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  • Written by . Posted at 5:46 am on December 29th, 2009

    I feel a bit bad about the test deadline. I’ll make it but the problem is I won’t have time to introduce things that’ll make it fun to play.

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    1. robust base mechanics will be difference in the future: in this “ultra-alpha-stage” of Link Dead, IMHO, think only about make it perfect.. fun will come!

    2. lol marte i thought that gaming is about fun.. anyways we all new that alpha will suck.. maybe we’ll have some fun walking with fucking flashlights and pistols.

    3. I say MM is tricking us to give him more time so he can squeeze out an extra 0.000000124 FPS out of the game.

    4. You should just think of this release as a test of the basic mechanics of the game, and the engine, it doesn’t necessarily have to be fun (despite how much people might whinge because they were expecting a fully functional game for some reason). As Marte said, perfect this aspect of the game first, then implement the parts that will make it fun to play. The good thing about this release will be that the base engine can be tested by the public, and any glaring bugs or potential design flaws can be pointed out, allowing you ti stamp them out before your code gets riddled with the gameplay elements.

    5. But of course you should only release what your comfortable with releasing. If you feel delaying it to implement more stuff will be beneficial, then so be it, it’s your game after all. :)

    6. A good software don’t need a manual :)

      Just write down all keyboard shortcuts, the most funny thing will be the glitches anyway.

    7. How long extra whould you want?

    8. @Makron666
      As a member of the ‘Council of Link-Dead Timely Releases and Big Promises’ I veto your extra time proposal.

    9. yeah i think that with glitch report(after some fine tuning) and the autoupdater, mm should make weekly updates so the game evolves all the time, not in big spaces between releases.

    10. Release early & release often. Works for Linus.

    11. Personally, I’m glad of the opportunity to be involved at a grass-roots level. I don’t think anyone is expecting the alpha build to be ‘fun’ as such.

    12. @Curious
      I Think we should measure the time to extra-fun ballance, is 1 extra day not worth waiting if it doubles the exitement?

      Give us details.

    13. I got an idea, I think I’ll release on time.

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