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    Written by . Posted at 2:24 pm on July 30th, 2007

    Game trailers.

    They are cool and fun to watch. I was watching a trailer for Call of Duty 4 the other day. The cinematics are nice, the music is decent, the graphics are excellent, some ragdoll effects etc…

    …but when you actually download a demo of the game, it’s all the same crap.

    • You walk straight and you shoot bad guys.
    • You want to go right, you can’t because the map makers didn’t forecast this.
    • You go back to the “designers” path, you spot a civilian, you kill him.
    • The game ends cause you’re not “supposed” to kill civilians (when in fact it is just lazyness of the developers cause they don’t know how to handle the plot if you kill an important character)
    • I press alt+f4 and then shift+delete on the game folder
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    1. Anonymous

      Yeah, you’re 100% right about the point of the civillians.
      No really game has that feature, the only one that comes to my mind is Operation: Flashpoint, but there you had this kind of situation not that often…

    2. What you think about Halo MM?

    3. Jacks_Depression

      Those who blindly follow the crowd will jump on anyone who is is a threat to the reason for their popularity. I don’t think the community is mature enough to see the good in such a challenge.

    4. The game that had 100% freedom with killing NPCs was Fallout. I’ll probably write a post about that in the nearest future to honor that game.

      // What you think about Halo MM?

      I only played the demo so I can’t say enough. I enjoyed the demo.

    5. UnknownProjects

      Hey MM, Bethesda and Lionhead make good games like that…

      The elder scrolls series is rich by bethesda, and has alot of extras.

      And to note about bethesda again fallout 3 seems to be shaping up really good, if you havent looked into it or read about it i think it will be a good idea to :).

      And about lionhead studios they made a great game by the name of Fable, that has good and evil effects if you kill just normal peasants and what not and it does it really well… and they are working on fable 2 it would be a good buy if you own an Xbox 360

      They also make good god games like the Black And White series you control a creature well not control it, you just point it in a direction lol it has very good AI!…

      So if you hadnt herd of the games i stated above ^ then you should check em out..

      AND lol on a side note keep up the kick ass job on your creations and i would like to see more greater things come from you and i bet you they will!!!

      Soldat 2 would be real fun but keep up the good work and it would be awesome if you port Soldat through XNA on xbox live for the 360 as an arcade title or give people permission to port it over cause im a fan of the 360 have one myself so please read this and give a response!

    6. This is so true and one thing i hate about most FPS games. They almost NEVER have any support for alternative paths.

    7. Don’t be so pessimistic Michal, there ARE games that had “frickin’ awesome” trailers and after they came out they really were good games ( Splinter Cell Chaos Theory ) ; or watch any trailer from Blizzard and then play the game the trailer was about 😛
      These days iam excited about the game called “Assassins Creed” . After seeing the trailers ( worth seeing ) i’m just hoping the game will be as atmospheric as the trailers are .

    8. SpiltCoffee

      In GTA, you kill a civilian and the police start chasing you. Maybe we should use that idea more?

    9. @UnknownProject: I’m a big fan of the fallout series, played every single game of it about thousand times again. But Fallout 3 seems to be very different from the others. It will be first person, childs wont in the game, no eye and groin shots. Bethesda will make it really different. I dont know if it will suck or own so. We’ll see…

      I agree you Michal, but thats not in all games. People here wrote already some games where it isn’t so. GTA, Fable(But you cant KILL them there.)
      I think it’s mainly in CoD or so that you can’t kill em.

    10. awsum haha :) :( 😀 😛 8) 😛 :

    11. UnknownProjects

      // @UnknownProject: I’m a big fan of the fallout series, played every single game of it about thousand times again. But Fallout 3 seems to be very different from the others. It will be first person, childs wont in the game, no eye and groin shots. Bethesda will make it really different. I dont know if it will suck or own so. We’ll see…

      Well the thing about fallout 3 it isnt FPS all the way you can choose to play FPS or 3rd person they describes that view as the behind view you see in RE4 (Resident Evil 4), And they will have action gameplay but also they still have turn base if you wish to play like that…

      And about the children of course there arent any children in that game because you know what are rating system is f*cked up these days, i mean manhunt 2 got banned and sometimes violence is what a game needs to be fun, and quote i said sometimes so dont flame :),

      And here is a excerpt from fallout 3 wikipedia page, (

      A cover story in the magazine Game Informer revealed that:

      * The game will use both first-person and third-person perspective.

      * Main character creation is implemented by specifying the character’s childhood. The character’s mother dies in labor in a Vault hospital, after which the player chooses the character’s Traits and general appearance during the father’s DNA analysis. Afterwards, the father removes his surgeon’s mask to reveal a face much like the one chosen by the player for the character.

      * As a child in the Vault, the character receives a book titled “You’re Special”, whereupon you’ll set the character’s 7 primary aptitudes. The character receives training weapons and a PIP-boy during childhood, and the player’s performance in various tests determines the rest of the attributes. Additionally, there will be quests inside the Vault that influence the pc’s relationship with his or her father.

      * Skills and Perks are similar to those in previous games: the player chooses 3 Tag Skills out of 14 to be the character’s specialties, and the character will gain a Perk every other level.

      * Max level will be 20.

      * There will be a definite end to the game, with many possible endings based on good/evil/neutral events you trigger.

      * The Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System, or V.A.T.S. will be implemented. Various actions cost action points, and both the player and enemies can target specific body areas for attacks, inflicting specific injuries. While using V.A.T.S., real-time combat is paused creating a combat system that the Bethesda developers have described as a hybrid between turn-based and real-time combat.

      * The game will maintain the same level of gore. All gory deaths in the game will be shown in slow motion. One of the featured screenshots is of a super-mutant’s head exploding in great detail.

      * The game will feature a new health and radiation system. The player can measure an object’s radioactivity and gauge the effect it will have on the character.

      * Karma titles, similar to those from previous games, will grant Xbox Live Achievements on that platform.

      * The number ‘101’ can be seen on the back of several characters’ Vault suits. This signifies the characters home of origin, Vault 101 in Washington, D.C.

      * Characters will be able to create small blasts by targeting nuclear generators and using nuclear catapults.

    12. sadly true.

    13. Bond James Bond

      Medal of Honor: Airborne

    14. I think that Blizzard makes awsome trailer (graphics !!) but wen you come to play the game it’s like the trailer graphics are to exagerated because the game is not closse of those graphical aspect :(

      The game I have seen with the most graphic quality of all time is Mark of Chaos and warhammer … it’s from namco I think they do so good graphics (beside pacman lol) but The game is so cheap not a lot of hour’s of fun and not much mission my friend said that Mark of Chaos was so boring

      Comments ?

    15. Namagem

      Actually, deus ex was fairly lenient in who who you killed, beside the few truely major plot points.

    16. Demos Aren’t supposed to be fun, they’re supposed to be tedious and annoying 😀

    17. who flung poo

      True Dev, true

      that’s so retarded though when you kill a civilian and you immediately fail the mission, it’s not like any regular civilian can truely interfere with the storyline but if it’s like your captain or sergeant on CoD that makes sense

      who flung poo

    18. SpiltCoffee

      Wait, I remember something.

      In America’s Army, if you shoot too many of your teammates (depending on the server’s limit), you get kicked from the server. But it doesn’t stop there. The game then loads up a prison map, and places you in a cell. A bit of fun, I must say…

    19. try stalker 😉

    20. I think we should call these “Paladin games”…not even have a chance to be a bad guy(sigh)

    21. Imagine czk4490 loop. Froogle has an abcba408a1 items checker.

    22. i hope. abcba408a1 thanks

    23. Yeah, thats very annoying.

      And today’s games don’t have almost gore at all.

      I wish some company would make games like Soldier Of Fortune these days. (one of most brutal games ever)

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