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  • Written by . Posted at 6:35 am on May 9th, 2010

    Not updating lately cause I’m having too much fun. Victor is doing an amazing job and its so cool to see LD finally becoming my dream.

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    1. If his work is so cool then I want to see it too!
      Could you post some art-works or sketches or something?

    2. gedazz

      Screenshots, please?

    3. Can’t wait to see :)

    4. HexanValaris

      Yeah Yeah, MM, we wanna se some teaser pics 😀
      “for the good job you need much time, for the bad more than much time, cause you have to repair it :)”

    5. Underline

      cant wait to see!
      Are you still working on the in game map editor?

    6. niko šveikovsky

      this is what thousands of hours of labor leads up to, michal.

    7. “its so cool to see LD finally becoming my dream.”

      It’s sound so epic 😀

    8. btw, what’s up with the right mouse button? If you just run while holding your right mouse button you end up in a wall and the game crashes/you die.

      The lights seem to be require a quite good PC.
      Over 100 balls gives me a too low fps (spiking up to 20)
      Got a core2 duo 8400 3gb ram and an ATI 3750 256mb

    9. Tenshi

      Where is that TEDxWulkan video you promised?

    10. Makron666

      @pq: Your PC is fine, your graphics card is a POS. At least get a 4850, or even better.. the best power-value card ever made.. THE HD4890.

    11. Underline: yes the map editor is still under construction, it is very much usable at this point.

      Tenshi: don’t know, they haven’t posted it yet.

    12. how about showing us some new GFX screenshots ? i really would like to see what weapons you made, and what sprites victor made, btw is he coming to this blog too ?

    13. That’s good news. Stop updating, keep having fun. You deserve it, my good man.

    14. Could you get Victor to post a hello? :)

    15. Underline

      You need to post some info about how the in game map editor will work..put im almost sure that you will do this in the near future =)

    16. the dude

      finally becoming your dream is not good
      finally becoming reality is what you want

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