Defining Awesome — 2011 — February
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    February 8th 2011

    Armor for both teams – done

    Today I rearranged the whole inventory GUI to accommodate the fact that both teams now have optional armor. Armor can be put on any limb you want (left, right, arm, forearm, calve, thigh, boots, helmets, chest, abdomen). It can be also knocked out during the game by a bullet or explosive (with full visuals). Here is a static picture of Victor’s artwork for the armor (200% size):

    February 8th 2011

    More Nuclear Plant map editor screens:

    February 3rd 2011

    New map “Nuclear plant” WIP

    I’m making a new map called simply “Nuclear plant”. I need to make it so that all the new parkour movements can be used. The previous maps weren’t built with that in mind. It’s 30% complete.