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    July 2nd 2010

    Aim Point Fire

    Here is an idea to make aiming and shooting more challenging in a 2D Soldat-like game. Basically the bullets travel in a 2.25D plane instead of just crossing the screen. The bullet fires at the point your mouse cursor is actually at. So to shoot a dude in the head you must aim just like in an FPS – at his head. These pictures explain it all.

    The last picture shows why this approach is correct from a realism point of view. It is still to be considered if it is fun and has gameplay value. I’ll definitely try it out in Link-Dead.

    July 1st 2010

    Quick update:
    – collision has different materials resulting in different sounds (concrete, gravel, wet…)
    – first map is 80% complete
    – the alpha release will be a team deathmatch game, the proper game mode called Invasion will be added later
    – weapons, items and game rules are fully synchronized across network
    – added zoom button
    – Big change? I’m thinking about changing the aim system to a point-click fire one (it might need a drawing to explain…)