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  • Written by . Posted at 12:41 pm on March 24th, 2010

    Fixing bugs today. Preparing for the test release. Except fixes there’s one major thing to be added – grenades & teaching bots to use them.

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    1. one more thing


    2. Underline

      Granades FTW!!!!

    3. Yea, adding ragdolls would something great. You can put on hold your test release but just add them!

    4. please don’t release it until friday’ish so that i am not distracted tomorrow for my test! ahh I’m so excited!!

    5. Is the bot already able to handle multiple enemies at once? How does it work? Does he choose a target and focuses on that or does he always go for the nearest enemy?
      When he looks for cover, does he take into consideration the line of sight of all enemies?

      Ragdolls sound cool

    6. Underline

      Why do ragdolls now? its not necessary.. you can play normally without it.
      IMO you should add it in the beta release.

    7. yeh im quite excited too 😉 .. spam facebook so that i will not forget about it :)

    8. AnonGamer2620

      Another test release? Cool. Looking forward to it. Hey any have info on the minimum specs needed to run this game? I know my integrated wont work but I would seriously get a new computer just to play this game. I finally got a hold of computer with an older nVidia graphics card and I was barely able to play. But the game was still great.

    9. If they’re are going to be named frag grenades,
      add in actual fragmentation.

    10. Man, every time you announce a realease, the waiting starts getting harder and harder. Post another vid with the new randomized-bot until the release, if it’ll take long until then…

    11. Clive Jericho

      lol, most bots can’t deal with grenades at the best of times. I’d like to see hot this turns out.

      I have some q’s about modding link dead

      what will the modding be like?

      will it be simply editing text files and images?

      how flexible will it be?

      will a registered version be required to mod it?

      how seperate will mods be from the full game?

    12. Team of FFA?

      Bots can handle multiple enemies?

    13. There is one thing that made us humans such incredibly efficient pray animals, and wolves, and velociraptors, and every other small feared predator. It’s one of nature’s neatest tricks: Teamplay.
      The bot is now smart enough to be able to survive on its own, but how will it act in a team?
      1)Will the bots split up or form small attack-groups?
      2)Will they vary their weapons depending on their co-players?
      3)Will they try to surround an enemy position?
      4)Will they be smart enough to quicky run past a dangerous fire-zone (e.g. flag-zone in CTF) while getting support-fire from team-mates?
      5)Will they even know how and when to give support fire?

    14. Is the bot already able to handle multiple enemies at once? How does it work?
      Not specifically. He does pick the closest target and then focuses on it. If another enemy comes into his line of sight or shoots at him he’ll switch target. But he does not take multiple enemies into account for path-finding, tactics and hiding. Not yet.

      Clive Jericho: I can’t answer all the questions about modding. Right now you can edit all the graphics and use config files for weapons, game rules and map configs. In the future I want the game to be fully scripted and/or partially open source.

    15. this is looking great, so any guess on next test release? id like to kill me some bots XP

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