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  • Written by . Posted at 4:01 am on May 5th, 2010

    Working on guns in LD. I have to admit its the most fun part of playing games and the most fun part to make.
    You can now specify the angle at which the soldier holds the gun. So for example he can carry a minigun at his waist.

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    1. If you’re going to add an AK, please, please, PLEASE add a wz 96 beryl instead. You’re fucking polish after all.

    2. @Up: Hahahaha!

      btw. good news!

    3. curious


    4. Sarge.

      make some futuristic guns like stick granades and stick m79 shots just joking but i will love to see grenades that stick on enemy will be a lot funny

      MM answer me will be guns of you own imagination not like real guns something different? or you gona make all real guns?

    5. niko šveikovsky

      michał, i don’t think you should use real weaponry. if you use your imagination chances are you’ll come up with things that will be a lot more fun to shoot.

    6. FINALLY

    7. well michal, i used to be a weapons designer and concept artist, i dunno if you got some ideas feel free to email me or to put it on the blog, ill try to design something…

      how about posting your ideas so far ? only the hardcore fans of link dead should be reading it anyways 😛

    8. curious

      Make a gun which shoots evil flesh eating snails!

    9. btw: watch anna’s demoreel 😀

    10. curious

      or watch & listen to music about Arnold 😀

    11. Just don’t use a SPAS-12 for god’s sake. It’s a complete cliche.

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