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  • Written by . Posted at 9:15 am on May 19th, 2010

    Rope will be used for hook, grappling hook and climbing ropes. It uses verlet integrated springs.

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    1. YES!!

    2. Looks nice but syncing those online looks like a pain in the ass.

    3. Underline


    4. MORE!!!

    5. Why is it elastic? Grappling won’t work if it is elastic.

    6. AWESOME!!!

    7. FinDude

      Can they be made breakable?

      Could this mean suspension bridges?

    8. FinDude

      Oh and it will be easy to simulate intestines now >:D

    9. tarzan!

    10. Suspension Bridges!!!! Great idea FinDude!

    11. Makron666

      Those are great, and victor is already doing a great job. Just 2 questions: Is it possible to increase the amount of points on a rope, And will you apply a curve to the rope, so it looks more fluid.

    12. Oh and it will be easy to simulate intestines now
      Yeah baby!

    13. robolee

      firstly why is the concrete green? that is just debug collision surface shader right?

      secondly why does everyone implement ropes as a series of springs? it’s always been something I’ve seen as being a stupid way to do it.

    14. robolee: whats the smart way?

    15. well, the same way Anna did it, use multiple rectangles with wheels ? and just make a hook on it that clamps automaticly to a wall or corner ?

    16. Rope seems sorta bouncy.

    17. robolee

      well I think linking all the points together with circles seems like the best solution, free movement of the points within a circle of set radius, somthing like this:

    18. DomoniX

      Rope needs more constraint solver iterations.
      @roblee your idea is just a distance constraint. Still uses a spring to solve.

    19. Bungee grappling hook

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