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  • Written by . Posted at 7:48 am on December 28th, 2009

    Made a cool bug reporting system. Just press F5 describe it & the game sends a screen to TwitPic were I can look at it.

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    1. HexanValaris

      Good Work! This will be very helpful 😀

    2. Looks like quite a handy feature, what about bugs which are only apparent while the game is in motion, that wouldn’t be captured by a still screenshot. Perhaps a short 5 second video can be recorded and uploaded, similar to the replay thing soldat now has, but with an automatic upload to you. This might not be feasible for people with slower internet connections however. Besides that it’s a brilliant idea, even without a screenshot/video it would encourage people to report bugs since it’s so convenient. Now you just have to hope people don’t abuse it and spam false bug reports, i’m not sure how you would safeguard against that.

    3. without using a video file, recording commands from users can be re-played, right? So download a little .replay file can help running bug-report?

    4. That can be safeguarded. Insta-Ban, Valhalla style.

    5. Lazy people rejoice your saviour has come!

      What’s with the pink MM ?

    6. Motion will be captured with demo recording like in Soldat.

    7. RustyScrew

      that’s a rather gangster firefox theme (that is firefox right?)

      and that’s a rather gangster way of reporting bugs

      i’m making a gangster mod where all guns are held sideways

    8. RustyScrew: Are you talking about his browser? It is Opera.

    9. you dont have fear of flooding or or a lot of people make a report of the same bug thousand times?

      sorry bad english :/

    10. Are you encoding essential info like the version number into the screenshot/video? You can’t rely on people to remember to include that in the description. Needs integration with a real bug tracker :/

    11. I’m waiting for the following:

      “If you press F6 it will record a video of what’s going on in the game and uploads it directly to YouTube.”

      Lol, no seriously, this could be helluva neat feature.

      So far so good, looks like you’ve got a steady work-flow going on here.

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