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  • Written by . Posted at 4:16 am on September 27th, 2009

    Postulate #2: The best way to learn and become a master is to invent everything on your own.

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    1. That’s *so* true :)

    2. Just don’t overmaster yourself because you will die before you have actually done anything.

    3. as long as inventing is >inventing< not recreating others ideas.
      Being a master also requires an open mind, self confidence and being modest.


      Michal , do I really have to fucking remind you each few days that you have to finish that fucking game ?
      Stop blogging pieces of crap like this.
      Just write code , hack hack hack hack hack hack hack hack hack, close the fucking door, break your phone into pieces and write code code code non-stop, when you’re done you can go on vacation.
      Imagine how good it will feel if you *ACTUALLY* finish the game.
      People come on your blog and because there are a lot of visitors of course there’s one who identifies with what you write(e.g. Avis). But that’s really … completely irrelevant.
      You need to finish the fucking game.

    5. I dont quite understand, MM

      However I know that sometimes when you write down a personal quote and come back to it later on it might not make as much sense, or even sound corny. Just sayin’

    6. niko šveikovsky

      “Just don’t overmaster yourself because you will die before you have actually done anything.”

      The man makes a good point. testing yourself and building your strengths may be beneficial, but you can only go so far before it impedes your progress.

    7. You’re the man.

    8. “One’s actions speak louder than his words…” – MM, this should have been the first statement.

    9. lol u r so full of shit

    10. I agree with this. I’m completely self taught and i feel like a master in my field. MM probably feels the same.

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