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  • Written by . Posted at 7:42 am on March 3rd, 2010

    Today I’m making player keys configuration GUI. I’m making sure it allows all sorts of funky keys like 6 mouse buttons and 16 joystick ones.

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    1. Clive Jericho

      how about a macro editor, set commands to as specific key, like press “Q” to crouch and reload.

    2. Wouldn’t that be cheating?

    3. Underline

      Its not cheating.. but its not very necessary too. One of the gameplay keys IMO is the ability from pressing the correct keys in the correct time.


    4. no macro editing >: ( we want insane korean starcraft keyboard skills being available in this game too.


    5. ( make an edit )

      i keep noticing the right side of the side tells us the beta is out, while im sure it isnt >:( just an engine test… remove :( ?

    6. Underline

      LoL! Yeah, its just a engine test =)
      Hey, do you already have an artist for LD?

    7. Makron666

      15 Mouse buttons (Razer Naga) please. And whats the news with this artist?

    8. There should be macro editing available – look at q3 where you could bind rocket jumps and etc. It was really helpfull and q3 still remained a fuckload of fun ^^

    9. I think korean style micro is more fun.

    10. Makron666

      You might as well make it an option, or else people with high end mice and keyboards will be making macros and disadvantaging others.

    11. Some mice have more than 6 buttons 😉

    12. we want more koreans here : (

    13. Clive Jericho

      A lot of people could simply use programs like glovePie to make there own macro’s. having the option built-in will simply level the playing field(so everyone could play like a korean)

    14. but then skill wouldnt mean that much as usual. but then, MM, will the gameplay be fast or slow ?

    15. Makron666

      @HTI. Very true, my mouse has 9.
      @TLD. Not everyone will use them though.

    16. TenshiS

      I’d take care that nobody can use such programs and macros if they’re not explicitly allowed and encouraged on a server.

    17. <3 TenshiS ( in a manly way, not gay,,, )

    18. today takes long :( start with the vehicles already! heavy assault suits ftw

    19. Makron666

      People wont use macros unless they are encouraged to, this isn’t starcraft you know, put the option out there, so to benefit the engine, but don’t fully encourage people to use them.

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