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    September 17th 2009

    I invented sth I called the Dust Processor. It’s a way to simulate smoke, dust & other environmental effects without using particles.

    September 16th 2009

    As promised a video of the lights and fog effects. Starts with zoom-in with a blur shader for smoothing.

    September 15th 2009

    Got my old light and fog code working. Still got to tweak it and I’ll post some screens or film.

    September 14th 2009

    I need to leave bot paths now for more contemplation. I’m changing focus to integrating the old effects for maps – lighting and fog.

    September 12th 2009

    Are you a person that has goals or conflicts?

    There are three kinds of people. The people that have ambitious earth-shattering goals. People that want to live an easy effortless life.
    And people that are in conflict.

    A person of the first kind establishes what he wants and pursues it. To attain the goal he will sacrifice his lifestyle, health, relationships, time for fun. He will literally do whatever it takes.

    The second person wants to live simply and easily and knows that money won’t actually accomplish that. So he gets a cheap piece of land and lives there in a hut or buys a bar on the beach on the Caribbean or simply becomes homeless or a wanderer. Again, sacrifices are made.

    The third person is the plague of our modern world. This person wants to eat the cake and have the cake at the same time. He wants to attain goals, preferably financial with 7 digits but at the same time wants to live simply, peacefully, and easily. So he starts new projects all the time,  that will bring him to this goal. He constantly is thinking and talking about how he will do it. It looks as if he is actually doing something and pursuing what he dreamt of. But as soon as problems arrive a conflict appears. Because achieving the goal does not fit with living easily. Moving through obstacles is hard! So he stops his pursuit and moves onto another project. Thinking, this time it will be easier. But it never will be. And so he starts to work on his goal on and on. Beginning and ending, the cycle perpetuates through the years until death comes. And it comes easily and effortlessly and this is when he finally can rest in peace.

    September 11th 2009

    Gameplay: What’s the difference between brutally killing a dude in-game and pressing X button to play a death animation?

    September 10th 2009

    I’m adding every now and then new development images and scans on the LD Facebook & ModDB

    September 9th 2009

    A classic AI bot dilemma


    September 9th 2009

    I encountered many problems with the bot paths. I need to reconsider this approach.

    September 9th 2009

    Great blog about why game ideas aren’t really valuable. Everyone has them, but not everyone can make them