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  • Written by . Posted at 8:43 am on March 26th, 2010

    Making a config file today for maps to define tilemap, textures, effects and light/night/day settings.

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    1. NooMoahk

      I hope the weather will be better than soldat weather :)

    2. Do we have rain or snow? Does it go through the roof of buildings ?

    3. Do we have rain or snow?

      Not yet. But I’ll use the dust processor and it will be very realistic. Snow maps will look especially awesome I imagine.

    4. sounds interesting : )

    5. didnt understand what u mean with “team-based real-time strategy” yet .. what does this mean ;?

    6. Weather effects? I have a Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset, will that do for your game? I have a student laptop, and I also don’t know much about hardware.

    7. Underline

      Now you need someone to make textures for you…

    8. Makron666

      @Woops: That 965 might play it, but not very well.

      Would it be possible to make the snow pile up to a certain extent?

      And please make these configs flexible, we want alot of options, as many as you can do, full Time Of Day settings. Trust me, people will use them.

    9. Hey, I just got a VERY interesting idea, you’ll like this!
      I know it’s post-nuclear-war in the original concept, but there should be a sun, for the following reasons (and if you don’t like the sun idea, then some kind of radiating …whatever). Here’s the interesting part:
      The mapmaker can decide where in the sky the sun is positioned and he can decide how strong the sun is.
      Say it’s very strong, and on the right part of the sky, then players coming from the left, looking in the direction of the sun, get a blur-overlight effect in time. So if they look more than 10 seconds in the direction of the sky with no cover (so the sun light is falling on them, which is easily doable with your engine), they won’t be able to see much, their whole sight turns whiter and whiter.
      Okay, and now the awesome part:
      The mapmaker can decide if a team is sensitive to the sunlight. So now, not only do players standing too long in the sun get a bad vision, but they get a pretty bad sunburn too, their life bar going slowly down if they stay too much on the surface (they get radiation or something… no more Ozone layer in the future, right?).
      This way you could, on the one hand, balance a map that has a one sided left/right or bottom/top advantage, or you could intentionally create that advantage for a team coming from a certain direction.
      On the other hand you could “force” people through this gameplay element to play more underground and less on the surface, which will be very link-dead-specific. All boring games force players to do what the mapmaker wants, because there is no other option. But with this, linkdead could give the player that one, crazy other option, to risk your life walking on the surface, if you take it or not is your choice.

      And this could give birth to many funny gameplay scenarios, like where one guy alone defends a flag on top of a hill while a whole army of highly radiated zombies try to get it while fighting with the light. Or some kind of race, a la Riddick, where you have to be one step ahead of the sun, or else you die. Or even some vampire stuff, what the hell do I know, people will come up with great ideas, i’m sure.

      Okay, that’s about it with the sun and the surface-radiation, one more point from me:
      Make the color of the snow editable. Like gray for ashes, or red for blood.

    10. Hmm… I think April Fool’s Day will be very interesting this year. =)

    11. lololol

    12. AnonGamer0023

      I know this is random but you all should check out this youtube video. Its just about Nvidia’s new graphics card, its pretty cool. They had it where they were able to create so many particles that the bridge turned into sand.

    13. The config file will be .txt right?

    14. I watched that Deathmatch Bot AI video for the Xth time again (awesome!), and something just didn’t seem right, and now I finally got it: Why does the light go through the bottom-wall when shooting?

      And about that: Can you select through which walls light passes and where not?

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