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  • Written by . Posted at 3:13 am on May 25th, 2010

    I’ve come to a conclusion that there is no point in fixing bugs at early development stages. It is a waste of time because either the whole code will be rewritten or the bug will get fixed when working on other things. So I’ll now fix bugs only after major releases.

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    1. curious

      Or you will get tangled up in bugs and cry “Oh no I have no idea wtf is happenning!” as your abomination falls upon you and squishes you.

    2. There’s some truth in it but also as curious said you’ll get a headache figuring out a lot of major bugs.
      From PR point making a pre release which is super buggy will turn a lot of ppl down from it.
      I think that the best solution would be focusing on each game element and making it from start to finish as you planned. Obviously with big projects such as a map editor/renderer it would take too long so you switch task to avoid getting bored. But the point is to have a finished element that works well in the game with some small occasional bugs.
      Otherwise you have a lot of elements and you go back to them all the time and re make them because they’re not working etc. In effect you’re always in early development.
      I don’t think that as a single dev you can afford losing so much time.

    3. I don’t have much experience in game development per se, but I have seen other software projects, and I can tell you, make the basis for your development stable. In this case, the game-engine.
      If the engine is working without flaws, the rest of the game can be handled as you said, fixing bugs in time, but if you start building your game on a buggy foundation, then you’re going to have big problems later.

    4. Well.. i understand your point but i suppose that there will be tons of bugs later on if you will not fix them in the earlier stages, as there is more and more code the bugs are more difficult to find and to solve the problem.
      I see.. it is really boring and it seems to doesnt make any sense, but “mmankt” is right with the thing he said, that people / players want to have a game which is not in a “unfinished mode”

    5. If you know where the bug is and that the code is going to be rewritten, this is sensible. Otherwise, you’re just making bugs a gigantic pain in the ass to debug.

    6. Underline

      well. i disagree..its a lot easier to keep development when you come back and fix the bugs. your project can turn in a snow ball is you start to ignore problems.

      have you thought about releasing a pre order options? im waiting for the pre order! i wanna buy ld now

    7. Underline
    8. @Underline well yes i m interested in it too, would buy it and it would be nice if there could already be kind of a forum in here.

      greets darDar

    9. yes @Underline, i would appreciate that buy feature too, but its in a beta stage not really sensefull yet in my opinion.

      but there should be something like a forum in here in my opinion.

    10. If the engine is working without flaws, the rest of the game can be handled as you said, fixing bugs in time, but if you start building your game on a buggy foundation, then you’re going to have big problems later.

      Yes but in my game development these foundations constantly change because I thrive for the best solution. Once you learn and gain experience it is much easier and faster to rewrite code better than to constantly fix it.
      I recommend this blog from Introversion to read further about the topic:

      Underline: preorders, forums and other formalities will be done once the alpha version is gonna be released. I want to keep a habit of releasing major versions every 3 months, so maybe in a month.

      The FAQ… I’ll have to revise it someday.

    11. Sandy Vagina

      Is this the coding attitude you and eC have taken for soldat all along?

    12. Thanks for the link, I didn’t know Subversion has come so far!! Keep an eye on your release date, you don’t want those guys as competitors!

    13. Sandy Vagina: no cause in Soldat we don’t rewrite anything. We should though.

      Tenshi: its a different genre

    14. The movie Iron-Man and Modern-Warfare-2 were also barely related… but people (especially younger people) have only so much money to give out for entertainment every month. Know what I mean?

    15. Tenshi: I doubt no money is a big problem for younger people. Entertainment is all they spend on (assuming their parents feed them). They probably spend more on bubble gum or cigarettes daily than a movie ticket costs.

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