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    Written by . Posted at 8:43 pm on October 3rd, 2007

    I got some new pictures to show off, all made by Luc the concept artist. These are mainly character concepts, how the different class looks and armors will look like. I’m working also with a graphic artist called Sigvatr lately which has a passion for Doom as you can see on his homepage. We’ve been working pretty intensely on the actual game sprites and characters. So we’ll bring Luc’s concepts into flesh along with a lot of our own ideas. I’ll show that in a while, first the concepts:


    This is the robot seen in the previous concept art post. Yes it has a chainsaw and yes it is frightening. Just as it is supposed to be!


    This will probably be a heavy class soldier. The heavy soldier will be a big part of the game. He will crush your body and melt your face!



    These characters are from one of the teams, which can be called for now the Military. They have government funded hi-tech armor suits. This is the future but still these are warriors, they are knights. That’s why the armor has a slight baroque design.


    This is a regular soldier, without any body armor.
    The clothing like coats will be physics based. So in-game it will behave realistically, flap around when running. Sort of like the flag in Soldat.

    More will come soon. Hopefully I can show you some real sprites and screenshots as soon as I have them working.


    1. Anonymous

      MM, what resolution will Link Dead be running at? Soldat’s resolution and relative size of the soldat means the soldat sprite is relatively low detailed, do you plan on using a higher resolution to allow for higher-res sprites?

      This would be incredibly awesome.

    2. SpiltCoffee

      Can’t wait to see the characters in movement. It’s gonna be awesome.

    3. Will this game be multiplayer?

    4. Moving coats… cool…
      MM, Talking about characters concepts, I think that it would be a good idea to have a little more customization on the characters, like diferent kind of hats, clothes and more options in the colors(even if it would be only for reg users), like, for example, putting, the shoes of a color, tha pants another one and the extras another color…
      btw, moving coats… cool :D

    5. Woooo! Looking good. I swear I check your blog twice per day hoping for updates. I am just so excited for this one. Can’t wait to see some real sprites.

    6. Every character in Link-Dead will be highly customizable. While trying not to spill too many gameplay details, each class will have its own general appearance which will then be combined with the customizations that the play has specified for their player. Things such as hats, hair, facial hair, shirt type and color, pants color and miscellaneous decorations will be decided on by the player. Features such as armor style will be determined by the class the player is playing as.

    7. gj :)

    8. What Sigvatr wrote.

      //MM, what resolution will Link Dead be running at?

      Probably 1024×768 will be the base resolution.

      //Will this game be multiplayer?

      Yes, just like Soldat

    9. SpiltCoffee

      //Probably 1024×768 will be the base resolution.

      Will you be able to choose a resolution less than this? Say, 800×600 or even 640×480?

    10. I’d love to be a part of this, are you intending on looking for animators for the game? I sure would like to use that animation program you made.

    11. commenter

      keep up the outstanding work ^^

    12. Can you tell us how much of the actual game is already made (in percents)? Can we expect that it’s more than 50%?

    13. //MM, what resolution will Link Dead be running at?
      //Probably 1024×768 will be the base resolution.

      Thank you, finally a decent resolution!!!
      Btw, nice concept art there.

    14. blackdevil0742

      That resolution made me happy :)
      Overall the concept art looks good and give the impression that the game will rock.

    15. .Long-Range

      Everything looks amazing!

    16. :)MoNkEy(:

      Will this game have several game modes just like soldat?
      Or are you thinking of something new fresh and funky? :P
      Nice concept arts!!! Keep up tha good work! :D

    17. Some people with LCDs might rather play it at a resolution that won’t cause “fuzzy pixels” – my native res is 1600×1200, so being able to play it at 800×600 would suffice. Allowing for custom resolutions would be a much appreciated feature.

    18. I like the mix, looks good.

    19. ..::HHH::..

      will the chainsaw on that soldier cut the victims in tvain?

    20. Wow, just wow, keep it up!

      Just two questions if you don’t mind (sorry if they have been asked before):
      Will this be a retail only game (as in not shareware)? (I hope its retail only)
      Will Link-Dead retain Soldat’s essence of awesome 1vs1 play, or will there be only team battles?

    21. Mickey Bailey


    22. Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it

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