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  • Written by . Posted at 5:51 am on December 23rd, 2009

    Productive day yesterday. Too bad the holidays are coming. Fortunately I’ve got a lot done and more. The release looks promising.


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    1. alpha release—>game lol πŸ˜€

      I just wanted to say, when you got good ideas but no time for them, just write them down somewhere and do them after youv got all the stuff you wanted to do done. Thats much better because sometimes you get new thoughts about these ideas…

    2. btw good job on less daily tasks!

    3. wtf no ragdoll is FAIL, pls explain this.

    4. this isn’t a complete list of the game’s features, just the last few things that need to be done before the release (31st), so we can only assume the ragdoll is finished and not needed on this list.

    5. Who needs ragdolls?

      There’s no linux release coming up? :(

    6. Aim like Jack Bauer.. Pure win.

    7. okay, I see what you mean now mman, sorry πŸ˜›

    8. oh yeah! just started 24 to see jack bauers epic aiming style! :O

    9. Ragdolls in next release. On a side note: ragdolls are overrated.

    10. but tell why are they not in the code yet?? your ‘physics’ don’t support it yet??

      so far the ragdolls you’ve shown were crap, soldat has crap ragdolls(kudos that u made them back then) and now a ‘normal’ ragdoll nothing special but look at euphoria, uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 – pure ownage.

    11. Indeed; Euphoria is where it’s at.

    12. Yea, Natural Motions Euphoria is the shit. Though too bad it’s for 3D only. MM, you should look at Euphorias idea of procedural animation and ragdolls and adapt it. It will make your game even more Procedural.

    13. I would spend a year writing something like euphoria.

      Ragdolls are cool but they are nowhere near realistic. I just made temporary death animations which look 10x cooler than any ragdoll effect would produce. I need ragdolls mainly for limb separating and other gore effects. But that will come next year.

    14. Then in the first version to be released.There will be no mutilations and gore? Will there be blood?

    15. yeah i just cant wait for those “realistic” animations that leave a body hanging in air, or get stuck between tiles..

      death animation -> ragdoll is always the best choice now, u just need good death animations, they can’t be to expressive.

    16. The ideal solution would probably be a Left 4 Dead style procedural ‘blending’ of pre-rendered and ragdoll animations.

    17. they’re not doing anything procedurally – they just play a very short animation and then turn the ragdoll on so it looks good. only killzone 2 is blending mo cap animation with ragdolls

    18. merry christmas MM before i forget πŸ˜€

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