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    Written by . Posted at 12:21 pm on August 6th, 2007

    There was a little known detective TV show back in the 70s called “The Streets of San Francisco”.  It would be all forgotten if not for one episode called “Dead lift”.

    The episode is about a bodybuilder with deep psychological problems, which goes ape crazy and kills a girl which invited him on some sort of creepy date at her house. Arnold Schwarzenegger of course plays the role of the girl.

    Gotcha… of course he plays the muscle man and he does it spectacularly. This is one of Arnold’s first TV appearances ever and it is extremely well done. “Dead lift” was probably the reason why steroids got a negative opinion. Arnold’s acting is so convincing people actually think bodybuilders get mad like this on a daily basis. There are rumours that the actress which plays the victim had bones broken in 73 places after this scene. Arnold asked to comment the incident said she was lucky she didn’t shit her pants also and then went on to smoke a cigar. True story.

    Enough talking, watch for yourself:

    She deserved it, didn’t she?

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    1. holy shit. lucky she didn’t die.

    2. she had it coming, stupid bitch,

    3. she died by falling into the soft couch?

    4. >> she died by falling into the soft couch?

      Yes, death by landing on the soft couch. Reminds me of Monty Python and the comfortable chair torture.

    5. Is this supposed to be funny? Because it feels like a slap in the face to me.

    6. >>Anna Says:
      >>Is this supposed to be funny? Because it feels like a slap in the face to me.

      Why? Do you invite bodybuilders to your house and laugh at them?

    7. “She deserved it” is the same justification used for violence against women whose only crime is being insufficiently submissive. This post celebrates violence against women. I am a woman. Connect the dots.

    8. I agree with Anna here, she does have a good point…

    9. Feminist

      I believe that in this situation she deserved it. You can’t laugh at Arnie…

    10. Don’t laugh at me grrrrrrrrr

    11. >>EnEsCe Says:
      >>I agree with Anna here, she does have a good point…
      Oh what a wonderful husband to a feminist you would be, submissive as they like it :).

      Anna: A one-sided world you live in. Violence against females is just one side of the same coin. What about violence against men? Educate yourself, just go to and read some of the horror stories on the forums. Male genital mutilation anyone?

    12. lol, coincedently i saw this on tv like a year ago and loled at it

    13. I love it when women scream sexism or anything like that when there is violence against them. I saw a TV programme once about a guy who married an thai woman; he cheated on her. So when he was sleeping one night she crept into his room and attacked his genitals with a scissors.

    14. Yes, there is plenty of violence against men. Most of which is commited by other men.

    15. karmazon

      She deserved it because she’s a woman, she was probably gonna rape him anyway.

    16. Also, how can you compare isolated incidents of dudes getting their dicks chopped off to systematic violence of which the purpose is to allow men as a group to exert dominance over women? It’s encoded right into the idea of masculinity, FFS. How about female genital mutilation, which is also systematic and thus far more common than male genital mutilation? I’m pretty sure the woman in the video hasn’t mutilated any genitals, so how does she deserve what was done to her?

      Your definition of submission is *not* beating the shit out of a woman who is no physical threat to you? At least I’m pretty sure EnEsCe actually has a girlfriend. The population of doormats available to you is shrinking rapidly.

      MGTOW is a load of bullshit. You’d have to have sever cognitive disability to believe, like they do, that we live in some kind of matriarchal society.

      I really can’t believe you’re even defending yourself about this. It’s sickening.

    17. I don’t really understand why she laughed. All I could say was “wow”. Seriously, look at those perfectly chiseled muscles. Tell me that’s something you don’t see every day; unless you happen to have a ridiculously pumped body like that.

      I agree with Michal, Arnie’s acting was excellent. Then again, it’s just flipping out when people laugh at your biceps the size of their head.

    18. Anna I suppose you don’t know but only women perform traditional female genital mutilation on other women…

      “[..] Women in the community have a role too, as it is they who arrange for and perform the operation. Typically, the procedure is arranged by the mother or grandmother and, in Africa, is usually performed by a traditional birth attendant, a midwife, or a professional circumciser.”

    19. in reality there a more KNOWN cases of men attacking women, but that doesn’t mean that women doesn’t attack the males, in fact it’s pretty common… you just don’t hear about it

      i don’t think that Arnold’s acting was great… in fact he barely acted… but well, when he did it, it was good, i mean, not Tom Hank’s good, but it didn’t looked like he was acting, so kudos to that…

      and Anne… don’t be a sexist, you missed the point in the video

    20. Anna Says:
      >>MGTOW is a load of bullshit.

      If you disregard facts so easily no wonder you are living in a narrow reality tunnel. Patriarchy has fallen a long, loong time ago. You don’t get the bigger picture.
      Anyways where is your sense of humor? I hate to spoil the joke but this IS a satirical post. Has anyone ever seen a happy feminist? It’s an oxymoron I guess. The reason why there is no happy feminist is exactly because of its beliefs. It is false and created against nature and the Tao. Going against your own nature, your own self, can bring only suffering.

    21. The reason feminists sound unhappy is not because it’s “unnatural” but because we’re unable lie to ourselves about the patriarchal society in which we live.

      I don’t think you understand what satire is. This is plain old misogyny, and it’s not funny.

    22. nono, the reason why feminist sound unhappy is because they SEEK for a offense against woman so they can argue about something that bothers them, but they SEEK for it, not WAIT…

      the video in fact, doesn’t have any point in reality, i don’t know what the show was about, i don’t know what that episode was about, and you can’t tell if the vid on youtube had any relationship with the rest of the episode… it ain’t misogyny…

      if fact, if you think about it, she was laughing at him, she didn’t respected him, i mean, the girl was the one that said he looked like a monkey, and then arnold cried…

    23. He just put her in the sofa. that would normaly be concidered pleasant.
      she probably died just to get attention, that ****

    24. Shivorken

      Patriarchal society? In this day and ages? If women get mistreated they then get a crapload of cash by suing the man?

      Like what Michal has said, patriarchy has died quite a long time ago. No offense but wake up for gods sake … its no longer the 1950’s, women are no longer just an adjunct to their family/husband. Back then you can stereotype women as domestic but today, women can pretty much do anything a man can do.

      That video made me lol XD

    25. Douglas Quaid

      The amount of women on Earth is larger than the amount of men. We have democracy in most of the countries, yet in probably about 99% (or more) men are the president and prime minister. Also they are the majority in parliament. How is it that women voters do not vote on women candidates? How can you blame men for this?

      It seems that women don’t trust each other, yet they envy men for being more agreeable. This is why feminists are frustrated.

      Anna this one’s for you:
      imagine that you’ve created a new company. You are on a very tight budget and want to hire up to 3 people. Remember, the success of this small company will rely on these people. You need to create a stable team. Who would you hire, assuming they have equal qualifications would you favor men or women? Would you consider that hiring women might be too risky for you (pregnancy)? Would this risk be neutralized if they’d request a smaller salary?

      Answer yourself these questions and I’m sure you’ll understand why the world is like it is.

    26. haha funny how a huge man throwing a woman can scare a girl even over the computer. Maybe anna should start lifting weights and shooting steroids, then she can throw around computer nerd guys.

    27. It’s amazing how a ‘satirical’ post brings out the real misogyny in the lot of you sad, deluded fuckers.


    29. Shivorken

      Always there to cross the line karmazon =]

    30. Patriarchy has fallen? That is great to hear.

      Because if that is the case we wouldn’t continue to make light of violence against women at the hands of men, or say that women deserve it.

      What I find sad is the immediate “well, men experience violence too” response.

      Why is it so scary to acknowledge violence against women?

      Anyone who has spent anytime doing feminist anti-violence work would recognize how this activism has brought attention to violence against men (i.e. family violence and sexualized violence). And how feminists oppose all forms of violence.

      I have written in support of male victims when I see them being bashed; and I have written in support of female victims.

      I just fail to see how diminishing violence against ANYONE raises the profile of other forms of violence. We can be against oppression of ALL without minimizing the effects of oppression on any group.

    31. Oh great, some female attention:)

      >>Patriarchy has fallen? That is great to hear.

      >>Because if that is the case we wouldn’t continue to make light of >>violence against women at the hands of men, or say that women deserve it.

      A bunch of rednecks beating up their wives is not proof for patriarchy. It just tells you there are psychos in the world. Proof of fallen patriarchy can be found in the law and the law is entirely pro-woman (who gets the money and children after divorce? who can sue for harassment?).

      >>Why is it so scary to acknowledge violence against women?
      Why is it scary to acknowledge violence against men?

      >> feminists oppose all forms of violence.
      So do we, normal people, but we don’t blame the patriarchy for it.

    32. It’s funny to watch people who take things too seriously argue.

    33. # teh_ham Says:
      August 12th, 2007 at 9:34 am

      It’s funny to watch people who take things too seriously argue.

      Coolio says: Yeah lol it is funny. Omg i mean comon it was an act.

    34. How did this turn into a discussion about sexism? If it was a puny man getting tossed around by Arnie, and MM wrote “He deserved it,” would it still be so… enragening? I believe you’re reading too much into this, Anna.

    35. Skoskav: read the other “Arnold classics” post, where Michal defines masculinity as threatening a woman with violence/putting her “in her place.” I think that makes it obvious that her being a woman is what makes her deserving of being “tossed around,” which Michal only confirmed by responding to my comment with typical MRA garbage.

      Also, if you replace the woman with a puny (white) man, it does become slightly less offensive (not much), because then it doesn’t echo the oppression of women by men.

    36. Wow, Douglas Quaid is so full of shit it’s coming out his mouth!

    37. greatgrape

      Aaaahahahaha! Man, I was laughing hard enough after the vid, but this discussion is even better!

    38. Wow, poor MM. A reader dissing his philosophy in his own website?! Let me throw in thoughts…
      Feminists, like a lot of other groups, get whats wrong right, but what should be right, wrong… a man beating his wife is really not as common as the talk makes it seem, like news on crime does. Just look at how many women’s education clubs and organizations there are compared to mens. We have so many women supporting the house hold now, that many want to live their own lives… look at the divorce rates and their causes esp. in the us. Look at the populations in modern Europe, theyre dying out, seem kinda strange? Look at the majority of the European countries recent views, it effects everything.

      Anyways, of course its wrong for women to be beaten, but its also awkward to change society so much, that a lot more men start acting like women, because then, you have two women in the house and what happens to their male children? You need balance. What kind of women doesnt want a masculin man anyways, unless theyre lesbian. Most people agree that men and women are equal, it’s just that they have different responsibilities. It’s alright to give women the same opportunities… but by ignoring the structure of most families youre bound to get problems. “The selfish person tries to change the whole world to fit them, the wise and unselfish person simply adjusts to the world.” The womens rights movement had all the right causes, that’s about it.

    39. It’s funny to see this discussion here because the problem is the exact reason why I started these Arnold series and will continue to do them. I’m standing in opposition to the politically correct and feminised world view. I don’t even know where men should get their entertainment and education from male role models nowadays, certainly not from the mass media cause it is for women, so I’m creating my own little island.

    40. Most violent video I’ve ever seen…

    41. Skoskav Says:

      August 15th, 2007 at 9:48 am
      How did this turn into a discussion about sexism? If it was a puny man getting tossed around by Arnie, and MM wrote “He deserved it,” would it still be so… enragening? I believe you’re reading too much into this, Anna.

      Seriously Anna you take things to offensively.

    42. Women are equal, but they have their own responsibilities just as men do… why don’t we draft women? because.

    43. “like a ape” ahahaha

    44. DeMo-LaUgHeR!

      >>Most violent video I’ve ever seen…

      ummm… XD…that wasn’t violent,what you been watching?
      barney?pooh???teletubies?!?!?!?! XD

    45. RE: “a bunch of rednecks beating up their wives is not proof for patriarchy. It just tells you there are psychos in the world.”

      Having worked with female and male victims of relationship violence for the past 10 years, I can assure you that the perpetrators are not “just a bunch of rednecks” nor are they “psychos”.

      Relationship violence is a ‘power’ crime, that includes a myriad of factors including patriarchal influences, economic privilege, etc.

      It is far too easy to dismiss offenders as “crazy people”; in doing so, we negate the actual experiences of women and men who are victimized by this form of violence.

      RE: “Proof of fallen patriarchy can be found in the law and the law is entirely pro-woman (who gets the money and children after divorce? who can sue for harassment?).”

      I am confused. Perhaps you live in a country outside of North America whose laws I cannot speak to, but I can assure you that women and men can sue for harassment in Canada and the US.

      As for ‘who gets the money and children after the divorce’, I have seen a wide variety of rulings, some unfair to women, some unfair to men, and most unfair to children.

      As for ‘proof of patriarchy’, I would look at governmental and economic institutions. How many female CEO’s, prime ministers, presidents, etc. are there?

      And I would be curious to see if you similarly deny racism.

    46. Men suffer when women generalize men just as women do when men generalize women.

    47. Bored Someone

      People, get a life…!

      Kilometer long flame postings like those won’t change the world, dammit.

    48. Happybirdie

      Hmm, I must say that I have to kind of go along with Anna and Monika here. Our laws may thoroughly protect women rights these days, but as far as I know, that has only been the case for like, what? Fifty years tops.

      Many women indeed prefer “masculine” men, and many men prefer “feminine” women. Thats our biological heritage. So is the desire to split my neighbours head with an axe if he looks at my girl for too long… What is “natural” or biological is not automatically what is morally right.

      Anyways, I’m always surprised, and sometimes shocked, at the incredible naivity of many men (and some women) as to the situation of violence by men against women. It happens. A lot more than most posters here seem to realize. Just look this up: how high is the percentage of women in any of your countries that has been raped in their lives?

    49. Zenos paradox

      if women would have developed strong muscles throughout mankind then there would be no sexists, however it is not like that. There will never be equal opportunities for men and women nor will they be equal overall. You can understand that, can’t you. So if something or someone is weaker, it is natural that the stronger takes over (not exactly stronger in strength, but the ones that cope with the surroundings best get to the top: see Darwin’s theory of evolution will you)

    50. HowLovely

      I think the feminists are absolutely hilarious. There are real acts of sexism going on in parts of the world, such as the middle east, yet all they can do is complain about a silly video on a silly website! It’s nice to know they *truly* care about women and not just shoving their own political agenda down other people’s throats. Great job, ladies, I’m sure with every reply to this page you’re helping poor, suppressed women in abusive societies.

    51. The problem is feminists take reality very seriously and they think it was created by men. That belief is there exactly because they take reality seriously and they believe their own lies.

    52. The problem, actually, is privilege (and subsequent oppression). We live in a society that is patriarchal. We also live in a society that is racist, heterosexist, homophobic, and classist. These are not problems “the feminists” have created, but they are problems “the feminists” are fighting.

      I am personally bothered less by the movie clip (perhaps I am used to seeing violence against women in the media?) than I am by the “she deserved it” and “she had it coming, stupid bitch” commentary.

      You see, these are the sorts of things abused women are told by their abusers, their family, and the community at large. These comments mimic the violent oppression abused women experience.

    53. Monika: (perhaps I am used to seeing violence against women in the media?)
      I never see that in media, I only see violence again men. Examples maybe?

    54. SOG knives…

      Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?…

    55. The Streeets of San Francisco was hugley popular TV show… it faded in popularity after Michael Douglas produced “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” which won the Best Picture of 1975 Academy Award.

      As for her bones broken in 73 places… puhleeze… he shook her and stage tossed her on a comfy couch… eww… scary…

      If you want some real scary stuff about Arnold:

    56. I meant to add that Douglas left the show after his movie producing debut.

    57. Nice work! I’ll have to do a cross post on this one 😉

    58. Detective John Kimble

      hahahaha Monika and Anna… hahaha

      This post/clip was hillarious, stop putting your own meanings onto it, because of the way YOU interpret the world. I agree with MM and this clip is hillarious too

      good ol arnie


    59. wow… I was looking for the same from past one hour… thanks for the post, it’s really great.,Xaviera

    60. women get abused more because they are less important

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