cell and then we multiply and progress through the different stages of life. These circuits are what is left from these stages of development. We all have these inside our skulls.


    The bio-survival circuit is the circuit we are operating on when we are born. An infant does only two things: it eats and shits. This is the level of this circuit. The only demand is to survive and to maintain body functions. The lowest forms of life, worms and such, have only this circuit, meaning their whole brain is this. But humans also can operate only on this circuit, thus they can be worm-like. Some retarded people or people in coma function in the bio-survival circuit. Only the lowest motorical functions are working here, like sucking, swallowing, breathing, farting. Also running away from danger and moving towards pleasure is the domain of this brain circuit. It is binary in its functioning, you either move to pleasure or you move away from pain. You and I will switch into this circuit when our life is in danger. This is the so called fight-or-flight response. When you face a life or death situation you switch into this mode, and all there is in your consciousness is one thing RUN! Also this is why people in extreme fear situations shit themselves. Conscious self-control as you know it stops here. For someone that has encountered a near death situation there is no doubt that we are animals. People in panic are exactly people operating on the bio-survival circuit. Morality, ideology, race, gender, all seizes to exist in the face of danger and threat to life.

    In everyday life this circuit controls your relation to life and the world. It determines if you have anxiety and worries about your survival. If you fear of losing money and being poor you still haven’t grown up from this circuit entirely. Money is the modern day equivalent of tigers and famine from prehistoric times. The fundamental way this circuit operates has not changed since those times, only the thing to worry about has changed, we now have anxieties based on our financial situation, it is still primitive circuitry in work. This is why even millionaires can’t sleep at night because they fear of going broke.


    This is the brain circuit where most animals live in. Mammals have the most developed one, they have the same emotions as we do. Emotions are ancient brain circuits in working. Understanding emotions leads to gaining control over this circuit. A person that lives in the emotional circuit is a person interested only in power. Children when they reach the age of 1 and are grown enough to move and talk will switch into this brain circuit. From this day they will be interested only in mammalian group power struggle. The baby will cry and DEMAND food, attention, care, it wants MORE power. The more it has the more chances of survival it has. Sadly a lot of people remain on this circuit their whole lives. People that live on this circuit are what we call infantile, they are child-like.
    This circuit evolved in species that live in herds in order for them to establish a pecking order and hierarchy. Every mammal wants to dominate another mammal. Politicans and other people that constantly argue live in this circuit. The whole point is to get the biggest territory, the best part of the meal and the best or most mates. I don’t know if you have these people in your country, but bald dudes with no necks and gold chains are the best example of people dominated by the emotional circuit. The emotion of pride drives these people. Fascists are also driven by pride. A normal person can get into this circuit when he gets drunk. Alcohol is a switch. This is why guys fight in bars – this is mammalian power struggle. We call it being “swine drunk”.

    In everyday life this circuit almost entirely controls your decisions. Emotions are masters of your life because it is THEM that decide what you will do today, what chocolate bar you will buy and what people you will associate with. Once you understand that you NEVER make decisions based on your intelect, you will start gaining control and learning how to actually change these decisions by your own will. For a start think about how much your life is affected by the feeling of worthiness. Whether you choose one way of living or another, whether you should wear the clothes you want or not, or whether you approach a girl that you like is determined by whether you feel worthy doing it or not.


    Intelligence arises on this circuit. When a child starts learning, learns how to write and to do math it is using now the rational circuit. Intelligence is an ancient circuit – primates, dolphins and my dog have it. The problem with intelligence is that it makes itself seem important. A person living on the rational circuit is called a rationalist. This is because he uses ratios to examine the world. Ratios are meant to be measured, that’s why for the rationalist the whole world must be measured, everything must be compared with each other. Science and the scientific approach are a product of the rational circuit. Ideologies, beliefs and logic are products of the rational circuit. This post is a product of the rational circuit, because I have to use it in order to communicate my ideas. Everything that you think of in your head is intelligence at work. This is the mode of thinking of most of the educated people living in first world countries. If your background is IT then I can be sure for 99% that you’re a rationalist, even if you will try to prove me wrong. The rationalist will try to prove or disprove EVERYTHING. He uses logic and constantly seeks to find what is true and what is false. If you’re reading this post with a smirk on your lips trying to think of things to bash me in the comment section and to point out where I am wrong, you’re operating on the rational circuit. The only purpose of this brain circuit is to conceptualize, objectify, map the world and make models for functioning in it. The whole western civilization thought is based on Euclid’s geometry, Aristotle’s logic and Newton’s physics. Because of this way of thinking humankind has been trapped in rational thought for more than 3000 years now. Although it has brought us progress and great inventions, ultimately it is fatal for the individual. This is why we have depression, people actually believe and find proof that they should be sad. The fundamental thing to understand here is that whatever you can think about, the rational circuit will find an answer and will prove it right.
    This is why we have fundamentalists, feminists, orthodox christians, left-wing right-wing politicians, depressed and neurotic people. Did you ever think about it why every person has a different belief or point of view? There are no two people with the same ideas and belief systems. 6 billion realities! Where is the truth here? Nowhere. Because


    and anyone can believe in just about anything. This is why conspiracy theories exist. Whether or not the Titanic was sunken by the Illuminati is not the question here. The question is why do people ponder on these subjects and actually find proof for their claims. This is because this brain circuit does just that, it finds answers for you. If you want to see how this works, start finding evidence that jews are in fact martians and that they are spying on you (listening to your phone conversations and reading your e-mail). Believe it or not, you WILL find evidence for this.

    In everyday life you must create models in order to function and to understand the world. This entire article is a model. You should understand that each model, from definition is not perfect, so is this. The problem with the rational circuit is that you believe whatever it feeds you as 100% correct and EQUIVALENT to reality. All beliefs spanning from “there is a God” to “vitamins are good for you” to “I am fat and stupid” are created here. And all are JUST MODELS. If you understand that and I will help you do it, no longer will you dwell on any ideology and be defensive about it.


    Let’s move on to the last brain part for today. This is the brain circuit which activates once you leave childhood and enter your teen years. This circuit is responsible for your “place” in society, your role. Who you are in relation to other people, your social status. This brain circuit evolved in primates because there was a need to establish roles in the herd. It makes it easier for the whole pack of intelligent animals to be controlled. Roles can be whatever you are acting out, and you’re acting all the time. These roles are based on the specific culture and memory of the family/tribe/town/country you live in.  In literature you can read about this as “masks”. People wear masks and they never show who they really are. Romantic writers and poets write that there is a possibility to know another person, to see through these social masks. I would not be so optimistic. Whenever you’re in proximity of other people the social-sexual circuit is activated. Did you ever notice that when you’re sitting somewhere alone you can “be yourself” and do whatever, but if suddenly somebody enters the room all of a sudden you become “not yourself”? Have you ever not been yourself? Well you are nearly all the time! Your thoughts change and suddenly all of your actions are in relation to that other person. You think and act according to that person.
    With every person you know you have a relationship and that is a social-sexual relationship. You either relate to a person on the basis of the social context (parent, boss, friend, stranger, shopkeeper) or in a sexual context (person of the opposite sex you fancy or same if you like that). There is no escaping this. This is why many enlightened people chose long-time solitude (as did Zarathustra) because that is the only way to switch this circuit off. People that are entirely concerned about social context are people dominated by this circuit. These are people that “show-off”, that base their life on their image, these are people that think about what other people think about them, we call them posers. Living your life according to other people’s opinion is living dominated by the social-sexual circuit.

    The thing to remember is that we are constantly in a role. When I am writing this I am in multiple roles, that of a writer, a teacher, a blogger, as an MM, as a creator of Soldat. You are also now in a role, that of a student, a reader, an internet surfer, a one hand internet surfer (well I hope not).


    There is far more to this. There are more circuits in your brain that have not been activated yet. They will be once you start integrating the old ones. I’ll write about the new circuits in the future because they are key for high states such as inspiration. As with all my writings, I probably raised more questions than answered them. But that’s OK for now, I’ll just have more to write about. I packed a lot of information in these posts, if I sparked a bit of interest in you but you have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to read it again after a few days, that’s the best way to integrate what you’ve read.

    Where is the lightning to lick you with its tongue? Where is the madness with which you should be cleansed?

    Behold, I teach you the Overman! He is that lightning, he is that madness!

    And while Zarathustra was speaking in this way, someone in the crowd interrupted: “We’ve heard enough about the tightrope walker; now it’s time to see him!” And while the crowd laughed at Zarathustra, the tightrope walker, believing that he had been given his cue, began his performance.

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    1. I’ll read it again…in a few days! ^^

    2. Are you a teacher in real life? or did you said teacher because you are teaching some “moral” etc. idea in this post? Did you read Some books of Dan Brown? Because wen I saw the work Illuminaty I was thinking of does book it was the first time. If yes did you read the last book Digital fortress?

    3. Wow, this guy is a god XD

      he makes a kickass video game, that could EASILY be sold on shelves for LOADS of money.

      But instead, he gives it away for free. To make a game enviroment that can easily be changed. Someone being a dick? Just change to a different server.

      And He’s not just “here’s my game, download it so you can register, now I will never update or anything like that”

      He’s more like, a REAL game developer. Hats off to you.

      /highfive =D

    4. Michal, you are really smart motherfucker 😀

    5. So like, what is this all about anyway? is this your view on how humans work or something? I don’t understand what it is your trying to say…

    6. rfreak: no I don’t read Dan Brown.

      Did you read the previous parts?
      We are trying to elevate ourselves by understanding what we are. This is what true humanities are all about.
      This is why I write a lot of theory.

    7. SpiltCoffee

      Do you expect anyone to actually get something from this?

      Because I hope I do 😛

    8. makes a lot of sense but not deep enough… hopefully plp know abou this already… -______-

    9. > “Michal, you are really smart motherfucker ”

      With all due respect, and I like Soldat very much. I’ve read about those circuits in Timothy Leary’s work, later I read about them in Robert Anton Wilson’s work. And those guys never left it unsaid that those circuits were explored by people WAY long ago, like buddhists. So why did you give any of those people any credit? *suspicious*

      On an unrelated note… so, Michal, have you dropped acid already? :]

    10. explosion:
      Yeah because people a long time ago did not known those are brain circuits. Leary had to take acid to come up with the idea that our brain is composed of parts (it was a revolutionary idea). Buddhists, yogis and other mental practitioners just had a different terminology for this, they used words as soul, mind, energy, chakras etc. I believe this is the same stuff, we just have a different scientific understanding of these things now. Let take chakras, they are just hormonal glands producing adrenaline for example, but ancient people believed they are “energy” centers.

      PS. I’m such a nerd I don’t know even where I can get acid :p.

    11. I enjoyed reading your article but I wonder if, with all this talk of being trapped or imprisoned by different brain cicuits, there’s any hope of a real, significant “freedom” for humanity. I mean I agree being obsessed with one’s safety, prosperity, image, etc is an unsatisfactory and unpleasant cycle of fear and vanity but how do you actually envision people to transcend it? You need to discuss that too. I can see what you’re doing, obviously you have to flag a problem before you can solve it but where’s part II of this article? I’m very curious to read about what you view as the cause of your boldly claimed constant inspiration.

    12. Marc-Andre: With these articles I’m just preparing a foundation. I will write more, but everything must take time, I can’t say everything in one (or even three) posts. Also I will probably only write so that you gain knowledge, I’m not going to write what you should actually do to get things such as inspiration, happiness etc. The tools are widely available, if you just want them you will find them, that is the easiest part. The problem is I agree with you, how do you envision people to actually make that step, how do you make them SEEK these tools?

    13. I am also really enjoying your articles. I started reading all of them yesterday and I am anxious to read the next one right now

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