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  • Written by . Posted at 8:18 am on June 10th, 2010

    Ladders and climbing them done. Sliding down ledge backwards done.

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    1. post a video please for mapmaker!

    2. fuck videos or pics! MM, do your work, get it done so we can have another testrelease or something asap.

    3. I’ll go with illu here :)

    4. Hell yeah! ๐Ÿ˜€

    5. post ascii art ๐Ÿ˜›

    6. I’ve been watching this blog since the start on almost a daily base. Do you really think people enjoy posts like “Ladder is done”?
      This puts me off at least. Yes, I am here to follow the development of the game but this is uninteresting. Most of the things being posted sound ambiguous and might not be true.
      If you want to keep your blog attractive, you will need to show things in my opinion. I would love to see a test release as well, but really how much time does it take to make a screen shot or record a small video?
      I don’t want to sound offensive, but if I was standing in your shoes and wanted to inform my future players, I would take these 10 minutes time per week to attract maybe more potential players?
      Blog been uninteresting lately, sorry to say but that’s how I and maybe some others feel. I wish you the best though :)

    7. HexanValaris

      Oh man, soo nice, i cant wait until when i can play in 4 player split-screen with friends! Keep up the good workd MM!! =)

    8. Quentin Tarantino

      oh god what a cocktease

      everyone’s gonna bitch until it’s out and HE KNOWS IT

    9. I think the amount of information we’re getting is way above what potential-players of other games get to see before release, so I’m completely satisfied with the devlog the way it is.

    10. Spkka: sorry, I respect you coming here everyday but I really have to focus on making the game. This blog does not do anything in terms of gaining a new audience. Whether I post interesting stuff and videos or just write cocky messages the page views are always the same. You will get your reward for being a loyal fan, believe me.

      Here is some ascii art.

      “Player climbing ladder”

      * ________
      | [
      \ [

    11. Lol, its beautiful! Seriously tho, op is excellent.

    12. Underline

      I can do better!

      |o you are the ball

    13. O
      o shi. / \
      O _____| \
      | {

    14. vittu
      i fail at ascii

    15. I prefer the shorter ‘this got done’ kind of messages over a video that goes on too long about something relatively insignificant.

      +1 for the Ascii graphics hahah.

      Also, don’t get too distracted because fans think the blog has become less interesting lately… that shouldn’t be the focus anyway. The game, that’s what I am ultimately interested in.


    16. ascii :

      (. )( .)

      guess what it is

    17. PHeMoX: I am not here to cause any distraction, I am just expressing how I would handle it. I admire Michal his work on Soldat and I am really curious to see what is going to happen with Link-Dead. Maybe I was a bit too harsh with my reply but I really like to read development blogs on game programming which are for me good for my inspiration and I might learn a thing or two myself.
      But I see little value in using a blog like this. It sure is nice to have an updated status of the progress of the game though.
      Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate the effort and I should be happy I can even read about the development of the game. Not everyone is keen on sharing his/her thoughts over the internet. I wrote some scripts for Soldat and the game did something to me. Actually I think it is one of the reasons I started to study game programming myself.
      Anyways, fair enough. He made his point and I am glad that he is working hard. Keep doing what your doing, only you know what is best for yourself.

    18. Makron666

      I have to half agree with Spkka, although it is great that MM has spend his time and money to make this game, and maintain this blog, i am happy with little posts such as this, but it isn’t so hard to atleast post a screenie at least, or even better a GIF, just to give a small feeling of what you have done. It will make better use of your blog, and im sure it will be welcomed.

    19. AnonGamer001

      here is some ascii art!


    20. @Makron666 & Spkka: I don’t think it was too blunt; everyone has a right to have their opinions. :)

      “But I see little value in using a blog like this. It sure is nice to have an updated status of the progress of the game though.”

      Well.. With all due respect, I think you underestimate the time it takes to a. make a game on your own and get it done and b. at the same time keep a blog or website up to date (and potentially interesting).

      It’s why I prefer a simple blog that features single lines of what got done, with less bs, instead of W.I.P videos or pictures of stuff that might not ever make the game, especially if that means a game will get done a lot quicker. :)

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