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    May 5th 2010

    Working on guns in LD. I have to admit its the most fun part of playing games and the most fun part to make.
    You can now specify the angle at which the soldier holds the gun. So for example he can carry a minigun at his waist.

    May 4th 2010

    Excerpt from design document

    We are working the soldier sprites. Here is an excerpt from the LD design document (which I had to write for the first time).

    “The two competing factions are: The Tech-Militia & The Mutant-Rebels.

    The Tech-Militia is the remains of corporations and people that were once in power. They are highly technologically advanced. Their main base is located in the Mother Ship located on orbit around the planet earth. They fall on earth in search of resources in Drop Ships invading the planet surface and Underworld. The Mother Ship is capable of assembling hi-tech armor, techno-biological transplants, futuristic weaponry and machines. The militia was once regular human-beings but the use of technological transplants makes them uncertain whether they are still human or not.

    The Mutant-Rebels are the remains of ordinary people and soldiers who have long-ago forgotten who they were or what they fought for. Living on the radiated planet and underground has caused various biological mutations mainly evolved for survival. They are tougher and stronger than pre-war human beings. Their main enemy is the Tech-Militia which invades them and steals their resources. Nearly all of the rebel weaponry, armor and machines are borrowed and/or modified versions of the Militia items. Rebels specialize in taking whatever they can acquire and modifying it for their needs.”