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  • Written by . Posted at 6:13 am on May 17th, 2010

    One of the weapons we are working on:

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    1. awesome i love it but i think i already see a similar gun in another game

    2. Liero its the game definitely you now what game its is

    3. Liero doesent have string banana guns. You must be thinking of the grappling hook.

    4. AWESOME!
      And at the same time this works as the grappling-hook you use to climb walls?

    5. Great idea, go ahead!

    6. >>Psycho said: “Liero doesent have string banana guns. You must be thinking of the grappling hook.”<<

    7. does the victim die instantly or will he have a chance to escape this attack ?
      nice idead!

    8. Underline


    9. FinDude

      Does this imply that LoS is out?

      …good luck having strategy game without fog of war.


    11. without a really solid physics implementation this might be a real bugfest. hope it turns out good.

    12. Mooseral

      Head grappling hook?

    13. AnonGamer

      Can someone draw a pimped out version of this image?

    14. Makron666

      @darDar.. It still probably reads headshots, so you may still have a chance to escape. Lets see what MM has to say.

    15. lol @ Loafer

    16. Hacktank

      If you look its caught on his leg, not his head.

      Looks like a great weapon to go with the ragdoll physics. I just hope there is propper gore in LD.

    17. You should make some of theese guns:
      Chainsaw Launcher

      Automatic Chainsaw Launcher

      razor wire (we could put those in some small coridors and then blow our enemies into them with granade blasts or i dunno gravity gun ?)

      freeze gun (works the same as Sub zero’s freeze ball :) )

      flame nade / torch – it would produce a high wall of fire for a period of time, it could get attached to wall or set off remotely. This idea has some great tactical uses :)

    18. Loafer: lol, that looks like the star wars remastered edition.

    19. shrink gun!

      shrink you enemies and then step on them!

      hail to the king, baby!

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