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  • Armor for both teams – done

    Written by . Posted at 1:49 pm on February 8th, 2011

    Today I rearranged the whole inventory GUI to accommodate the fact that both teams now have optional armor. Armor can be put on any limb you want (left, right, arm, forearm, calve, thigh, boots, helmets, chest, abdomen). It can be also knocked out during the game by a bullet or explosive (with full visuals). Here is a static picture of Victor’s artwork for the armor (200% size):

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    1. Awesome.
      So now they are invisible, have instant-death explosives and ARE ARMORED.

      Well, I hope we get to see different sorts of armor types.

    2. In the future there might be different types of armor (different weight and strength). There are different types of helmets now, which isn’t shown here.

      Camouflage needs rethinking. Maybe it should work in short bursts (10 secs) .

    3. WOW ! Didnt saw that coming… Nice one. Next patch will be so fcking awesome !

    4. Second thoughts:
      – I dont think the caracter look has good with those armor on.
      Mutant look like a rollerblader and uber is wearing a dress.

      I would make the uber “dress” go a lot lower… Would look more like a monk like robe….

      It aint ugly, just aint perfect IMO.

    5. Underline

      FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
      the mutant is amazing with armor..
      the uber is ok.. but it seems that something is missing on him.

      keep going!!!

    6. The cape goes a lot lower in the game, maybe that.

    7. …cool, yeah will help.
      I gotta wait to see it in game with physic I guess.

    8. They looked better for me without armors.

    9. looking nice. but whats the red thing in front of the mutants face? a veil?
      what do they look like if the armor gets knocked out? are they nude? :p

      and btw: release this shit! you only force the need of much much bugfixing afterwards if you add too many feature for one release.

    10. @illu:They probably look like what they look right now.

      Oh and I sense a release in the upcoming hours :).

    11. For me the head of Ubersoldier looks pretty weird. I’m thinking about that second “celeste dot” near his neck. It can be easily assumed as another eye. Reminds me of xD

    12. ID: Lol.. now i cant look at a uber without thinking of machinarium.

    13. they look great its just too much science fiction style for me but good job!

    14. And there is quite lot of dressing already. Don’t make much more gostex-customization. Keep this game out for that flurry s**t.

    15. Why does this have to be the ONLY rebillae source? Oh well, gj!

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