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  • Are you a person that has goals or conflicts?

    Written by . Posted at 5:43 pm on September 12th, 2009

    There are three kinds of people. The people that have ambitious earth-shattering goals. People that want to live an easy effortless life.
    And people that are in conflict.

    A person of the first kind establishes what he wants and pursues it. To attain the goal he will sacrifice his lifestyle, health, relationships, time for fun. He will literally do whatever it takes.

    The second person wants to live simply and easily and knows that money won’t actually accomplish that. So he gets a cheap piece of land and lives there in a hut or buys a bar on the beach on the Caribbean or simply becomes homeless or a wanderer. Again, sacrifices are made.

    The third person is the plague of our modern world. This person wants to eat the cake and have the cake at the same time. He wants to attain goals, preferably financial with 7 digits but at the same time wants to live simply, peacefully, and easily. So he starts new projects all the time,  that will bring him to this goal. He constantly is thinking and talking about how he will do it. It looks as if he is actually doing something and pursuing what he dreamt of. But as soon as problems arrive a conflict appears. Because achieving the goal does not fit with living easily. Moving through obstacles is hard! So he stops his pursuit and moves onto another project. Thinking, this time it will be easier. But it never will be. And so he starts to work on his goal on and on. Beginning and ending, the cycle perpetuates through the years until death comes. And it comes easily and effortlessly and this is when he finally can rest in peace.

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    1. piece = peace ?

    2. There is another type of person – human who wants to have an easy effortless life and spends his/her time on hobby… which is lifetime goal.

      If you really like what you’re doing and this is earning cash for you – you should make it your lifetime goal. My goal is to code. Something. Anything. I spend my time coding random stuff – I hope some of it will help me to pay for my ‘food’ in future.

      My short-time goal is to earn enough (from my code) to pay for my flat and food. I think now I need only about 30% more. Then I’ll… keep on coding – maybe after a while I’ll be earning more?

      Yeah, my life would be great.. if there were no technical university which captures great deal of my time and make me miserable.

    3. Now I’m working on small experimental library for neural networks’ simulation. Probably it won’t give me any money in a long shot.. but who knows? It is funny for me – and this is the most important thing :).

    4. I’m the third kind.

      Tell me Michał – how do you change the nature of a man?

    5. @archont
      I would like to know that too.

    6. and you’re above all of that, right?

    7. And you have people that see things black and white (you MM)

      You need people of the last kind, it’s why soldat isnt an commercial success and looks like crap (it could have been a good/sucessfull game). You are just a too pragmatic and narrow thinker…

    8. i want to be the first, but im the third. mm’s texts always let me be the first for some weeks. they are just great, pertect.

      i always wonder how he gets it done that all the texts he writes perfectly fit on me.

    9. Flame War begins in 30 seconds

    10. @Anonymous

      He probably observes you carefully and notes down your behaviour then writes it on his blog.

    11. Anonymous: “i want to be the first, but im the third. mm’s texts always let me be the first for some weeks. they are just great, pertect.”

      MM’s texts always let you be the first idiot, maybe.

      It’s not a change of attitude but a change of personality. While you can increase your temporary productivity, you can’t change your nature, your core self. No fucking blogpost can change the type of man you are. You have to literally become another person. Permanently.

      The question is how. By part, I’ve already answered myself. No blog post or smart comment will change the type of man you are, if it only were that simple. A profound experience maybe.

    12. everyone is so lost that the only thing they fail to buy theirself is a personality

    13. I just take my life one step at a time, accomplishing every goal in time without any rush or harsh sacrifices, and just slowly but surely advancing in career and happiness.

      It doesn’t matter if you’re the first or the third, if you’re black or white or gray, you can always be happy and successfull. Just dont do half things, don’t abandon what you’ve started before finishing it. If it doesn’t work right away, give it time, it will.

      I think patience is the solution to any and every problem. Train that.

    14. I like cheese.

    15. diego lemos

      How to change your nature???

      Die and reborn, just that simple.

      Or else you can lie to yourself and live a fake life.

      Blame your mom, your dad, and the society for make you like you are. XD

    16. This is my classification:

      The creative
      They want to create something uniqe, money is a minor point. While creating they find their peace, maybe forgetting about their problems.

      The extraverted
      They like to be famous, some times they need love that was not present at their home. I dont know much about them.

      The ambitious
      They want to help other people, they want to make the world better. Often they get manipulated by money and change their aims/mind after a while.

      The pragmatic / The afraid
      They are careful and often do everything to not get in conflict with the law or a dangerous situations. Often they had expirienced a bad happening in their past that changed their mind or they had grim parents. They have a boring life but they are helpful for the community.

      The lazy / the consumers / The capitulated / The violated
      They are often fed up with their life, lost their motivation because of a happening or bad environment. Some of them give a fuck about everything and damage other people life’s. Some of them are only poor and unlucky people that are nice to others.

      I am at work, i wrote fast, maybe i forgot something… :)

    17. The short answer is you CAN change who you are. It is very simple. There are various internal and external techniques. I’ve studied this for a long time and I have answers. But of course a blog post won’t change anything. Just know for now that you can do it and go out into the world with a thirst of knowledge HOW.

    18. I like the idea of an easy effortless life. Sometimes I just let go of the technology (computers/games) that i surround myself with and do things that cost me little to no money (e.g reading). I think it’ll be hard for me to completely let go of technology forever though (I love my gaming)

      I guess i’m between the easy life and being in conflict right now. I used to start projects and not finish them, nowdays I just dont start them. Not that I really mind that (I have only ever achieved in small ammounts, it always makes me feel good though)

      so now that I think about it… I guess i’ve experienced all those 3 ways of living. :)

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