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  • Written by . Posted at 10:35 am on March 16th, 2010

    Coding bot AI all day. I love it. It’s like constructing and fine-tuning a car engine. I want mine to be a Bugatti engine. I can make it insanely fast but am limited by car speeding laws. The LD AI is constructed in a similar way Chess AI is done with the difference that it has to work in real-time. That is the bottle-neck. If this was a turn-based game where the AI can spend a couple minutes on its turn the intelligence would blow your mind.

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    1. Speeding laws do not prevent any car manufacturer from releasing a really fast car. You just drive slower than the maximum. Analogy fail.

    2. he usually has a really big fail sign on his forehead :>

    3. Not if he means the physical laws of velocity. Speed is a decreasing limited curve.

    4. why not create an engine that is possible of achieving whatever speed YOU want it to be, and just slow it down ? kinda like archonts idea. insane AI would be awesome just to watch, 2 teams of AI fighting each other for map domination. talking about the maps.

      how large would the Largest map be and with how many playerS? i would love to see an 2dSSRTS with over 400 units on the map atta time.

    5. Give us the game already!!

    6. I think archnot missed the point.

    7. If you had multiple players playing against each other could you spread the AI computations over all the client computers?

    8. the answer to that could be to have the client packaging contain the data of the position and current action & action planning of the bot from the other players, and your own pc computing the AI for the client package you will send. The server/host will put it all in the correct order, and make it so that it doesnt lag, and that its evened out.

      i think its efficient this way, but , MM is the coder, not me ( dont know nything about coding ), so wait for his answer >.>

    9. If you had multiple players playing against each other could you spread the AI computations over all the client computers?

      Yes that could be done. In fact the server could do all AI computations because it is free from rendering computations so it has spare CPU time.

    10. MM: Only a dedicated server, that is.

    11. Makron666

      If your engine is a veyron, my PC is an autobahn.

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