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  • Written by . Posted at 5:39 am on December 30th, 2009

    Had 2 beta testers play Link-Dead today (11 and 14 yrs old). I must confess I feel better now, the game is worth it just with the climbing. And both agree wow this looks much better than Soldat :p. The controls seem to be easy to learn. I was worried about that (there’s a faster learning curve than Soldat it seems). With no enemies to kill the testing ended with a Soldat LAN deathmatch. I got reminded once again just how much fun Soldat is. An interesing fact is that Soldat was designed by me mainly as a LAN game. I never thought it would become an internet success with clans, leagues and tournaments. This whole internet movement just happened and I really don’t understand it. Sure I promoted it but never got into it. The power of Soldat lies in games played with your friends or siblings. You haven’t tasted Soldat until you’ve played it on LAN, it’s 10x the game. With all that I am now even more convinced that I cannot top Soldat in terms of fun and I can do only something completely different. Design a game to be played mainly over the internet that will be enjoyable on a whole new level.

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    1. So when can we get our paws on LD?

    2. Agree with the LAN stuff.
      An extra 2x multiplier to the fun would be playing it on LAN, while you shouldn’t (Computer Science class). Talking about nades while the teacher talks about defragmentation makes people confused.

    3. lol u gave it to your little cousins, didnt you ;p

      the best thing about Soldat is that it’s free and it runs on any computer . i rember telling all my friends about it, and playing it in high school after class with them. i used to make a server and we played a dm with 6-8 ppl. good times. then the next day we all talked, ‘wow that was awesome how i owned u with that knife’, ‘oow ur just lucky fag’ etc..same thing was with Enemy Territory, but it was a bit more problematic to get an empty server only for us. same was in junior high when broadband wasn’t so accessible, we used to go to an internet cafe and play soldier of fortune 2 mp demo on lan. it was the best. the best times with an online game i ever had. then we tried to play any online game that was free and easy to run,mohaa demo, q3:a, some 3d bubble skirmish and other shitty stuff – but it was all uber fun when we played it together. I think that point is that no matter what you play and how it looks you’ll always gonna love it and have fun as long as you play it with actual ppl you know. Soldat was just lucky enough to be pretty much the best among other free skirmish online games.

      There are better games. you can make a better experience. Now for 3 years straight im enjoying call of duty 4, world at war and mw2. i’ve spent my money on them, i never registered soldat (i guess u dont consider me as ur friend any more ;p), i ve been playing soldat offline in junior high, online in high school for 1,5 years (a lot). i sometimes move back to soldat when i don’t feel like playing anything else – it’s not the same. the ppl i played with for hours (i only play on realistic) are gone, the good times for soldat are over imo. sure there are ppl playing but somehow it’s not the same.. sometimes it’s unplayable, i don’t know what happened to it.. anyway i think that this shows that u shouldn’t look at soldat as a one and only definitive experience that can’t be topped by anything else – it already was, many times. sometimes i think that you just don’t have a specific vision. open your fucking eyes. 😉

    4. @mman
      Or maybe he lured 2 with candy into his house.

      Yeah it’s always possible to make a better experience but it’s easier to do when your vision is clear and you can focus on it.
      Success can easily blind you.

      So it’s usually easier to turn your head away from it.

    5. Hello children to play: Take off your pants…
      It would be fucking scary.

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