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    Written by . Posted at 8:30 pm on November 9th, 2008

    Here’s a new version of the player movement and physics test box. There are a lot of minor changes here and experimentation. Tell me how you like it (is it better than the previous one?). The keys remain the same (see post below) except dropping from platform.


    Change log:

    • tweaked movement and physics control
    • double-tap crouch button (key S) to drop from platform
    • player doesn’t run on stairs by default
    • jump on stairs to run on them
    • bunny hopping prevention
    • smooth camera
    • respawning (press ESC to die)

    Known problems:

    • floating onto platform
    • player sometimes falls through platform
    • will slow-down or crash with large number of objects
    • sliding down ramps


    – added config file (config.txt) for changing all variables for anyone that likes to experiment

    – jumping is sensitive to key pressing  time


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    1. Niko Šveikovsky

      Aw, wonderful!

      All of this looks great, it’s much smoother now. I do hope that those platforms aren’t going to be all that frequently used in link-dead though, for they’re awfully awkward. That double tap is a bit clunky and will be a pain to execute in the middle of battle.

      As long as this engine has the same crouch-walk and rolling functions that soldat movement had, I’m happy.

      By the way, does the link-dead engine have a name? Or is it just the “link-dead engine”?

    2. The platform falling button is still in test mode. If you have suggestions to make it better, tell us.

      It’s called the Crimson Engine. Maybe I’ll rename it cause it has little to do with my old game Crimson Glory now.

    3. Winterous

      This is a fair bit better than the old one, I noticed it takes a lot more balls to slow it down.

      I like the dropping thing, it’s better than a separate key.

      Perhaps a solution to the weirdness of the platforms is the make them thicker?

    4. theres a bug when you drag him up and push esc it freezes apart from that its lookig good

    5. how long did it took u to write the linkdead engine?
      wanna work on some project too

    6. If you drag the dead bodies, you can play Superman! 😀

    7. Nice!
      But i really don’t like the sliding thing, i want to be able to stay at a stair without sliding down.

    8. quote to eddy,

      i think that will be fixed as soon as the stairs are no longer lines, but steps.

      platform jumping shouldnt be enabled at all in a game like link dead( thinking of it as a more tactics based then rushing game ), this adds some realism, i guess, by jsut taking the stairs.

      nyways, IF platformjumping would be excluded, how about some hot spots on which u can just destroy the floor? make an entry urself? with this you can make infiltrate games more interesting, making like 6 different entrances, and the defending team not really knowing how the enemy is going to drop in.
      think about: destroyable fences, walls, floors, hatches, shaft entrances etc etc

      please comment me if i get it totally wrong :) my meaning is just to express some ideas. ( dont watch my english either lol )

      grtz GOD

    9. “The platform falling button is still in test mode. If you have suggestions to make it better, tell us.”

      down + space.

    10. teh_ham: that’s a great idea.

    11. disagree, remove the platform falling for added realism. makes the game more tactfull

    12. Stairs…, that reminds me of… :
      I loved this game, was a bit primitive, but i never forget the adrenaline when an enemy appeared on one floor :)

    13. “Stairs…, that reminds me of… :
      I loved this game, was a bit primitive, but i never forget the adrenaline when an enemy appeared on one floor :)”


      Best enemies evar.

    14. Michal,

      It’s great to see some work hitting public! I really hope that the code base you are currently working on is something you feel comfortable with, so you can move on to bigger and better things 😀

      From my experience, I’ve had to re-write the same engine over four times now with the fifth version being something I’m happy with.

      Best of luck! Keep us posted!

    15. great.

    16. Niko Šveikovsky

      teh_ham said:
      “’The platform falling button is still in test mode. If you have suggestions to make it better, tell us.’

      down + space.”

      and i third this notion.

    17. g.o.d, we are not making a reality simulator, this is a game.

    18. you guyz had a time you were talking about a realism factor, well i dont see any human falling through a building’s floor.

      keep in mind, platform falling will reduce tactical gameplay. ALOT.

    19. keep in mind, bitching about realism will reduce your e-penis, ALOT.

    20. holy shit no jets.

    21. Niko Šveikovsky

      The changes in 2.1 are just fine, however the space bar has interesting results.

      Along with jump+space being jump off of platform, it should also be the way to get down a ladder quickly (the animation would be that of jumping/ sliding down). Again, double tapping is too clunky.

    22. teh_ham, first figure the size of ur 1″ cocky, before talking about the big guyz

    23. They released the ultimate realistic game a long time ago, it’s called life.

    24. …. yea, add an account System to Link Dead so if you die once, you can’t play it any more :)
      I would like realistic movement and realistic blood and gibs! The rest should be suited for addictive and emotianal gameplay.

    25. you dont get it at all do you sigvatr?

    26. ow and yv3, there is a gametype like that, its called Search and Destroy( AKA CoD “plant a bomb and destroy, if u die ur out for the round” )

    27. ow and siggy, as a add on for my response , that u just dont get it, tell me , what the differences are going to be with and without platform jumping, tell me, why platform jumping would be better, michal introduced the Shield wall concept, if adding a platform jump, youll just get on top n stuff, REDUCING tactical gameplay which you both considered in the beginning.

    28. can someone explain the dubious link between tactical gameplay and platform falling? or realism for that matter. seems to me platform falling is a tactic therefore…
      you are saying you want abritrary restrictions on movement so you can be more “tactical”

    29. Sorry g.o.d., but I cant agree on that. If you CANT change levels by climbing down, it’s mostly gonna be a hack and slash game, where you just run at eachother on the same level and kill.
      Whereas the floor change allows more strategical options, since you can run away or surround your enemy easier.
      Besides, if you cant change floors like that and you get killed in a kick-ass fight at the bottom of the building, you would have to run in zig-zag through the whole building if you wished to go from the top to the bottom and you’d be missing all the action. It’d get pretty annoying, too, all that running around, especially if there are no enemies along the way.

      But I do agree that there should be a possibility for the admin (or the map maker) to turn off this option if he wishes to do so.
      Oh, and I cant really remember, but the map maker allowed different types of floors right? Ones through which you can fall and others through which you can’t, right?

    30. yea, just watch at the testbox, if you place the thin platforms wise, it can be a cool feature i think. You dont always need ladders…

    31. well , imagine, your have set up your fireteam behind some cover ( i figured, with scripting, it could be randomly penetraded ) and the other team just moves over u, drops, or drops some nades, BANG ur dead
      AWESOME FUN!!!!!! *cough*sarcasm*cough*
      i personally think that would annoy me more then running around,

      ALSO , i assume, while this is looking like this is goign to be a battlefield2 like game in 2d, my guess would be that squads can be formed and players can spawn near their leaders.

      ALSO in the game Call of duty, the spawning was done so, ur not to far from the action and not to close ( if the enemy hits ur spawnpoint, it will move. making you able to regroup your team, and counter the other)

      making it an enable/disable option is a way to solve this, BUT im still sticking to my own opinion. This game could still be really fast paced, with a nice spawn system.

      the tactical options like ;
      the Shieldbarrier, or some kind of mines,
      maybe some shielded turrets(buildable by the engineer or so, building computer/AI controlled turrets? and if fallen in enemy hands, hackable by the hackers, turning them against their hijackers?)

      ( going wayyyy to offtopic )
      shield barrier, it would be pretty useless if you can just run over it , and like a few steps away, drop down.

      After this being said, im having some minor problems with my RSI arm, so il be shutting up for a lil while.

      Michal en Sig, We cant give/can barrely give, usefull suggestions unless we know, what you guyz have in mind, or already implented in the engine/game design.

      Personally im really waiting for this game to come, and i really hope it will be fucking awesome.

      grtz g.o.d.

    32. just thought of this while messing with the testbox,

      why not use bodies as a cover mechanism, u already implented the collision boxes. why not use em ?

      i can see it in front of me lol, people proning behind piles of dead bodies.

      all the bloodshed 😀

    33. Gravity 0;
      timestamp 0.05;

      Cool… Like in spaceship.

      Why i can’t move gostek ? I have to click under him like 1 cm. Help?

    34. probably collision box/object box, i cant open the DLL files, so i aint sure.

    35. How long, it took you to create polylines editor ?

    36. mm u got syndrome of aspergE? kinda look likes it lolz

    37. I think this is better gostek gfx :* Just reneme it to dick2.png and overwrite ;*

    38. Niko Šveikovsky

      g.o.d., you really need to shut your mouth. Platform jumping won’t be a tactical hindrance, I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

      Here’s an example of a really weird map in link-dead:

      The thin black lines are platforms. There is an elevator in this picture, which I’m sure link-dead will support. The only thing I accidentally put in this picture is that I made the bridge a platform; that was merely a mistake in the drawing. It’s supposed to be solid.

      Honestly though, how do platforms ruin gameplay?

    39. g.o.d, there is a distinction between tactical gameplay and “realistic” gameplay. We are striving to make tactical decisions an important part of the game, but we are not necessarily trying to make it “realistic”.

      This is first and foremost a side-scrolling platform game, which gives us a lot of unique opportunities when compared to other games. We are trying to milk the side-scrolling perspective for all it’s worth rather than restricting the player. Playing a game that intentionally restricts your options is not fun.

    40. then if thats your final answer,

      tell me,

      Will there be Fog of War/line of sight behind platforms???

      so IF i got my position, my teammates and me firing up against a heavy, Will i be able to see them coming to me from above? or from below ofcourse, dropping some c4, grenades, whatever from underneath me or from above me.

      how much would you like it? having a position then some idiot rushing underneath ur or above u dropping some nades or bombs, and ur whole position goes boom? i dont consider that fun, id consider that annoying.

    41. if a reality was a game, id hack n cheat the fuck out of it.

    42. sigvatr , u still havent explained us the tactical element of platform jumping.

      show us some kind of pictures of videos or something, on how this would or would not work.

    43. Niko Šveikovsky

      TLD and g.o.d., look at that picture I put in my previous comment again:

      The thin black lines are platforms. Look at where the platforms are (the bridge is supposed to be solid). Can’t you see how they would help gameplay flow? Even when the elevator is at the bottom, players can still walk from the stairs to the bridge, without any difficulties. Also, one can reach the ladder from the bottom of the stairs without jumping, as it would be in a real building.

      Can’t either of you see? It’s just a map element, placed in certain positions to improve the functionality of maps and add depth in places, to keep the maps from being all the same.

    44. yes in that way, the platforms would be less effecting tactical gameplay. i was making an example of how it could be annoyingly effective. but if platforms are reduced to staying at stairs and ladders(maybe elevators too?)
      i guess that solves most of the annoying things. If assume your one of the map designers? if the above is (mostly ) true, id like to send some suggestions, or some designs.

      Also, if the above is true, id like to apologize for the misunderstanding, my teammate g.o.d. is also willing to apologize, if the above is true.

    45. Soldatushka

      >> The platform falling button is still in test mode. If you have suggestions to make it better, tell us.

      Let players to choose it by themself.
      Make a place in control options where player can chose combination for falling from platform.

      1) [button_1] + [button_2]
      2) 2 x [button]
      3) [button]
      4) “2 Moving modes” (explained below)
      5) something else (?)

      Also there can be 2 moving modes:
      1) normal, when player is standing / running.
      2) crouch mode.
      If player is standing ‘S’ key (for example) make character to crouch. In this mode player can crouch without holding ‘S’. To stand up player should press ‘W’ button.
      If player is in crouch mode and pressed ‘S’ button, he will fall from the platform.

    46. soldatuska, the proning? thought of that? or do you consider X or Z as prone button? i mostly feel comfortable with the double tapping. and making ctrl a crouch button

    47. Why does the space bar let you jump in mid-air?

    48. Sounds like you might need to make some tactical decisions to successfully take on that combat situation, g.o.d

    49. show me a video

    50. No, go eat a dick.

    51. veeery nice! Runs almost flawlessly under Wine, but got laggy after about a 10 ragdolls.
      A suggestion would be to freeze things if they haven’t moved significantly in the last 10 seconds or something, and stop checking collisions on them.

    52. SplinterSnake

      I think MM actually considers and/or uses suggestions.

    53. @iDante: its part of the Engine, i wondered why this occur so fast.

    54. why dont you eat dick and show us what we’ve been waiting for for years/months long

    55. calm down g.o.d. v_v
      your being suuuper annoying right now
      they’ll release shit when ever they fuckin feel like it

    56. g.o.d. is a fag.

    57. aaahahahaha

    58. how about, no.

      they ask suggestions, i give suggestions. if they pick on me, or piss me off. its their fault. im not blaming any other visitors. except the ones like teh ham and other piss-off-ers.

      ive been reading this blog from almost the start. and i just finally want to see, what the hell ive been waiting for.

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    60. You know I usually don’t think of blogs as needing much moderation but damn… that comment thar was something to behold.

      To clarify what I meant, lets say you have a ragdoll:
      If 10 seconds pass without it moving significantly, then STOP all movement with it until something else interacts with it. I see them twitching on the ground and I can’t help but think about my computer performing calculations that it shouldn’t have to.

    61. okay, the person impersonating g.o.d.:

      first off, you’re spelling his name wrong. secondly, what’d he do wrong? sure, he’s impatient, and yes, it took him a very long time until he understood the usefulness of platforms, but really, that’s all. there’s nothing wrong with him, no reason to say that he sucks dick.

    62. imposer, you fail. your forgot the last dot.

      second, i thank anonymous.

    63. sigvatr, u mind me making some map designs and character designs for fun? used to study art in high school.

    64. I get fps problems after shooting 160 of those things :lal

    65. an idea for the realtime shadowing:

      shaded characters with help of the polygon box.
      2d animated 3d characters, let me explain this idea

      basicly you create an 3d model with shadable polygons ( like most next gen FPS’s), doing this makes you able to use the same dynamic lightning as in the maps, on the characters. A friend of mine studies 3d programming and art and says ” this is possible”. by making a 3d model and giving it 2d textures/sprites/whatever. you get a 2d game, with dynamic lighting characters, and ( if im correct) a smooth running game.

    66. I need to get laid and go kill myself afterward.

    67. you should make some maps with the same priciples as cortex command were you are able to dig into soft dirt or when you fall from a high story you make a creater or something like that would be cool

    68. why is everyone faking me, ffs, dont have anything better to do idiots?

      and uhm owner, that would include much new code, ur willing to do that?


      is it supposed to be so easily accesible???

    70. since i cant get on the concept page anymore, i assume you have changed some settings?

    71. lol

    72. How about ninja ropes ? Like in Batman or Worms. You could easily go down and easily go up. It would be both realistic and fun. Swat teams and other AT use “ninja ropes” why can’t we :) ?

    73. i suck

    74. Oh… you mean like grappling hooks?

    75. yeah – grapling hooks 😉 I’m used to the word “ninja rope” due to worms. I think It could greatly enhance gamplay – both with new tactics, pure fun and trickshots for the maniacs :)

    76. nice idea, im imagening already, fireteam bravo, 5 men climbing over a wall, fireteam alpha supporting from the hill, infiltrating a giant warehouse, fireteam charlie using the ropes to get on the roof.


    77. seriously, if you have something to say to me, do it personally, dont copy my name fags.

    78. ow yeah i forgot, say thanks lol for the concept bug.

    79. Hey TLD, u said u know some painting? Do some maps, i’d like to see them.

    80. im mostly pencil art, but i do have some ideas for some maps.
      il make some and post.

      Sigvatr, on the concept page you made a wallpaper, can you release it ? id love to have it as a background on my desktop.

    81. It could be sweet if the ropes could shot so the soldier falls down and potentialy kill him self :) Can’t wait for the game

    82. be able to shoot a rope into someone, and pulling his insides out…


    83. yo MM you should post some more videos of those fucking amazing lighting effects. I could watch those all day and farting around in an empty physics demo is pretty boring

    84. question about the physics demo, if “firing”is the same as ingame, wouldnt that lag? or wont the bullets have physics? i got a dual core extreme and a quad extreme, and after a while, it starts lagging. ( 2 x 8800gt nvidia’s )

    85. There will be both hitscan and projectile weapons.

    86. “Playing a game that intentionally restricts your options is not fun.”

      You’re right. You should make the game so you have infinite ammo, can fly through walls, can teleport, and have the OPTION to instantly kill other players by simply typing their name. All these other games like counter strike or soldat have got it all wrong – limiting our bullets and our speed of movement.. forcing us to think and adapt and use skill – how silly.

      Seriously.. the game may or may not be more fun if you can fall through levels.. but the speed at which you guys all jumped on the anti-g.o.d. bandwagon is pathetic. He’s not suggesting that the game be 100% realistic.. he’s not saying linkdead should be an accurate model of real life. No, all he’s saying is that he reckons the game will have more tactical depth if your movmement IS restricted a bit.. so you can setup chokepoints and whatnot.

      Maybe he’s wrong.. but instead of telling him to eat a dick.. why don’t you just explain to us how moving through platforms IS more fun? You were close when you said “We are trying to milk the side-scrolling perspective for all it’s worth rather than restricting the player.” Which is certainly a good goal.. but it still doesn’t explain how you’re gunna do it in a fun, tactical way.

    87. It could actually make for an interesting discussion about game design.. analyzing the pros/cons of restricting your motion.

      I personally think that some surfaces should be passable, while others aren’t. Which I believe is the way it is currently? In which case you can discuss good level design.. how often should you use this passable surface? What are good places to do it? How can you setup chokepoints while still allowing for fast movment from point A to point B?

      Afterall Sigvatr, you mentioned the unique opportunity you guys have by making a 2D side view game. And when I think of 2D side view game.. Soldat is what comes to mind. I doubt there are many other places that could lead to an interesting discussion about 2D side-view level design.

      So say something interesting!

    88. The platform mechanics have already been established gameplay, code and graphics wise. The decision to leave them in isn’t really based around tactical decision making, but around mobility. Simply put, having platforms you can jump or fall through ads another dimension of movement to the game, which gives the player more options in terms of positioning and moving themselves on the map. It is almost necessary because jets are not a mandatory part of the game like Soldat; although a jet is a piece of equipment that one of the player classes can use.

      A feature of Link-Dead maps is buildings with multiple stories and windows. Essentially, entire buildings can be captured by a team and used as a fire base. In circumstances like this, having platforms that the character can quickly move up or down through means that they can position themselves in the building much quicker instead of running of flights of stairs or taking an elevator.

      We are trying to play it somewhat conservatively with the gameplay mechanics, but one thing that is a definite must is that the game will be fast. I’ll give you an example. In games like Day of Defeat, every time you spawn you start at your base and have to run through half of the map to get to where the action is. It’s a lot of time wasted that isn’t fun. Running through the same roads and corridors again and again just to get to the fight is annoying and not fun. We don’t want any moments like that in Link-Dead. We want Link-Dead to be like a pure, crystalline stream of explosive action straight into your brain, not a game that forces you not to have fun for one reason or another.

      Do you honestly think that the addition or removal of platforms will make the game any more or less fun? I don’t, but I do think it will make the game faster. I don’t mean faster in the sense that shit happens so fast you don’t know what happened, but faster like a computer booting up. The faster it happens, the less time you have to spend waiting and not having fun.

    89. Oh, and to state exactly what a platform could be used for in game, think things like staircases in the middle of a room, a catwalk high above the ground, etc. Generally speaking, all platforms are things that you could actually jump off of or climb over in real life anyway.

    90. ahh, I see.

      An elevator shafts could have passable platforms to simulate the motion of an elevator going up or down. Would you have any platforms that aren’t passable? Say.. the very top of the building with a chimney in it or something.. so there’s a bit of a chokepoint and an area to defend.. but you can still move freely when you’re in the building itself.

    91. id actually enjoy stair/elevator fighting in a building, image some players camping in the elevator with a shielded MG turret, also, imagine the grappling hooks, the other team thats assault , climbing on top, attacking 3 fronts: stairs, elevator and roof.

      in short, i would NOT recommend a platform build in buildings, but i will not FORBID them in any way. I will take every decision from sig and mm, as a final.

      sigvatr, ive seen most things, sprite examples, backgrounds lights, isnt it time to show some gadgets or weapons??
      if you dont have any designs yet id like to help make some.

    92. sorry for my bad english in my other post corrections:

      “imagine some players camping in the elevator with a shielded MG, also imagine some recons or soldiers, grappling the assaulted building.”

    93. Lord Frunkamunch

      The best solution to the “dropping down” problem is making it so that when you’re crouching on a like-enabled floor and hit space, the player goes into an animation where he grabs the floor, drops his feet down to the floor below, dangles for a half second, and lets go to drop. Or better yet, instead of a forced drop have a climbing mode where he can hold hit up or down to either drop or climb back up, click to shoot with one hand while holding on for a limited time with the other (which would be INCREDIBLY inaccurate and impossible with certain guns) or use the a and d keys to use both hands to move side to side across the ceiling.

      Perhaps limit it to lighter classes as well. Say, hackers, snipers and scouts only.

      Anyway, that’s my suggestion.

    94. Lord Frunkamunch

      Obviously for the sake of realism you could only do that on certain ceilings or ropes, since you could basically apply everything I’ve just said on a grappling hook.

      Wait, that just gave me the coolest idea.

      What if the class that gets grappling hooks could, after firing it into a surface, either pull himself up to move quickly, or anchor the end he was holding into the ground for his teammates to climb up? Think of a fortress stage which can only be breached in this method. You’d have to have the grapplers setting bridges, but at the same time some would have to zip themselves across alone to stop snipers from freely shooting down the more powerful soldiers pulling slowly pulling themselves across. The defenders would have to balance snipers to pick off the people climbing in, and soldiers to take out the grapplers trying to sneak in and shank the snipers. Occasionally one of the defenders would forfeit his life to careen down the impromptu zipline, knocking off anyone unlucky enough to be in his way, until he gets inevitably shot down and plunges, ragdoll twitching hilariously, to his death.

      It’d be awesome. Admit it.

    95. most of your ideas have already been spoken off and/or accepted or rejected.

      follow the full blog.

    96. Lord Frunkamunch

      Yeah, because I’m going to read through the thousands of idiots whining that it’s not done yet to find the occasional intelligent response.

    97. if you find it idiotic, what the hell are you doing here?

    98. Lord Frunkamunch

      Not reading the vast majority of the comments, for one.

    99. I didn’t post that last one, looks like I’m suffering from g.o.d syndrome.

    100. just got an idea in my mind id like to share,

      i assume there will be a weapon choosing system ingame ( like either some silent SMG for recon or a sniper rifle )

      My idea is to make a small economic touch ingame,
      making some players work on/build or gather weapons, thus adding them to some kind of armory for each team, from which players can choose their weapons.

      flame me as you wish, its just an unworked idea.
      until im a full c++ / delphi programmer, il have these alot 😛

    101. god syndrome, like that lol.

      whens the new update report? i like seeing link dead getting somewhere

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      makes me sick. stay on the fucking topic

    106. they were before people started insulting g.o.d., ever since, its offtopic

    107. sigvatr:

      ” We are trying to play it somewhat conservatively with the gameplay mechanics, but one thing that is a definite must is that the game will be fast. I’ll give you an example. In games like Day of Defeat, every time you spawn you start at your base and have to run through half of the map to get to where the action is. It’s a lot of time wasted that isn’t fun. Running through the same roads and corridors again and again just to get to the fight is annoying and not fun. We don’t want any moments like that in Link-Dead. We want Link-Dead to be like a pure, crystalline stream of explosive action straight into your brain, not a game that forces you not to have fun for one reason or another.

      Do you honestly think that the addition or removal of platforms will make the game any more or less fun? I don’t, but I do think it will make the game faster. I don’t mean faster in the sense that shit happens so fast you don’t know what happened, but faster like a computer booting up. The faster it happens, the less time you have to spend waiting and not having fun.”

      did you guys implant a squad spawn system? soldat was a jet and speed based game, ( or just some small maps )

      unless linkdead is the same, it will take a while to get to the fight.
      with the platforms it will be shorter, but it will remain a little bit of non-fun.

      best thing to me is a kind of invisible conquer map, whenever a teams owns an area on the map, the other team wont spawn there, but on a neighbouring map.

    108. mistake, i meant neighbouring area.

    109. maybe link-dead isn’t restricted at all
      kinda like how you want to make a sandwich
      lettuce, no lettuce
      tomato, no tomato
      sauce, no sauce
      wheat bread? italian bread?
      point is…
      link-dead can be full of possibles…
      but i don’t know what i’m saying so don’t take my word

    110. [btw “TLD”]
      your ideas sound similar from “bad company” or “warhawk”
      i like those games ^_^

    111. Didnt notice, never played those games, the spawn system i mentioned is from Call of Duty, works very well.

    112. the above sentence was mine, me and g.o.d. are on the same PC… i sometimes forget to switch names.

    113. wtf no we arent

    114. sure as hell we are noob, now stop imitating me or i will come to your IP adress and kick your digital ass

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    117. holy shit, no jets >:O

    118. When update is coming ?

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    124. sigvatr, post some of your high school drawings, the one with the soldiers gently running over the hills hand in hand… or maybe… BLOOOOOD GOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    125. Underline

      up up up up up

    126. Underline

      down down down down

    127. left left left left

    128. EPIC FAIL

      right right right right

    129. Underline


    130. So, M,
      How’s it looking? Advancing any?

      Greets 2 all.

    131. SplinterSnake

      If you need any hacks for Link-Dead just let me know. 😛 Seriously though, do you have anyone making hacks for Link-Dead yet?

    132. Enesce again? XD

    133. I believe you may want to add another feature, Michal.

      I call it the kick ass.

      Before playing linkdead you have to specify your full, accurate and complete personal details, including name, address, cell phone number, scan of ID, ID number.

      Now every time anyone wants to beat your sorry ass IRL they don’t go “omg u fgagot ima gona kill u irl u corward were do u live”, they just use the kick ass command and your personal details get exchanged, so that you can safely arrange anything from a knife fight to a good ‘ol brick&tulip streetfight.

    134. the player

      the game , link-dead, w-h-e-r-e i-s i-t ?
      w-h-e-n w-i-l-l i-t b-e d-o-n-e ??!?!

    135. For the platforms, make it so that if the player is holding “S” while falling/jumping, he will pass through any platforms on the way down

      Smash Brothers does this and it’s a good system

    136. @Celatid:
      Remember that in Smash Bros, you don’t take falling damage. It’s an okay idea, but it’d probably be better if something like “falling + S” is used so that you crouch or prone as soon as you land. :\

      Will there be settings for what platforms can be seen and fired through (say, a grated catwalk vs. a concrete stairwell), and will you be able to shoot through certain wall materials? If there’s limited ammunition (there is, right?), it’d be a neat method of taking out or damaging the enemy while players would be reluctant to waste their magazines on enemies that may not be there.

      Maybe bullets going through walls do less damage…

    137. EPIC FAIL

      i like to suck dick

    138. Beautiful. This had to take a long time .. formation. This is used for the game Soldat? I love Soldat: P

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