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  • Written by . Posted at 7:18 pm on December 30th, 2009


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    1. MM
      for me it seems like making games has become work for you
      shouldt it be fun?
      shouldnt you feel like “yeah im making another game, i so want to program this” and not like “oh man i have to make this game and theres no time…”
      really, stop thinking about your work and just do what you want or it wont be a good game, and man i really want this game to be good, because it has potential and im really sure that its gonna be fun if you do it right

    2. hey, you are almost there!
      Keep going!


    3. @Eddy
      Deadlines make you way more productive.

    4. Also, i hope you make the alpha level(s) huge, to compensate for the lack of quantity. Or at least add your cave generation.

    5. wow! So the alpha is pretty much done? Cant wait until the release! Is it going to be after new years or today?

    6. Eddy: I never said making games is fun. At least not games that you want to release some day.

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