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    Written by . Posted at 11:27 am on August 4th, 2007

    gowl.jpg At first I wanted to write something in the same manner, about what I truly think games are about, why we play them and why I make them. But then I stumbled upon an article about Manowar. If you don’t know what Manowar is then you probably need to relive your life again because something went wrong. Manowar is about true kicking ass metal music, they live and they die for metal. I want to show what my attitude is for making games and what my new game will be all about.

    “Crown And The Ring” music without video, play along while you’re reading. 

    These are excerpts from articles and from interviews with mainly Joey DeMaio and Eric Adams, lead songwriter and vocalist of Manowar. Read between the lines, what they believe in and what they feel about their work and lives.

    Everything they say I could say.

    “The whole purpose of playing live is to blow people’s heads off,” says Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio. “That’s what we do; that’s the energy of this band. We’re out there to kick ass. We’re out there to turn our Joey DeMaioGear on and blast. We’re out there to kill. That’s what metal is. Anybody who says otherwise is not playing heavy metal. We will melt your face!”


    “We have the greatest fans in the world,” attests drummer Scott Columbus . “For a long time, our fans have stood by us. They’ve given everything to the belief that together we are the defenders of the heavy metal faith. That’s why we’ve been able to keep playing our brand of music. That’s why we haven’t wimped out or bowed to commercialism. Our fans are at the core of everything we do. That’s the way it’s been done from the beginning.”

    “We’re perfectionists,” explains Joey […] “Good songs do not grow on trees and great art does not abide by some arbitrary timetable. When we’re inspired, we create. And when we create, our goal is to capture the attitude and power these songs possess when we play them live in the studio. Our live energy is the defining characteristic of this band.”


    About their new album: 
    “We’re ‘The Warrior Souls of Heavy Metal,’ says guitarist Karl Logan. “So we immerse ourselves in mythology. Mythology is the exploration of basic human themes like life, death, jealousy, love and revenge: the things that motivate people. And the lyrics on Gods Of War are metaphors about overcoming the obstacles in our lives; breaking free of whatever is restraining us. Be all you can be as a person and never accept limitations.”

    “We wanted to give the fans more,” explains DeMaio. “More fire, more steel, more blood, more death, more power, more energy, more emotion, more dynamics, more moods, more orchestration and more choirs: we wanted to give our fans more MANOWAR.”


    “We have just one goal,” says Adams, “To bring true metal and the greatest show on earth to the greatest fans in the world.”

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    1. Hail and kill!

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    8. Manowar are legedns of metal – true. But they don’t kick ass as much as they used to. They’ve got old & gay. MOTORHEAD rules the world of heavy music. All hail rock’n roll 😉

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