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  • New game announcment in September

    Written by . Posted at 5:21 am on August 9th, 2007

    I promised to announce everything concerning my new game. That means the title, what it’s about and probably some concept art. With that I want to announce some job offers but I don’t want to do this now. The reason is I’ll probably get lots of e-mails about the game and I just don’t have time right now to fully commit to this task. It’s the summer season and I’m too distracted by non-game related things. So wait for probably the beginning of September and you’ll get to know everything.
    In the mean time I’m gonna release Soldat 1.4.2 which has been delayed now and of course wait for some development logs, cause I’ll show you probably some more candy.

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    1. Woohoo

    2. Iridescent

      Some news!
      Hopefully it will all be good news.

    3. SpiltCoffee

      Finally! 1.4.2!

      I hope you fixed up the flame god. 😛

    4. I wanna fast forward some years just to see what u made ^^

    5. less then 1 month before september ;D


    7. MM, I want your children…

    8. I am fapping to this page, what is wrong with me? :(

    9. Me too, at least it’s not missionary position sex with 2 heterossexual persons in consent age. That’s just SICK.

    10. Yeah…

      Great job MM. Keep it up!! I can’t wait to see your next creation… :3

    11. King Of Pain

      Amazing job. Keep those updates coming, MM, and good luck in the Indie Game Showcase!

    12. :)MoNkEy(:

      I hope u do a good job on your projects!
      I became a soldat freak, i wonder what your game will be like? 😛

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