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  • Written by . Posted at 10:39 am on September 24th, 2009

    I’m gathering postulates that I know are True so they will guide me in my journey:
    My 1st postulate “True art will defend itself alone”

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    1. # 2 : it is best to pee under a tree

    2. # 3: I always lie

    3. Just because something defends itself alone doesn’t make it art though.

    4. Oh yeah lets have a discussion about what is art and what is not art.

      Or true art.

    5. 4) (for polish speaking folks only) Trompka Bombka Salcesonik, Heloł Beloł W Dupe Słonik. I hope you’ll find it insightfull.

    6. @Kosa
      What? Not even Google understood you.

    7. @Wolfmilf, what did you expect? It’s polish, doh!

    8. 5: ) not only the goal is important, the entire road towards it is just, if not more, important.

      hope you like it

    9. EDIT : supposed to be: it just = If just

    10. who stole my name fuu

    11. @wolfmil yeah, like google offers 100% exact translations ;P Find an actual Polish person and ask him/her what does it mean 😀

    12. #6: What’s a postulate?

    13. People don’t lack strength. They lack will.

    14. @Kosa Don’t you mean pupcia rubcia salcesonik helou belou w dupę słonik?

      I could go ask them, but It’s not that important, really :3

    15. Pareto principle: Focus on the 20% that matter, they produce 80% of your result.

    16. @wolfmil !!! YES! IT WAS PUPCIA RUPCIA !! Thank you for correcting me 😉

    17. @Kosa Could you tell me what it means in return? ;P

    18. “Against criticism a man can neither protest nor defend himself; he must act in spite of it, and then it will gradually yield to him.” – Goethe

    19. @wolfmil It’s a quote from polish comic-book “Wilq, superbohater – obrońca Opola” (Wilq, superhero, Defender of Opole (opole is a polish city about 200-100k citizens big.) It’s rather meanless childish rhyme which could be translated into something like this “tush wush litlle brawn, hello below elephant up your ass”.

    20. @Kosa Hehe, I bet it makes more sense in Polish then ^^

    21. @wolfmil it wasn’t made to make sense 😉

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