Defining Awesome — 2009 — October
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    October 23rd 2009

    Added today fully working raycasting for collisions. So shooting works against maps and characters.

    October 22nd 2009

    Proof of concept of 2D real-time Field of View based on raycasting. What do you think?

    (click for higher resolution)

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    October 21st 2009

    I’m testing a new gameplay & rendering technique for 2D FOV.

    October 20th 2009

    12 basic principles of animation defined by the 9 Old Men. The one’s useful for me now are 1,5,6 & 7.

    October 19th 2009

    I optimized the shit out of the shadow casting algorithm. I had to do it after I realized that the shadows aren’t just a gimmick but they will be one of the defining elements in Link-Dead’s gameplay. I got rid of the nasty square roots and other unnecessary calculations. The result is shown on the video. Each ball has a light attached to it. The framerate drops by half after about 100 lights/balls. It is a really good optimization (there won’t ever be that many lights). Also the balls have now corrected physics collision responses.

    (open link for better quality)

    October 18th 2009

    I didn’t have electricity for a few days but that didn’t stop me from using the paper compiler. I solved a big physics collision problem.

    October 12th 2009

    Because of the recent code rewritings and the fact that I don’t have a graphic artist I decided to cut-down features and focus on releasing a working game as fast as possible. By the end of the calendar year.

    October 10th 2009

    It’s amazing how much life you can bring into animation with Lagrange interpolation. Here is a comparison with linear:


    October 10th 2009

    Big animation lesson: all movements of living creatures go along curves. Linear = robotic. I’m implementing Lagrange curve interpolation.

    October 10th 2009

    Watching Oscar winning animator Great clips, see 1st one for productivity tip.