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  • Written by . Posted at 5:21 am on June 17th, 2010

    Today is the pinacle day of game making for me. I’m designing blood & gore for Link-Dead.

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    1. Wolfmilf

      Oh, now people will scream for screens for sure.
      Don’t listen too them.


    2. Makron666

      You better do a good job, and screenies when your finished.

    3. cool, how about working net code for the next release?

    4. gore yeah! head shots! mutilations!!

    5. *Like

    6. I hope its disgusting.

    7. I want meaty bits that kick around and guts!

    8. Quentin Tarantino

      I want enemies shot in the stomach to try to recollect their organs before slowly dying in a writhing mass of blood and torment

      that’ll make me not want to kill them, yep.

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