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  • Written by . Posted at 8:20 am on March 19th, 2010

    Just posted a couple minutes of Deathmatch Bot AI preview for the first time in HD Quality and MM narration:

    Click to watch in HD:

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    1. It is AWESOME! :)

    2. looks ok, better then soldat for sure,yet defiantly far form even ‘simulating’ players behaviour. add personalities(rush, camper, carful, rambo etc) and different movement patterns (no one just walks straight to you with the closest route) and it will be much better.
      ALSO where’s the fucking ragdoll and bullet hit effects!

      something to check out while waiting:

    3. He doesn’t always go in a straight line. Watch more carefully. He sometimes just goes higher to find a good position to shoot.

      That game is pretty neat. I was skeptical at first. I like the map format, player customizations, ragdolls and that it tries in many ways to be like Soldat. There’s just one thing that keeps bothering me in games like these, it’s that the maps are static and pre-made – it is so 1996.

    4. Um what happened to the whole realism thing?
      Right now they’re the cliche kevlarpeople we’ve met so often.

    5. Looks good for being in pre-beta. It also looks like you need to work on weapon stats and damage detection (headshots and whatnot).

    6. very fun game, it’s like unreal tournament in 2d, not like soldat, i know that you like to think that every 2d shooter wants to be soldat.
      from what u showed u draw an image so the map is generated from it – how is that not pre made? also how non static maps in what u showed are? is it full destructible? so far it isn’t. Play bad comapny 2 / red faction 3 online to see what non static means 😉

    7. mmankt: You’re really bored. I just stated an opinion and you used that to try to display your superiority in game knowledge. I don’t care.

      Right now they’re the cliche kevlarpeople we’ve met so often.
      One-hit kills didn’t look good on video. There was no chance to see different tactics.

    8. Underline

      Awesome! the game play looks better then the last test release

    9. so why not add a shotgun as well? then you got ( almost ) most of the weapon types, just copy and edit ? for sniper, take an ubersized and buffed pistol , flamethrower? shortrange shotgun!, machinegun ? autorifle with ammo. grenades=mines turrets=staticinsane bot + gun .

      argh just finish the darn game, i need more senseless killing 😐

    10. SadistAtHeart

      Pretty interesting AI algorithms. I’d be more impressed if I knew anything at all about coding, but it’s looking great so far.

      My only critique is that your voice is pretty creepy 😉

    11. dr.impossible

      No MM, medkits bad!

    12. Good job.

    13. LoL MM sounds like he’s doing a voice over for a war film.
      The bot ai looks good.

    14. Underline

      MM, in the next video, say “Hasta la vista, baby” and you will see how much your voice fit with this sentence. LOL

      dr.impossible: you will beg for a medkit when fighting against me. >:)

    15. Gotta love the MM narration.

    16. Makron666

      Yea, that MM narration was awesome: “More Gore!”.

    17. t’was gay.

    18. kristhefer

      i thought it was kinda funny how he said “pitiful attempt” and “oooh camper”

    19. kristhefer

      i also noticed how most of the gunfire sounds are from soldat

    20. Destructible terrain would be pretty cool, I missed that in Soldat.

      Perhaps random movement behavior, like slowly stepping forward/backward, would create a more human like feeling.

    21. Everyone needs to keep in mind that there’s a lot of placeholder stuff in there eg the sounds.

      I really like what I’m seeing but you still haven’t made the bots able to handle more than one opponent.

      Please make the next video have at least three bots and then you.

    22. It looks good, but why do the characters still aim with their wrists?

    23. @Profesh: Maybe because there are more important things to deal with first?

      All I want MM to say is “War. War never changes.”. 😉

    24. Underline

      Hey MM, what about making ´traps´ in the map.. like, a wall that falls apart when somebody is below it, some pipes that explode when you fire at it. Or some advanced stuff like you can shoot at a ceiling and it falls apart..
      is that possible with the current engine?

    25. I have a question. How moddable are the AI settings? I’m sure I’ve asked that before, but forgotten. :( For instance, if you had the player (human) pitted against say a much larger, stronger mechanized AI – I dunno, say some 4-legged thing with a big cannon on it.

      For something like that, you’d want it to know it was larger and faster, however would have to navigate differently, couldn’t jump gaps that smaller, lighter AI might and also react appropriately to what a human might do. A large machine would be easier to ambush, so perhaps it prefers to stay in buildings with low ceilings, forcing the player to have to put themselves in danger to get close to it to kill it.

    26. Marc McMillon

      Looks like it coming along pretty good.

    27. what about making ´traps´ in the map.. like, a wall that falls apart when somebody is below it

      That’s a pretty neat idea. It’s the main element in that SNES game Outpixies. I’ll think about it certainly.

      Poersch:Perhaps random movement behavior, like slowly stepping forward/backward

      Could you elaborate?

      How moddable are the AI settings?

      An AI that is larger and is something different than the soldier will require different paths. The same with a soldier with different settings. If the soldier is smaller or larger, or jumps farther or has the ability to climb walls he’ll need a different set of paths. And it is very easy to do currently. I think it’s the beauty of procedurally generated map waypoints because you can change them in a matter of minutes. The only problem now is that these paths require a lot of memory but we’ll see how it goes.

    28. Very awesome indeed! I’ve lost all doubt, this game will become incredible!

    29. ( Oh, and as for the medkits, whatever you do, don’t get tempted by the latest hype of restoring health automatically when not in sight or under fire.. that is lame! We need strategically placed medkits! )

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